October 4, 2022

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14 thoughts on “What I Want To Say About C… B

  1. I kinda want Cardigan Brown to keep oversharing on socialmedia so we can know when she still fighting her programming or not. Cardigan was glitching last year so now is she breaking out or breaking bad?

  2. What Cardi admitted to is unacceptable and I do not agree with it!! At all it is a crime and needs to be handled accordingly! People also need to stop comparing Cardi and R. Kelly! Idc R. Kelly slept with and manipulated underage girls! Cardi committed crimes against grown men! Neither behavior is acceptable but stop comparing the two period! People need to stop excusing child abuse and date rape period!

  3. I feel like she been running her mouth she didnt blow up and run her mouth the problem is she never had the right pr team to stop her from running her mouth in the first place and nip it in the butt from jump street I feel like this is to to much for her she is young ….they are really going to do more damage by doing mk because as she comes to its a bigger rant which leads to more comments defending herself which she shouldve left it as you like me or not and igrnoe the comments period! As a big arisit as they are pushing her t to be they need to hypnotize her into not caring what the ppl say or think of her even tho she doesnt believe payola or that they are pushing her with a mechine js

  4. Y’all do know the live she stated this on was over 3 years ago! Before anybody knew who cardi B was. People in NYC knew about her because she was a stripper and became popular. Have y’all ever grew up and had to fight to survive? It’s not right but it’s fucking life. You’re going to judge somebody on what they had to do to survive? Seriously? & they changed? So people can’t grow? Y’all just don’t want to like her. At least she owns her truth and not for nothing nobody would’ve knew if SHE didn’t say something. & stop comparing it to R kelly cause it’s NOT the fucking same.

  5. I watch his videos too and he’s jealous of feminine energy. I will not help you pay the bills and do all the house work. And of course he’s on the Latina women’s side.

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