August 15, 2022

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45 thoughts on “Monday Hot Takes

    1. I hate to hear Monica is going through marital problems but at what point will people stop marrying younger athletes in hopes of them being monogamous 🤷

      So did Paris get more money than Prince and Blanket?

      I don’t know how to feel about Khloe seeking full custody. Just because he’s a horrible boyfriend doesn’t make him a horrible father. I don’t know much about his parenting but it seems like it’s being done out of spite.

  1. Man i was thinking something was going on with Monica and her husband. She use to post her husband all the time now it’s just her and the kids. It’s beem like that for a while

  2. Awww I love Monica. She seems so sweet and humble… I’m sure Tristan’s tired ass won’t fight for custody 🙄

  3. I hope Paris gets protection. Why are they only bothering her? Is it because she is the only one in the spotlight. I would assumed they would come after Blanket and Prince as well. Can she get under witness protection?

    I didn’t think Diddy was banging Lori..I still don’t believe he likes women like that…. i always thought maybe when he doesn’t get penis, he reverts back to women for a release. eww

    i am happy for Cassie if this is true..I am glad she had courage to move on from Diddy after being his sex slave for so long..

  4. G, do you know what’s going on with Kanye’s Sunday services? I doubt it’s just a music concert

    1. Yes his Sunday services have me thinking like wat is that all about but his last Sunday service was good lmao well the clip i seen on IG they sounded good BUT the song had me smh…then yesterday his service with DMX and how he was praying…man idk…just sad

    2. I’m thinking the same thing. breaks my heart to say this, but I think he knows they’re trying to kill him off.

  5. Funny you shared this about Jeff Conaway. There was a 2 hour documentary about the movie that came on Reelz yesterday which was followed by their show Autopsy which discussed his death. I’m definitely gonna check it out.

  6. Also G have u touched on the death of Paul Walker yet??? I searched his name but nothing came up. Was wondering was he a sacrifice for someone.

    Poor Monica, i saw Shannon’s post the other day smh these athletes ain’t wats up…they be in to many different area codes and have access to all these groupies…I’ll pass🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. I thought custody was only negotiated if you were married? Khloe is a babymama doesn’t she automatically get full custody unless Tristan decides to take her to court……

    1. When a child is born both parents have equal rights. So no fighting for custody isn’t just for married folks, and just because you are the primary caregiver, that
      Doesn’t mean you hold more weight. You have to go go court. And if she can prove Tristan unfit, she can get full custody.

  8. I’m not surprised that Monica is getting cheated on. She seems so boring. And she’s more worried about taking pictures for social media. She brings a photographer with her everywhere she goes smh.

  9. Monica what???
    I thought Shannon and her were happy
    I’m praying for Paris I rebuke that in the name of Jesus she will live and not die

  10. Stay strong Paris!

    Get it Cassie 😄!

    Khloe won’t have a problem with that. Trisitan doesn’t want her OR that baby.

    Lori Harvey just KEEPS finding a way to be mentioned 😂.

  11. I remember years ago shortly after MJ died Janet looked like she would try to discipline Paris and I think it got so bad the police were called once (if I remember correctly). Shortly thereafter, Janet up and moved overseas. I cannot imagine the knowledge and secrets Janet has about the industry and her family. Praying for Janet, and the entire family’s sanity. Wondering if leaving Indiana, making it big, rich, and world renown was worth it.

  12. Khloe is the custodian parent. So how she is going to get full custody when she and Tristan is not married?🤔

  13. They just won’t stop, they want everything MJ had, I feel sorry for Paris and hope she have ppl looking out for her unlike MJ had…

  14. lol tbrad and angie tryna do like jada and will pnly difference is brad and angie no love lost between them while jada and will went from inlove with each other to having love for each other

  15. lol to even say khloe is gunna try and get custody of true makes cuz we all know. tristan aint gunna fight her over true

  16. Damn I like Monica. I notice she never post him like she used to .
    I feel bad for Paris because I see what’s happening I pray she stays strong .
    I knew the Diddy thing wasn’t true I don’t think he would do that to his son.
    Now I believe her in HOV 😴.
    I’m happy for Cassie she deserves it ❤️

  17. Ooooooooooooo Weeeeeeeee YOU JUST GAVE ME A SUGAR RUSH WITH THIS!!!!! Well you do EVERYTIME 😂😂😂😂 and
    I PRAY THE BLOOD OF JESUS OVER PARIS JACKSON!!!! 💔💔💔💔 this world, this INDUSTRY is so EVIL and WICKED it disturbs my whole spirit.

  18. I am happy for CASSIE….. her and her husband makes a BEAUTIFUL couple and their kids are going to be GORGEOUS…. and I’m glad Diddy ain’t sent his PPLS after them. I pray the blood
    Over them also!

  19. Shannon Brown has ALWAYS been super reckless! When he’s in the clubs back in Chicago he doesn’t hide his “single man” behavior. Because you definitely wouldn’t think his wife is a famous singer the way he acts out,

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