October 2, 2022

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59 thoughts on “To The Disloyal Son Of A Bitch Reporting Our Sugar To G.I.T.C & The Cardi B Situation

    1. People who are subscribed to the blog are giving the sugar we get away to another blog so they can pass it off as their own.

  1. Like why pay to come get and give info! Nobody better ruin my fav site! It’s so stupid!!! it’s so annoying , these bardis and barbs be doing too much! But I don’t understand why the celebs pick and choose who they want to go after -ITS FREE PRESS!

    1. I know right ti’s always that one mofo that has to ruin everything! I am so sick of this childish shidddd

  2. I think that it’s a damn shame that people behave this way. I had no idea that this was such a dirty game. And it’s getting uglier by the second. The fact that we don’t have to pay so much for quality tea, probably means that those people are in here themselves with a fake email, and a fake name. Who knows. People seem really desperate to get gossip however they have to get it.

  3. I understand your frustration but I haven’t seen your gossip about Cardi on *.*.*.*. I pay for and follow both of you. The tea I saw about Cardi on that site came from another site. And please don’t judge what other sites charge, let’s all grow.

    1. I also pay for the tea and I haven’t heard anything about Cardi, can you fill me in on what’s going on?

    2. No that specific blind item came from here. The either stole it from this page or someone on here is screen shotting the tea but it is plagiarism going on. Fee is or has someone snooping on here smh

    3. Well I’m judging bc I reached out to find the price then found out there is no set price and the she claim she was running a discount and it was more than the first quote she gave me before she gave me the first price. You can’t tell nobody how to run their business, true, but ain’t nobody bout to pay that much when it’s still down at times or running slow especially when the tea ain’t always accurate no matter what she says. Ive also caught her being rude to people in the comments when they’ve asked general questions. If you running a business you gotta have good customer service. I’ve been following her since Fameolous days and she ain’t always been like that.

      1. Yep she give different prices to different ppl and i have Also seen her be real mean in the comments for no reason..she cray cray charging all that dam money🙄

      2. So I joined that site when she ran a special for her bday last year. I only paid 7.99. Apparently my subscription is up, but…I’m not planning to renew especially after seeing what yall are saying about her being shiesty with prices. Plus ever since I found this community I forgot about the happenings over there. That app hardly ever works and the tea I see is either about folks nobody knows or screenshots from Shade Room lol. I definitely was NOT mentioning sugar from here either FYI.

    1. Man Fee play to dam much …i dnt have time to be paying all that dam money for sum tea bout ppl i dnt Even kno like that..only from tv..Chile please…I’m good right here with G..she has given us sum GOODT tea and I’ve been a sugar baby for years now ppl trynna mess it up…giving me a headache 🤕

    2. Wow wtf!!!! That is insane and people are really paying all that damn money for information that’ll eventually come out publicly! I’ll wait for the information to drop in a few weeks. I don’t need to know it that badly to pay that much to get the info ASAP! On a site some of the commentators saying don’t even work! Hopefully she gets exposed

  4. Mannnnnn I’m gonna say it again…those type of ppl make it hard for us real sugar babies that want to stay woke🤦🏽‍♀️ Smh…well G i appreciate everything u do for us and hate they making it so hard for us!!!! Ugh!!!

  5. Those people on those sites can also be members of this site, idk why a person would pay here and go send it to another blog. So maybe those blogs are also members of ICYDK. They know you’re legit so they come here for the sugar. It should be a way to verify the people who are joining this site. If they don’t have a real social media profile that they can verify is theirs then they are probably one of those people.

  6. Cardio Bum is so whack. She thinks her past is going to be vindicated or something. She can’t handle the truth cause deep down inside she knows she’s garbage and underserving of all the fame and fortune she’s achieved thanks to all the hood rats like her. She can run but can’t hide. Fuck her she’s a setback for a whole generation and a remedial retard. Ok rant over 😂

  7. Ahhh damn that sucks! Pple always wanna mess it up for the rest of us. Smh pple are so corny. As if ya a family member of Cardi foh.

  8. People are dumb af then if you were to stop your site they would be the main ones crying and complaining. Do you G and keep your head up this is the only site I rock with and that’s facts because you’ve shown nothing but facts

  9. That’s disrespectful asf. I could be one of their employees pretending to be an everyday person on this site tbh.

  10. I’ve gotta catch up… I missed the whole Cardi situation today but I’m glad this page doesn’t report on her bc I get so sick of having her praises shoved down my throat. And there are so many new artists coming out it is so hard to keep up with. Crazy thing is none of them seem to come from LHH so what is Mona doing? Suppressing talent?

  11. Idk if people are leaking tea or not, but I see the same stuff on CDAN, TSB, and GITC, so I figured the same people are giving the same stories to the sites. I don’t really say what I see where because I think it’s petty to even point it out. I look at it like I know who has the real tea vs the reposters on ig after all the exclusives leak lol

  12. I hate that people would risk something so amazing that we have here with this blog you created. Especially since your price is so fair for all the info you give us. You really don’t even have to be doing this but you do. Smh if I see any of their plagiarism I’ll report it but I don’t follow that blog anymore found out about her sheisty & scheming ways a minute ago.

  13. That’s bs and sorry its happening!! Like some one said they betta not mess with you!! I rock with you because you keep it 💯 and are always on point G!!!

  14. If it wasn’t for that other site trying to shade you last year I would of never found you needless to say I paid for your sugar and I’m so glad I did you are the best and I would NEVER pay or look at that other site I’m loyal to the best which is you it’s crazy how people will steal from you and go tell it but you don’t see people stealing from them coming over here because don’t nobody want no stale tea only the finest of sugar keep your head up sweetie you really are helping a lot of people know what is going on in hollyweird I know a lot only because my cousin was in making the band smh a hot mess but I will never tell because after all it is family

  15. Damn I’m sorry G!! Muhfuckas really know how to fuck shit up for others!! 😤😤😤 I’m a loyal sugar baby🍚 👶🏽 Lol (I think that’s a bowl of rice, but it’ll suffice for now as sugar 😩😆😆

  16. Hell they probably paid their money to get the juicy facts just like the rest of us. Doesn’t necessarily mean someone is giving it away. Unfortunately there’s no way of knowing smh

  17. I guess there is no way for us to avoid the 2 faced SNAKES in our group 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Us LOYAL SUGAR BABIES appreciate you and we RESPECCCCCCCT and understand why you do and DO NOT do things G. We PRAY for you G and we love you girl!!!!!

    What’s in the dark will ALWAYS come to light n the snakes WILL REVEAL THEMSELVES!!!!!!

  18. I can live without her lol
    Honestly non of these celebrities now have any substance so there is rarely anything interesting about them .
    Keep doing u G . ❤️
    That other site claims they pay for tea so mofos over here stealing for another bullshit site smh

  19. I been left that childish ass site. I rather spend my dollar on legit shit!!! And I like not hearing about cardi she can ruin her own career ! She don’t need a blog reporting on shit!!!

  20. To keep it a stack, y’all really wilding. This lady and her team don’t have to give us the goods. Don’t be that corny

  21. I know I have been busy lately and still is. I know I haven’t been posting lately, but who in the entire hell leaking content from this blog?

  22. Yeah thats crazy. I wouldn’t put it past the owner of that site/app to be in here themselves. Anything to drag people down & have them be pigs in the mud like them. Smh

  23. First off, whomever is doing this shit needs to stop. This is my place of sanctuary, after a long day of Chemistry, organic chemistry and physics this is where I come to decompress.

  24. I’m pissed off for you cuz i can’t stand that loser bitch from gitc cuz the heffa is a total scammer but besides that tbh I’m not mad that you’re not posting cardi. I’m so sick of reading irrelevant redundant news on her i could spit so cool at least i know it’s at least one site that’s fuckin cardi free

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