October 5, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Friday Hot Takes

    1. But how is this going to work😕😕😕Fans that attend the concert will soon catch on that they are not really feeling each other or are “brothers” as they call it 😯😯

  1. Do you think this relationship with Nicki will last? It seems like she’s just latching onto anyone now because she’s so desperate to have her happily ever after.
    Also curious if you think drake will ever try to be with his baby’s mother, or just try to keep a good friendship. I still can’t believe he got HER pregnant, of all people & from all this time he’s been raw dogging. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. From the outside looking in it looks like both Meek and Nicki have been running through different failed relationships since they broke up, and they are both either sending subs or warnings to each other about being petty so I think there’s unresolved stuff between the two of them that needs to at least be resolved if they are going to move forward.

      Personally I think they might still be in love with each other. Idk for sure but their actions since Meek got out the last time leads me to believe they both never got over their break up.

      1. I totally agree, I think they will end up back together, they made a good couple

      2. Really!? I’m surprised people say this because I get abusive behavior vibes from them together on both sides. She’s hinted about it on Ellen & you can tell she tries to control the men she’s with.

    2. True, I’m sure they had their issues, one of them being that Nicki seems to like Men who she has some control over in some way, usually status going by her Meek and Safaree relationships. Idk the situation obviously, but from the outside looking in I always felt like she enjoyed being the “boss bitch wifing niggas” as Drake would say.

      Maybe the Kenny guy is someone who will put her in her place more (hopefully in a non violent way) than Meek or Safaree tried to and that’s what keeps her with him, i dont really know to be honest, just making guesses based on what I see lol

      But I do feel like Meek and Nicki in particular are exhibiting behavior that suggests they aren’t completely over each other yet as far as the petty shots being thrown when they have had multiple partners each since they broke up. They honestly shouldn’t be as pressed on each other as they still are imo.

  2. Nicki a millionaire she don’t care about the money more about loyalty but if he’s a repeat felon along with the sexual abuse charge from his teens she should end it NOW!

  3. It’s just a suspended license, I don’t get how other people are making it “News” or a big deal, because hes with a celebrity?

  4. Really John??? Smh… I expected better.

    Nicki girl, drop him drop him.

    Well, what can you say Drake and this woman weren’t besties. I guess it is time to get to know each other on a friendly level since a child is involved. Azz backwards, I know, but what you gonna do lol.

  5. Pause John Legend legits likes women?! I’m surprised I just hope she looks better than his obnoxious wife

  6. No no John, wtf you doing. Chrissy is cool.

    Nicki let him gooooo your too good for him.

    Dinner was last night for drake and the bm

  7. Wow that’s surprising about John, his wife is so funny to me. Raz i just Feel sorry for him. I’m not sure wat to make of Fizz..I’m trynna figure him out with how he acts on tv and also Omarion mannn idk bout him either he’s so conceited 🙄

  8. Not John 😞…. guess all I have left to be hope for is Ciara and Russell, and Steph and Ayesha 😕.

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