August 15, 2022

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24 thoughts on “The Truth About The Mowry Twins – Part 2

  1. Their mother played no games when it came to them. So they weren’t accessible for any foolery. Hopefully Tamara keeps on the path.

  2. I think for the real they were type cast. As we need an Asian a Latinos a black and a mixed girl. So it probably was the reason she got it.

  3. So nothing on Tamera’s husband being abisabu and/or cheating on her? I hear their mother was not colorblind or “moneyblind” and gave Corey a run for his money but turned a blind eye to Adam’s shenanigans.🤷
    I have one more question why are they cool with Marquis Houston knowing he’s a pedophile

      1. Correct. It’s obvious he settled with her. I don’t think he really loves her but decided to settle down with her because she was willing to do so and was a cry baby. Idk what or where Tamera would be had she not married that man. She probably would’ve been depressed

  4. What about Tamera’s niece that passed that wasn’t a sacrifice ? And the rumors of domestic abuse between her and Adam

  5. Replaced… *in my Rick James voice* coldbooded 😂. But in all honesty, glad the girls have kept it solid by not going witchy. I hope Tamera keeps it that way.

  6. G have u not heard the abuse rumors? Apparently Adam use to put his hands on tamera early on which is really why Tia didnt wanna come to the wedding and the brothers dont fuck with him

      1. Wow… Just from analyzing the way she talks about Adam you would never think of Abuse. She’s even said she loves the way he smells “his funk” and “his giggle” of his stomach. With her having two kids now, divorce is probably the last thing on her mind. Since she’s very traditional. Poor Tam.

  7. Hey G, so with that being said, if she gets approached or was approached by the elites due to working at “the real. Would her niece count as a sacrifice for the elites to leave her alone for some time?

    So many pple commented on her IG page feeling like her niece might have been a sacrifice.

    As far as, Adrienne Bailon she has a new jewelry line, with the left eye all over it.

    And nobody knows where Loni Love lives, none of her friends know Lmao. I think she is very smart, aware and informed about the industry since she has been in the industry for some time. She’s def protecting herself. Do have any tea on Ms. Loni?

  8. You forgot the part bout where Adam done beat Tamera ass……..had her scared staying at her sis house for a min and she was still sneaking talking to him and went back to him……..pissed Tia off

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