August 16, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Coming Up On Decipher Scream By Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson

    1. The Joe Buddens was for you guys to give open deciphers. When I did it not many people cared about it. Now that I don’t give a decipher everyone seems to want that one now. I can give my decipher but that song is really open opinion. I will do it though

      1. Hey G, love your blog, I need to know, what’s going on with Whoopi Goldberg? She has been MIA from the View for WEEKS. They are saying it’s due to her being ill/under the weather, however, I believe it’s more to the story? Is she really sick, is she being reprogrammed or is she out of a job?

      2. I was talking about Joe Budden and not just the decipher but if u knew of his dealings in the industry but i guess I misunderstood that it was only about the song. And are you goin to touch on the gospel singers and pastors if u already have i may have overlooked it.

  1. @bobbie_buttons i was Also wondering about Whoopi but i did see her come back and visit the show or something and she said she had pneumonia, when i heard Her say that i got To thinking then if they were trying to do something to her.

  2. He’s definitely talking about the elite in this song. Him and Janet. One of my favorites from them by the way.

  3. I’ll start from the very end of the video and address the part where Michael’s head is shaking really fast from side to side. It’s almost like he’s trying to shake off his alter. All of the alters that have been altered through MK or whatever they’ve done to him. And he’s saying stop pressuring me because at that point they’re probably trying to paint a picture of him that’s not true for public consumption to start the process of turning people against him.

    And so he’s screaming out in anger and he’s telling us who he’s talking to the few times that he threw up the pyramid. He did it real subtle and kind of quick but he definitely threw it up. And then those little figures behind him that were standing in a way that they could be shaped like pyramids as well.

    So his whole outburst was toward the elites and probably pretty much how they were controlling the media around that time to try and form this narrative around him that wasn’t true.

    He was clearly frustrated and just really trying to get his point across. It makes me feel bad now that I’m watching it again and hearing his cry for help.

    1. Very true. Michael cried out for help in many of his songs, but a lot of us weren’t woke then. Now that he’s gone and we go back and listen it’s like how did we not pick up on this. We were too busy bopping our heads and dancing. I hate he’s dead now.

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