September 26, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Decipher Scream Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson

  1. I always knew even back then that these 2 were talking about the elites and how they were fed up with the lies and bullshit! Like you said G they been in the industry since they were kids and I’m sure they seen a lot of sick shit! That’s the sad part and they tried to destroy them both unfortunately MJ is gone and again their still trying to destroy him smh

  2. At that time, they were both huge stars. I think all the achievements and money maybe Micheal thought he was untouchable. After her brother died, (the elites got to him) you think that was a message also to her? It seems like she kind of kept a low profile. I never heard her speak out about the documentary.

  3. G I’m gonna say this again i thank You so much for opening my eyes to this krazy foolishness that’s been goin on all this time. Like u said we never knew, just bobbing our heads not knowing there was a message smh. Every since u have been letting us kno i have been going back and listening to old back n the day songs and I’m just like “WOW”. Like 2Pac song Blasphomy i think That’s how u spell it…he’s telling it sad how they have dun these ppl all this time. So I’m guessing “they” let them make these type of songs cause they kno we have no clue??? Well if not for u some of us wouldn’t kno. I saw some symbols in the video and had no clue or even paid any attention to it back when they did this video/song but THANKS TO YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS IM WOKE NOW!!!

    1. Right! I always knew this video was more than what met the eye, but knowing what I know now all I can do is shake my head and wonder how they were allowed to make such a heavy song AND video?

  4. its crazy you said they put voices in their head bc Cardi B recently posted a video on her IG saying when ppl talk to her she seems like shes not listening to them bc she hears voices in her head saying other things

    1. Yep she sure did but i ddnt see it on her page i saw It on another page that’s called conspiracy files

  5. Ok so I’m watching love and hip hop Miami..and this Bobby Lytes kid came in with sum type of outfit on then said he had a surprise and had someone walk in and bring him this big hat thingy and when he put it on his head it was THE DAM HORNS🤦🏽‍♀️ Then the Prince guy got his hair pressed out wit this jacket on kinda putting me in the mind of the real Prince and even MJ…Man like these Miami ppl be all the way live wit the shits!! Anybody else see that shit??? Shit is Trick and Trina n them”down”??? I’m assuming Pretty Ricky and them sweet ass down too right???

  6. Thank you for posting this. Can’t believe I never picked up on any of this. Do you think that maybe them shooting the video in black and white is symbolic as well?

    1. Great breakdown!!! I knew there was a more deeper meaning to this song. Now that I’m more aware of the industry’s symbolism and your awesome blog I see this video much differently. I noticed at 2:44-2:45. The song says “Father please have mercy” micheal proceeds to lays his hands out like a cross. In the Bible Luke 22:34 when Jesus is on the cross being crucified he stated “Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing”. This was Jesus asking God to have mercy on those who falsely accused him.

      Also while the majority of the video is black and white janet and michel have on what appears to be shiny gold outfits. Gold represents royalty. Micheal has on the gold during the scene with his hands stretched out. Also I saw the number 3 on the media screen. Micheal has the number 7 (which signifies completion/perfection/wholeness) on his shirt in the scene hes smashing the vases.

  7. I’ve been waiting on Janet to retired. Now that she is doing a Vegas residency. An notice the duality of the colors in the video. Black and White . But the silver reminds of electricity or a flash of light.

  8. G I have a question with the symbolism and them coming for the elites and I’m taking about all the celebrities that make songs and videos, why do the elites let them do it then decided to punish them?

  9. This was one of the most expensive videos of all time . They really went hard to make sure the message was fully projected. As young as I was I understood the message. I loved this video . RIP TO THE KING ❤️

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