October 5, 2022

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44 thoughts on “Atlantic Records Is Not Happy

  1. As much as I tried to support her, she’s really fucked up this time … Smdh… Talk about pissing your life away…smdh… So are they about to kill her now too??

    1. They probably will MK/fry that brain before killing her off try to milk the cash cow as much as they possibly can. and even if they were going to off her its a certain time and date that they do those things anyway. She really is not built for this business. Too sensitive and too worried about what other thinks she lives on social media.

  2. Why would you wish MK Ultra on anyone. I wouldn’t wish that on my worse enemy or anyone whether I like them or not. I rather pray that this person can find God. You just wrote no more comments on this person though. Smh.

    1. Right and I thought she was already getting mk ultra. I’m confused unless they plan to give her more sessions

      1. They’ll shock her every time her programming starts defecting. I don’t feel sorry for her, she’s a dummy but she believed her own hype and is super disrespectful on the gram. She is willing to do the most… so there you have it! MK for snacks.

    2. She couldnt find god when she had limited options and chose to drug and Rob men and she damn sure can’t find god today because God doesn’t like ugly.

    3. Honey if your in the industry you are already going to get it so it isn’t about wishing it on her. If she is in the industry and she is big SHE GETS IT

      1. That Doesn’t make it right. You still never answered the question as to if she has ever done anything personal to you for you to go in on her the way you do. Yes, you mention things about other celebrities but you talk about Cardi ALL THE TIME. No one gets as much coverage as she do on your page. Regardless if she was going to get MK Ultra anyway.l, given the history of it you should still have some taste and not wish that on anyone.

      2. Exactly and it damn sure don’t discriminate either. I am speaking from experience.

    4. You gotta think in that world that’s what happens so beings though she knows what’s up with the industry she’s speaking from that point of view

    5. Are you forgetting this is a given (mk) when these artist want the fame and fortune? It’s already too late for her she sold her soul to achieve the level of success she has. Let’s be for real, the chick is not too talented and can’t even articulate her thoughts or make a full coherent sentence. She’s a dummy puppet who was tricked into thinking she’s really “that bitch”. The elites are using her to push the dumb down agenda. She doesn’t even realize they’re actually making fun of her and profiting while at it. I wouldn’t doubt that once they’re done with her, she’ll go down just like the rest… addict or dead.

    6. On some real shit, you stole words out my mouth. Smdh Ain’t nobody getting in their feelings & these ppl are doing IS wrong but WE are ALL still human. G know she wrong fa that shit SMH

  3. Seriously tho! Put a muzzle on that bitch; she’s a liability. She never shuts the fuck up! Dig your own grave then why dontchu……

  4. I would never wish MK ultra, abuse, rape, murder nothing etc. not even on my worst enemy or someone I didn’t care for. Nobody deserves to go through that & the ones who unfortunately did who didn’t deserve it in the first place are trapped in this industry & complete shells of themselves & ppl make fun of them like it’s something to laugh at

    Ppl who do bad things or things that dig their own grave get their own karma in their own time, but THAT, I would never wish on any person & would pray they could get themselves together

    1. G is NOT wishing MK ultra on anyone! She knows how the industry works and is saying that Atlantic may does this since the artist is talking too much and making them look bad

      1. Yes she’s def not wishing it on her. But she’s more so saying that’s probably the route they should take if she’s not getting with the program fast enough.

    2. They are in the industry. I said IF I WAS ATLANTIC where did I say ” I hope she gets MK Ultra? where? This is why I never want to tell anybody nothing. I am speaking if I was AtlantiC THE ELITES SMH I’m done

      1. G people don’t read, if they had read your post they would have seen what you wrote.

      2. G you ain’t gotta explain AT ALL cause all they gotta do is REREAD 🙄🙄🙄🙄 most of us totally understood

  5. Yes, she is VERY unstable. It’s like she worries about ANY and EVERYthing someone has to say about her.

  6. If Bill in Jail that chick need to be In there TOOOO. THE FAME HAS MADE HER HEAD BIG. In a min she not gonna know how to cope w the industry spit her out

  7. She’s gross af. I have no idea why they gave her a platform. Oh well. The same way they give, they’ll take. She’ll learn. Or not. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. Whoa. Didnt you say they were doing too much and you wished more on her? They put the wrong spirit w her. She needs Oshun to calm her down. Shes a Libra. Justice must be served.

  9. Honestly cardi is only going to be quiet for some time and then she gone start back up lol she should have took them etiquette classes on love and hip hop. I’m slowly learning people who been around for years( friends) could hold you back and sometimes you can’t progress. So it makes sense why her publicist haven’t been around but then again they better start looking for some new artist. I doubt how cardi will shut up

  10. This is about cardi ? If so i don’t get it. Everybody has a past. It’s not like what she said was brand new. It’s from over 3 years ago.

  11. Not wishing no bad on cardi AT ALL but imma keep saying it…… when her stardom falls apart…… SHE WILL FALL HARD and it’s going to be NASSSSSSSTY and MESSSSSSY. n it’s so heartbreaking that KULTURE will be in the middle of it smh

    I swear cardi n offset gives me BOBBY N WHITNEY VIBESSSSSS to the T 😂😂

  12. Y’all want any reason not to like Cardi it’s pathetic and it makes ppl who knew and followed cardi before the fame really feel like we paying for biased material 🤷🏾‍♀️ Maybe that’s why people are reporting your tea to other sources 🤷🏾‍♀️ The reason young women love cardi so much is because she is literally the same person we watched smoke cigarettes in the locker rooms of strip clubs 🤷🏾‍♀️ She is as real as they come and fame can’t change that. Periodt. Cardi never claimed to be perfect and that’s why hers fans go so hard for her. Only ppl that don’t care for cardi are the washed up 35+ miserables. If you mad at her for her past, things she did to survive; then be mad at your faves too bc just like she said, other artists are out here glorifying their past, and often times present but cardi is cancelled because of a 3 year old video 😂😂🙄 please! I will be purchasing my $200 ticket for her headline concert in Baltimore in May and I guarantee that bitch be sold out.

  13. Y’all are waaaaaaaaaay too sensitive. Yall know dam well G is not encouraging MK ultra. Y’all psycho analiyzing & writing speeches instead of learning to read between the lines AND y’all still gonna pay that money for this tea. Cut it out!

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