August 15, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Who Done It?

  1. Damn I was all off!!! I’m up here talm bout “ teairra mari”?? With the make her feel good jawn 😆😆

  2. I’m completely in the dark on this one. I thought the first was LL Cool J. I seem to remember he modeled clothing for Karl Kani at some point. I’m lost on every other damn person though.

    1. The only person I thought of was LL COOL J when she said he modeled his own line for Karl Kani but everyone else IM SO LOST! 😂😂

  3. I just Got off work and can’t think straight right now on who’s who…I’ll be back🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. Make me feel good is Halle berry’s line from Monster ball … Nas is the model Wesley Snipes is the one that hurt her Halle and The one that chilled with the boyz in the hood is Nia Long…. I don’t know the Pull up one

    1. You got good choices Im not saying they are right lol but way to think outside the box. I will reveal it in a few days

    1. Grâce Jones licked Nas arm after Wesley Snipes was about to fight him. There’s a hilarious cartoon illustration of it while he was telling the story. He said he was so turned on.

  5. “I can’t forget how I met ya, you thought I was a boxer? Prince Naseem but I’m a mobster”
    = Won’t See Me 2night ft. Aaliyah

    “Silk shirt with my chest showing, what a flirt! Halle Berry blew me a kiss at the Barbra Streisand con-cert”
    = It’s Mine ft. Mobb Deep

    “Nia Long, wit a cherry thong on”
    = Oochie Wally ft. Bravehearts

    Lol Nas be telling the stories in bits and pieces.
    G, what is the sugar about the alleged triangle with Claudette being secret bmama/Carmen questioning her stepson(s)? paternity/attempting failing to be a handler/being ms. Hill secret ghostwriter?

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