August 16, 2022

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31 thoughts on “Sunday Hot Takes 3/24/19

  1. Not surprised with Ashton and Mila.. he was still technically married when she got with him..

    Im tired with these Khloe stories..She is just stupid at this point..

  2. Can you fill us in on Jeannie Mai. She is constantly taking private jets overseas especially the Middle East. Is she a hooker?

  3. Do you think RiRi will change her religion to be with Hassan?
    I always thought Khloe and Lamar was a good couple. Lamar loved her ( despite his cheating and drug problem) she didn’t have to change her whole look for him.

    1. Wpenno6on, remember G said ReRe wanted out of the music industry. He is her way out. I really don’t think she wants out completely yet.

  4. I think Khloe’s ass put some kind of hex on French! This man is not going away. The only only person I remember hearing him linked with Evelyn Lozada, and we all knew that wasn’t true. So he really is seeming like he’s just passing the time until ole girl is free. But IMO, French is way too light-skinned for that girl. Those girls like dark chocolate! She might play with him, yes. But I honestly don’t see her taking him too serious.

    G, I saw something yesterday that was trying to state that Cliff Dixon was a sacrifice for Kevin Durant. Is that true?

    1. I was wondering the same thing about Chris.When i saw he was dead that was the first thing that came to my mind.

    2. I read he stole thousands from Kevin & Erica’s …when he tried to retrieve his tires it got really nasty then the cops was called …

    1. That rumor didn’t even make any sense to be honest…such a stupid rumor…Future would have to consent to that anyway…smh!!!

  5. •Aww Mila and Ashton is kinda sad

    •knew the teen moms was a bunch of escorts Farrah Abraham annoying ass kinda put that out there

    •Nicki always plays with the husband word so I figured they weren’t really married; it would be way more out there

    •I honestly thought Rihanna had already converted to his religion with how her image has changed haha oh well Janet did it so Rih can do it too if she’s serious about marrying this man.

    •kinda sweet that French got real love for Khloe & Lamar really loved her before she followed up behind Kim.

  6. The teen moms are escorting LOL! Why am I NOT surprised by this. Like you said, what else can they do LOL.

    Who REALLY took that Draya/Orlando engagement serious though? I feel like they have been engaged for 90 yrs. Clearly it wasn’t going to go any further.

    Rhianna, be happy love, but don’t change your religion just for HIM. Do it ONLY because that is how YOU feel.

      1. Same! I was just at the Nashville show where he walked off stage. I feel like he never got to process the breakup/breakdown of B2K while the other members moved on with their lives, had kids, made various career moves, etc.

        I hear Chris Stokes has been around the tour and I can’t blame Raz for being uneasy about it. I hope they can all complete the tour snd secure the bag, but I really hope he gets therapy and takes care of himself.

  7. I don’t think Erica and Safaree will make it down the aisle never did … now with her ex death she will need time to process … Safaree seem too silly ….???? Who y’all think is behind him being murdered

  8. Wow! The tea is hot today lol

    Draya and Orlando need to split. If your going to cheat before marriage, you’ll cheat during. Ijs.

    The Teen moms always threaten to leave, but never do. Them checks must be nice, the they’re living now.

    I don’t understand why Rih navy would go off on Nick. He was simply admiring her beauty. We all know he’s a big flirt at the end of the day.

    I watched a video by threehoodoosisters, and she pretty much said that another guy will be dating Khloe (this year). Marriage and a baby were mentioned in the reading as well. It’ll be interesting to see how all this plays out. I was a fan, but after all the Jordyn/Tristan drama, I fell back. But she does deserve some kind of happiness

    1. Yes to everything you said🙌🙌 Remember how she treated Jackie Christie daughter over Orlando😏😏😏

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