October 1, 2022

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55 thoughts on “For The Last Time… “G Why Do You Love The Kardashians But Hate Giselle?

  1. We appreciate what you go thru on our behalf. I am a Kardashian fan (well Iw as till this Jordyn fiasco, not sure how I feel now), Beyonce is ok I guess

  2. I like The Kardashians too and feel a way about Beyoncé because of wat I have heard about her from not only you G but other regular people as well..see I use to not Comment but i have been doing so lately and i most Definitely appreciate EVERYTHING you do for us G because without you i would Still be blind to all this evil industry mess. Now my eyes are open wide and watching and listening to EVERYTHING and it’s all because of you!!! Thank You so much for doing something we all kno is risking your life!!! ❤️

    1. What exactly have you heard from other regular people inquiring minds want to know😏😏😏😀😀😀

  3. What happened to the story about Taz Angels? You never spoke about Maculay Culkin tweets, will you?

      1. Can you update us on R.Kelly will he go to jail? Why did Jussie lie? Is Lee Daniels behind it? Thanks

  4. It’s understandable. You can only judge by your personal experience.

    Like I met Phylicia Rashad before. She was stank. People were like no she’s so nice and sweet. And then others agreed. It all depends on your personal interaction, no one else’s.

    1. IDK if I were to meet a famous person for the first time and they were to be rude I would just chop it up to them having a bad day. However, if every time I’m meeting you and you behave rudely then that’s who you are as a person😩😩😩

  5. Now I ALWAYS take issues with this “self made” shit and her acting shitty about her come up off of Ray J & that sextape. But I will always say on an individual level, Kim cool. Kim won my respect when she did a charity boxing fight early in their show I think the first season. Kim got in the ring and got her ass kicked for charity! That’s class and she didn’t have to do it. Khloe as well know and expect won her fight tho 😂.

  6. I can understand Beyoncé being rude but i do feel
    Like as far as her stopping the story any celebritiy would do that. Its not personal if she was your client you would stop it. But her being rude isn’t nice. However i do remember that clip when she is in front of crowd not smiling but she just had a miscarriage. Not defending her just saying. And what the is a turncoat? Lol

    1. That’s the same thing I said, although G has a right to feel the way she does about Giselle, if I was in that situation I wouldn’t want the whole world to know what happened, especially because they weren’t talking about all the cheating just yet.

  7. And everyone says Kim is nice so i can understand that and professional probably why she has gone so far

  8. im sorry any celeb would’ve stopped a story that is putting their business in the street esp someone who is as private and calculating as the carters, meanwhile of course kim is going to be sweet, her motto is ALL PRESS IS GOOD PRESS, and she lives for attn…so ofc she would welcome you with open arms, bc you’re paying her attn…

    1. Beyoncé didn’t stop TMZ!! And Kim didn’t have a reason to welcome a smaller blog… it wouldn’t have affected her either way because they weren’t as big as the bigger brands!! At the end of the day… Kim is and has always been nice and respectful to “regular people” where as Beyoncé looked down on anyone not on her her level.

  9. Wait G, aren’t you NOT supposed to post her name? Hence where the middle name came about?? Lol @ncaseudidntknow

    1. I was only allowed to post her name if it was positive. So I said no fuck you I won’t post it negative or positive but that had an expiration date to it. To be petty I just kept doing it

  10. I’m somewhat of a newbie, so I didn’t know this was an issue/hot topic. I’ve heard many people say Kim was cool though. People like who they like and dislike who they don’t, I don’t think it’s a big deal. Hell they ALL get discussed on here and I appreciate the tea! Lol.

  11. Hey G. I appreciate that because I feel you on how people treat you. Kim K went to bat for you several timea and I feel that career wise and persoally.

  12. I hate that you have to explain this smh. It’s not even deep everybody can like who they like. And everything is not about race. You seem to be as fair as possible when delivering your sugar so I don’t see the problem. Whether it’s about our fav or not.

  13. Sorry but I understand 100% why Beyoncé acted the way she did, any celebrity in her position would’ve done the same. Who wants to be smeared all across the media in a negative light? No one. As for Kim of course she’s nice, she came up off of a sex tape. Plus she needs people with a platform to paint a pretty picture of her.

    Furthermore just because you act nice in public doesn’t mean you’re really a nice person, it’s called campaigning. She has an image to keep up being as she has absolutely zero talent.

  14. So Basically You Don’t Like Beyoncé Because She Didnt Want You To Put Her Personal Business Out There ? & You Knowing How The Industry is, Im sure you Know What Happened To Her As Soon as She Got With Jay Z……… You Like The Kardashians Because They Let You In Their Space As Far as Media Goes. & You’ve Gotten Some Opportunities Out Of It…. I understand Your Reasoning Now.

    1. Sounds like just opportunist. If you think about it if it was to for blogs and social media hyping them the k’s wouldn’t be anywhere so yeah it makes sense they want bloggers on their jock lol. It’s just strategic. Beyoncé has something to offer other than drama and clicks. I’m not a fan of either since they don’t pay my bills but it’s common sense.

  15. Idk why you’re explaining this. You like who you like. I agree with you on Gisselle. I knew she was snotty bitch from the very beginning so I dont question your experience with her lol. It’s just the Kardashian’s stories are just boring. They’re not interesting lol.

    1. Lmaooo word. Also, I know is not journalisms but bloggers are the new wave of the likes… biased reporting eventually gets old.

  16. We all have our reasons for who we like & why. These are G’s reasons and I understand them. It doesn’t matter (to G) if I like her reasons or not. Y’all have a great day!

  17. What I don’t understand on Beyonce’s part is why sell the story to TMZ instead of y’all? Yeah y’all knew the truth, but if she wanted too, she could’ve still given y’all the story and put a spin on it, like TMZ did.

    B was such a sweetheart til she got with Jay. Haven’t been the same since…smh god don’t like ugly

  18. Recently Solange just dropped an album out of nowhere. I’m surprised it’s not getting the same buzz as the last album😒 Even the reviews for people comments was underwhelming😕😕😕

  19. G you don’t have to explain yourself {for the hundredth time} I remember the 1st time you told it on Hot Sugar!

  20. If you were going to post about her private life, of course she’s going to do whatever she can in her power to stop it. She can’t stop TMZ because they’re a part of the occult as well….. And how do you know that it was her making those calls. Jay has been known to stop a bag or too. All paps are around for is to get us to stay obsessed with these celebs but to ALSO alert the celebs know WE ARE WATCHING YOU AND YOU CAN NEVER EVER HIDE FROM US (the elite). Kim has no choice but to be nice because she has no talent. If she’s a “socialite” with a bad attitude, she wouldn’t be where she is today. Plus they LOVE the attention, their career doesn’t exist without it. It’s understandable how you feel about them in terms of how they treated you though. I Still don’t fuck with them though, they are culture vultures 🤷🏾‍♀️🤗

      1. Tmz is apart if the elite. Harvey is jewish smhh your comparing yourself to tmz

  21. Still seems like bullshit.. Just because she won’t let u drop something about her private life for profit. But the kim K thrives on blogs of course she gonna welcome you. Yall never say nothing positive about beyonce but always praising these culture vulture. I am sure beyonce is a bitch sometimes but be fair and real Kim K and her family are nothing but bubble headed vultures.

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