August 16, 2022

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31 thoughts on “Hoe Tails The Ones who Slept together who you never knew about

  1. I wonder if Bill slept with any other black celebrities? Jame Harden love loose women (Excluding Trina)

    1. Y’all think Trina innocent she slept with everybody in Miami Man & woman Missy the brat & a lottttt of men

      1. Trina songs define her no college educated woman wanting to be in real estate would go her route. Geisha1fan exposed that ass on a daily lmao.

  2. James harden must be packing cause I swear he ain’t attractive tbh and the bank account of course helps too lol but blac Chyna/Trina/and amber are all funny to me I wonder who did it with him to spite Khloe? Maybe all haha

    1. Wow. I thought you were going to tell is the Clintons and Chaka had a threesome 😥

      So Marilyn Munroe got “Me Too’d” by Joan Crawford #damnshame

      While Nicholas Cage seems like an odd pairing, Angelina did date Billy Bob so anyone she’s slept with is believable… Just like Alicia and Christina, I never knew they were together but I didn’t even bat an eye either 😂

      I believe the Tyra and Tiger sugar but I can’t help but think Tyra only slept with him bc of his money and status.

      Do you know the order that James Harden slept with Khloe, Trina, Blac, and Amber? It seems they are always sleeping with the same men. 🤦 I’m wondering who slept with him out of spite

  3. I believe all of these but I gotta admit Tyra and Tiger threw me off lol. Tyra girl, what the hell? She has ummm… interesting taste. Must’ve been a drunk one

  4. Side note: Hillary looks demented in that photo. Straight evil and doing a bad job at faking it smh

  5. Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys😮😮😮 Was this during or after her 2002 album Stripped because they did a song together that Alicia Keys wrote called “Impossible”

  6. Bill and Chaka!?! WTF? I need more explanation on this. 😯

    What’s up with Hollywood getting upset when non black actors sleep with black men and women? Why do they fear and get upset about it?

  7. Is it true that Trina has fucked a good portion of nba players and that they make fun of her in the locker room for being a pass around?

  8. James got that community D! Lol!
    Alicia/Christina & Bill/Chaka…total shock. Call me crazy free thinking that there’s any straight women in entertainment, but I thought Alicia was one. Joke’s on me 🤣🤣

  9. James Harden’s name came up 4 times with different women. That man is a hoe LOL. Christina and Alicia… alrighty then LOL.

  10. Awwww don’t tell me Chaka Khan is a hoe. She told us the industry is evil but omitted the part about her sins smh. Everybody fucking!!!

    1. I wonder about her and Busta Rhymes. I remember watching an interview of the both of them, if I’m not mistaken on BET, and he was real deal flirting with her as well as they kiss on the mouth😏😏😏

  11. Christina Aguilera must got some good ole 🐱. I remember G posted that when Da Brat got out of jail, Brat went straight to Christina’s house instead of Mariah’s house.

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