October 6, 2022

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60 thoughts on “Hot Takes Wednesday

  1. Honestly I would like to see BC settle down. Her and Rob looked toxic on the show but she was pregnant (hormones) and he had low self esteem. If they can make it work for Dream that would be nice. But u never know with these Hollywood people.

    Wendy just needs to leave!

    Say it ain’t so Ashanti….. hope she not out there getting pooped on.

      1. Women get paid lots of money to have kinky sex… golden showers 💦 coprophilia 💩 etc…

    1. Same thing I was going to say about bc and rob I feel they would be ok they both seem like they learned a lot from that bs

      1. You right about that. Just when u think it’s at least 1 good one left, them secrets fall out the basket 🧺.. time will tell if it’s a “rumor” again or the real deal but G gne let us kno wats up tho

  2. Soooo has he cheated on Ayesha ? No man is that good lmfao smh wtf is wrong with rob ? Chyna will literally shit on him all over again he’s stuck on this one baby mama thing like who cares it’s 2019 even his own mom got two baby daddies .

  3. I thought when he reached out to BC nemesis Alexxis Skyy that he was being petty. Wondered what changed?

    I wish Wendy would leave unless there’s no prenup. But this is embarrassing and worth it at this point.

    Ashanti in Dubai doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    I thought Steph was cheating last year with an IG model but it was a “rumor”

  4. G monica done filed divorce against shannon. U a legend cause u been saying for months that their marriage was on the rocks

  5. I dont doubt that Steph Curry has’t cheated. never believed he was that faithful. They have been together since HS, you don’t know yourself at that age and neither one of them had any other experience. Did you really expect for that to last that long…

    I hope Wendy Williams gets out of that marriage. I thought she was already considering her options as per hot takes that was posted a month ago or so…

    J. Lo needs to just get on with a normal non Hollywood person because these celebs that she always dates always cheats on her. She must be really boring in bed… I can picture that

    I would love to see how Rob looks right now.. He is a handsome boi and needs to date a honest woman..not an escort

    I hope Ashanti is not escorting lawd plz no..

    1. Honestly it looked like that Chris Judd was absolutely crazy about her yet also blindsided by that quickie divorce. The Leo in JLo likes to make the biggest splash in her relationships but A-Rod’s cheating stories coming out now that they’re engaged is bad for business & JLo has an easy decision to make.

      ARod has a type of manly looking blondes & that seems to be the same women exposing him even now

      The only other man she was gone over & even did a whole love letter album for was Ben A

      1. That is because Ben was white. I always assumed that J-lo was yearning for white acceptance

  6. If Selena has any sense she would move on from Justin completely not just because he dumps hailey. It was an all time low to run off and get married to her ex friend to be petty and regardless if she were to sleep with Justin after the divorce for example people are gonna automatically label her a homewrecker (even though she was there first) and say they were sleeping together while he was married even if that isn’t true. He went to far, time to leave it dead, not worth the humiliation!

  7. Is there any possible way Wendy could get out of this marriage without giving up a fortune? I feel like money is the only reason why she hasn’t filed papers.

  8. G, I just read Monica filed for divorce from Shannon Brown..you just spoke on this just a few days ago..you hell.always with the facts..love it.

  9. All is believable except I’m not ready to process anything about Ashanti so I hope not. Please just let it be rumors about my boy Steph cause he represents for us faithful men.

  10. Steph possibly cheating on Ayesha? Don’t want to believe it but anything is possible. WHHHYYYYY Ashanti???

  11. I want to know what Selena have that Juatin cannot get enough of? That man is sprung on that woman. Lawd?!?

    I hope it’s not true about Stephen and Ayesha. They make a nice couple and have a beautiful family. I truly think people don’t want to see others happy.

    I fear for wendyWe life. It’s been a tough couple of years for her. I hope she can leave this man and find peace.

    Diarrhea at the mouth Cardi is her own worse enemy. SMH

    1. I’ll never understand people love for Wendy. She’s so messy and clowns the hell out of anyone when their getting bad publicity (legitmately or not). However, when it’s about her and her drug use and her husband who clearly doesn’t respect you by buying a crib in his and his girl name, please. In my opinion, the same people you kick while climbing that ladder will be the same that you’ll see on the way down. It’s called Karma!!!! Just my humble opinion……

  12. Rob leave that woman alone.

    Ashanti, girl, find another way.

    Wendy cut your losses and leave that man.

    Aww, go RiRi 😄

    They need to leave Steph alone.

    JLO needs to step away from the engagement.

    I was rooting for you Steebie.

    And just like you said a week or 2 ago, looks like Monica filed those papers on Shannon… Smh.

  13. I read a story about what the girls do in Dubai great money but the things they do eww

    doesn’t wendy have a good trustworthy girlfriend she can go to

    chyna got a plan bet you when have a black women ever drop child support just because

  14. I wish wendy would just LEAVE Efffthe money.. its not worth your sanity sobriety or career.. she could make more.. as opposed to him which everyone will cut the eff off for what he has done to her.. she WILL SURVIVE LOL!! …
    Aiy jlo when you gonna learn!? As soon as she gets a ring shit goes south quick fast in a hurry smfh.. just give it up lol

  15. Never took myself for gullible, but I sincerely thought that Obama and Steph Curry were two men that did not cheat. Guess I was wrong!

    And so Ashanti is out in Dubai getting shitted on. SMH! Mary said on YouTube that she was trying really hard to be down with the elites but they don’t want her. So I guess she went was door #2.

      1. I was wondering how they got that from what you said. You said they make starts these rumors “every year” around playoff time. 😩

  16. I thought considering Steph’s background, he’d be less likely to cheat. But who really knows anymore

    JLo needs to cut her losses

    I feel like either way Wendy is going to take a financial hit but she needs to be rid of this husband. How can you sit on a gossip show about other ppl’s situations when yours is all out in the open & you act like nothing’s wrong

    R.Kelly has 9 lives. Once it was released he was living at a Trump property in Chicago before Avenatti was arrested I knew he was getting off

    Is Rih already engaged? She seems ready to retire from music after this last album

    Justin’s rants expose he’s not over Selena & that Hailey is completely insecure & even was caught before following a Selena page for tea. If you were happy you don’t need to make those proclamations on SM

    I hope Ashanti isn’t lowering herself to be a Dubai girl. SMH

    1. Steph has never been caught cheating I am saying this is the time of year people always start rumors about him that never go anywhere because people have no proof

  17. Please Robyn, for the sake of happiness. Stay mysterious about your relationship. What’s understood does not need to be explained!

    Not surprised about steph, i mean can anyone really stay faithful in that business?

    It’s obvious Justin is not happy with Hailey, regardless of what he says. That long ass ig comment was over compensating and he never looks happy with her.

    1. Hey G can you spill the sugar on meghan thee stallion?

      Im guessing hassan family got on board (sorta of) and an engagement announcement is coming. How does rihs family feel about him? Are they concerned about cultural differences and their daughter not being accepted by his family and possible being mistreated?

      I figured something was coming since he got a public ig account recently. I see them emerging as a real power couple where they are public but still very private.

    2. Steph has never been found to be a cheater just every year this time people come up with a unfounded rumor

  18. Am I wrong for wanting Justin and Selena & Rob and Chyna back together 😭 Chyna will need to chill tho 😩

  19. Off topic but that baby look so uncomfortable I’m talking about Gabrielle union and dawayne wade it looks like there’s a disconnection the baby doesn’t seem attached to her

    1. And I know you did a story on that lol but the baby want her real momma😂

      Is rih going public with her relationship have anything to with kinda promoting her album since it’s supp to be coming.

      1. Tommie lil video is very disturbing the girl was fighting and the people around her was just like we have to get her dressed and laughing then she got on a blonde wig and when she looked at the camera it creeped me out smh g thanks for keeping us on our toes fr

      2. OMG!! I felt Like u were talking about her. So she sold her soul too??? I always Wondered how and where she’s getting all this money from or wateva she has goin on has had me looking like nah wats goin on with her. She keeps goin to jail and drinking like a fish. Then i saw She had a hashtag that said “freemymama” or was that one of her kids??? She has gotten some enhancements done to her also cause she ddnt have that much ass before. I gotta Go watch this video now🤦🏽‍♀️

  20. I don’t think R Kelly will be going to jail. As guilty and disgusting as he is, these victims discredited themselves, the fact that his current girlfriends are being discredited for the agenda … Draya K Is the most obvious opportunist. It’s disgusting because he is a predator.

    As for Ashanti, I guess trying to jump on the Trini/Caribbean wave didn’t work, cuz we say through her desperation, so she has to find new tricks.

    Not Steph Currryyyyyyy

    Justin and Hailey, I don’t wish it for anyone but they are too young.

  21. Wait does steph cheat on ayesha? Please give us tea i think a lot of us will be heart broken but my goodness goes to show you even the “stand up good guy” will cheat

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