October 2, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 3/16/19

  1. I think I’m wrong but is it that BTS group 🤔.
    I know for a fact this is about that hating hoe Maria Sharapova.
    Too easy cardboard & off2cheat
    Lastly I wanna say the Giselle bitter and Regina but I don’t think it is….these people gotta be white lol.

  2. #60 is K-pop
    #62 at first I thought Nicki, but just read Cardi was in the hospital
    #63 Oprah and her bestie but not sure of the guy maybe Spielberg???

  3. #60-?… Sorry I don’t pay attention to boy bands anymore. I am lost lol

    #61- Serena. If it IS her…Why girl!? Why?? Dammit man 😂!

    #62- Cardi or Nicki. I don’t know which lol. But they are the only 2 female rappers that are well known right now or on top.

    #63- ?. Again, I am lost lol 😂😂.

  4. Man i was thinking Cardi B too but not sure about the others but I’m waiting on all the tea ☕️

  5. #60 BTS comes to mind or One Direction but I dont even know if they are a group anymore.
    #61 Maria Sharpay or whatever her name is.
    #62 Cardi
    #63 Oprah Gayle and I think is Tyler Perry. Someone else said Lee Daniels

    1. I don’t know about #63 being Tyler Perry because she compared the man as being equally worse to Harvey Weinstein. It stated that they keep allowing them to get a pass, so I think it’s a white man. Oprah would have no problem coming down hard on a black man, we seen that these past couple of weeks😒😒😒 Looking at Tyler Perry he don’t look like the type. But then again you never know what goes on behind the scenes, it be the innocent one you have to watch out for😕 However, I could be wrong and it is Tyler Perry.

    1. Right it’s them not BTS they have nothing to do with that scandal it’s another kpop group Big Bang one of their members got caught and is facing jail time for forced prostitution and druging women into sex and filming it.

  6. #60 I’ve literally seen comments asking about BTS on here.. and being answer idk
    but a member of Big Bang and his friends is are in trouble for this EXACT thing.
    So idk

  7. Boy band = Hedley
    They have a really bad reputation and one of the members is currently facing rape charges.🤷‍♀️

    1. I can’t edit, but A list athlete is Maria Sharapova. She has only won ONE grand slam, yet she is the highest paid female tennis player. A travesty. I’m not sure who she is fighting with because it’s well known that she and Serena loathe each other.

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