August 16, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Word Has It

  1. Kim is starting to creep me out especially seeing her in all these cheetah prints. But wouldn’t that be pushing the pedophilia agenda. Kanye needs to face his bs again making friends in all the wrong places.

    1. Skai mom needs help poor little girl I hope she grow apart from her mom and break from that mom mind control

      1. Fr it’s really fucked up. I hope Skai gets away from this industry. Someone needs to step in and STOP her mom

  2. So this lastest stunt with Jordyn to me has shown how free up people are with the Kardashian’s mess. Usually people would have jumped on the Kardashian’s side but people defended Jordyn this will happen with Kim if she keeps standing behind Kanye when he is wrong.

  3. Kris pimped her daughters out and Kim will do the same to her daughters so she isn’t the one to have that talk with him.

    1. And that pic of North that she posted in silk jammies w her hand sorta pulling it up!!! Made me so uncomfortable knowing about the Sex Kitten program.

  4. Skai’s Mom is so fucked up. No Mother should be basically offering up her Teen Daughter to grown Men.

    Tbh Kanye isn’t the only problem. The entire Hip Hop world, or at least a lot of people with elevance or status, seemed to have embraced him or at least not called his BS out with regards to his pedophilia.

    6ix9ine has been caught trying to talk to teens through DMs before and 2 girls have come forward to say he had sex with them while they were underaged. I gave him the benefit of the doubt for the 13 year old but after that 2nd girl came out and said they had sex I was done, especially since he never denied any claims that anyone who exposed him made against him.

    He has some solid songs, but it’s not worth it. Kanye should stop associating himself with 6ix9ine but the entire rap industry as a whole needs to as well, because Kanye didnt even work with 6ix9ine until his hype within hip hop had people calling him the King of NY.

  5. Poor Skai her mom is not right for that!! But G i watched Growing up in Hip Hop last night and i see Salt & Pepa are gonna have residency in Vegas..Pepa also seems a Little off to me is there any tea on them and y they will be also performing in Vegas??? Pepa’s body is already hideous!!

  6. I always thought Kim married Kanye as a last resort. Kanye was in LOVE with Kim. I thought Kim wanted to married Reggie Bush bad. Kim was getting older and already date several men and two husbands already. It’s coming back to bite her.

    1. I wanted to say it but I didn’t want to come across as hating lol.

      But she is part of what I’m talking about. The rap industry just embraced him despite the case against him. By the time Kanye began working with him, he was already a star and IIRC it was either just before or just after Fefe blew up.

      If the rap industry didnt make him a big deal, Kanye would’ve never reached out to him or knew who he was.

  7. Gina is it true that r Kelly gave aaliyah’s mom his publishing back in the day to avoid her from pressing charges on him and was she also having a sexual relationship with r. Kelly?

    1. That may or may not be true. I know aalyah’s mom was fuckin R Kelly at some piint as well. The story about them fucking him together is not true. It is possible they have certain publishing rights of the songs he did with Aaliyah

  8. What Skai mom is doing is really fucked up and disgusting she needs help. Poor Skai I just hope she can get away from her. Where is her father?


  10. She’s an enabler. She tries to act tough shit when people call her husband when they are right. She needs to call him out face to face to fucking grow up and get it together. IDC he needs therapy and that’s not a bad thing. Poor Skai I’ve read blinds about her before wayyy back. She’s been sleeping with older men unfortunately, he wouldn’t be her first. He’s such a pedophile. Hope he stays in jail forever.

  11. So I do not condone any type of sexual assault, molester, pedo, etc. but didn’t the girl supposedly lie about her age to him ? Or did he know and didn’t care ? Again I’m just asking because I know someone personally who’s life got messed up because she got caught with him in a park giving him head and she lied and said he forced himself on her because she didn’t want to get in trouble. She told him she was his age and I just hate that women can lie like that and mess up someone’s life and they can’t do anything. I told him to ask for id from every woman from now on.

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