September 26, 2022

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41 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Most Abused Children In Hollywood Part 1

  1. What about Raven Symone, my gut feeling tells me Orlando Brown (Eddie) was molested at a young age by how the way he acts out 😯😯😯

  2. I wonder does Britney Spears dad control her little sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, money that she made from her Nickelodeon days like he does Britney

    1. Probably it’s sick that he wanted money so bad he sold both his girls to both networks. Jamie Lynn money probably has dried up though since the Zoey 101 scandal.

  3. G what about Heather O Rourke? The little girl from the poltergeist ? She died so young and I have heard rumors that she passed as a result of some botched sexual assault kinky crap and it was covered up of course.

    Also Judith barsi the other little girl from land before time? Also heard she was molested and the mother allowed it and once her father found out he killed her the mom and himself 🙁 all so sad and disturbing.

    1. I read something like that about Heather in more recent years…I remember being very distraught as a kid hearing she died, never settled right with me even back then. All the evil is coming to light!

  4. G since we been knew about Britney but what about her Little sister Jamie Lynn? There’s always been rumors that dan Schneider perverted fat ass was loving on her a little too much and was the one that got her pregnant and ended Zoey101 but let her take the criticism and get blacklisted! I believe those rumors 100% percent and it’s sick that she was abused but they made her out to be the one in the wrong.

  5. Oh just wait God seen and heard everything single one of their cries.. he’s going blow Hollyweird wide open

    1. Yes he sure is..all this for the almighty love at all for their very sad and disgusting smh

  6. And that’s why we seen these celebs all have mental breakdowns. Everything literally makes sense. I can’t believe how evil these walking devils are. But it’s okay because God will deal with them when it’s all said and done

  7. I heard Nicole Eggert fell off the face of the earth when she was about to take off. She got heavy into drugs. People tracked her down when she was living on the streets. Not sure if she’s still alive or not.

  8. This is so heartbreaking 😔 thank you for letting us know the truth G. I hope and pray that one day this torture will end. These babies deserve better

  9. And everyone’s so worried about Michael Jackson!! They need to leave that man alone and speak on the real Pedos 😡😡

  10. Jesus! Is all I can say…But, I’m not surprised by this list – now I totally understand the saying “there’s a price to pay for fame”!! All the money in the world can’t fix that type of abuse…

    1. Hayden Panettiere is another one who I’ve heard was abused and her mom set it up. I just saw an article saying she’s been abusing drugs and hardly ever sees her daughter..smh so sad

  11. This is so sad. I’m sick to my stomach. I will never be apart of the Hollywood lifestyle ever!!! God bless there hearts smh

  12. I keep telling myself I hope none of my children ever want any part of this because I’m not letting them!!! Right now all I have is a daughter who is way too young to know anything… but every time my mom says “she’s going to be a singer” I say to myself “hell to the naw”.

  13. So sad. A lot of those people fell to the pit falls of drugs and suicide trying to deal with this pain…. Smh

  14. It hurts my soul to see so many kids forced into this because of greedy parents. It may start off innocent but the kid ends up feeling responsible to make a better life for the family. It’s a common theme on “The Rap Game”. One kid was like 10 and had a sizable following on YouTube & he said his motivation was to get his family out of the projects. Sweet sentiment but as G has mentioned, the industry will use that as an open to sexual abuse.

  15. Brooke Shields. I recently saw a picture on SM other as a child, posed naked with makeup on. Smh. The post went on to say her mother sold her to Hollyweird

  16. Truly disturbing and disgusting. Money is not worth me selling my innocent children what the fuck? I rather bust my ass working 3 jobs for the rest of my life and be “poor”. People are so disgusting my god my heart just aches.

  17. This is so sad. Not only the abusers but the parents as well should be charged as well. They failed to protect their children.

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