September 26, 2022

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42 thoughts on “The truth Behind Khloe Kardashian Instagram Picture

  1. I honestly didn’t even see this pic til you posted it. But I also haven’t been on IG much today. This is very calculated and people are sadly gonna fall for it yet again.


  3. Wow definitely shocked to hear you say you think she did it on purpose knowing the controversy. I would hope it was an air head moment. Maybe all the bags thristen bought her is what i thought. Or her saying she isn’t wearing it anymore. I don’t see how this would help her. Even though i could see her being mad with black people for taking up for jordyn. I only took up for her because i feel like khloe has been bogus in other people relationships. You can say she hasn’t but she has. Down to them taking all Scott’s crap but black chyna and Jordyn get kicked out. Or just how khloe has always had so much to say about everyone else relationship but put up with Tristan. Who had a baby on the way. Which is dumb. Didn’t give that girl the decency of having her baby in peace khloe was downstairs in the parking garage during her labor.

    1. You think they care about “controversy” ? They practically LIVE off “controversy”. They do it for shock value and to stay relevant. Now they have a whole new generation ..that they’re progr.. i mean raising.

  4. I do want to point out. Jordyn has been quiet. Unlike khloe friend Malika. So i never not considered her black and when i saw her hanging with Lori Harvey i assumed she had black friends and jaden is a black friend. I just thought she was a California girl. I also think we think wennnow Jordyn but we don’t. She has Alesha’s surprised me. Even her going to jada shows she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. Which was impressive and in her interview for the Kylie show. She says the truth about her being a friend to Kylie is overwhelming. That surprised me that she would say it.

    1. Jordyn is handling this situation like a pro, and like an Adult. Khloe and her hypocrite sidekicks are the ones acting like they are so morally above what Jordyn did, when Malika messed around with Married Men (French’s late artist Chinx) and Scottie Pippen Wife got caught cheating with Future, and they were both older than Jordyn when they did their dirt.

    1. maybe you dont but obviously you cant speak for eeryone because i had 9 dms about this post from people on this blog

      1. It’s more to the blog then them they always gets a post meanwhile other people requested better stories

  5. I think on a deeper than surface level, the support we gave Jordyn is kinda a make up for all the times we let the Kardashians throw a Black person into the fire and then play victim or innocent, without much backlash.

    We (the public in general) have sided with them against just about every Black person they dumped or demonized. I think ultimately it’s more than just a “she’s Black so we support Black” thing, I think the bigger reasons to why we supported Jordyn are:

    1. Her age compared to everyone in the situation

    2. Her being used as the scapegoat, when none of the responsibility was placed on the Man in the situation, which was a huge mistake on the Kardashian’s part. Cardi B got the same level of criticism when she fought Offset’s side pieces in the club so we kept the same energy with Khloe.

    3. The public as a whole was just too smart to fool this time. This situation with Jordyn and Tristian is just a reverse version of the Kardashians taking every Man they ever had from either a taken Man or the Man or Ex of one of their friends. People were quick to point that out. That’s the biggest reason why Khloe isn’t getting supported this time because Jordyn pulled a them on them.

    I think all 3 of these things, alongside the fact that we never supported Chyna, Reggie, Ray J, Lamar, etc. just created a situation where we had to support our own this time, because we just didn’t want to see a young Black Woman shamed for acting like a Kardashian when the Kardashians get no real lasting heat for doing the same thing repeatedly.

    I think the support would be the same even if she didn’t mention race.

    1. You hit the nail on the head honey! To be honest I don’t think she pulled the race card, I’m so tired of people saying that. It’s true black women get crucified in the public eye when we do dirt vs. our counterparts. Anyone that disagrees is either blind or stupid. Look at what people did to blac Chyna, say what you want but they’re (blac Chyna & the kardashians) cut from the same cloth. They just come from opposite sides of the track.

    2. I 1000% agree. I am behind every word you typed!! She pulled a them on them haha now they mad they cant profit as much!

    3. Absolutely correct, that is why I was #TeamJordyn this time, even though I consider myself a Kardashian fan.

  6. Good point, let them starve for attention.

    So what she has a half white kid. I know plenty people with half white kids and grand kids and they are still racist as hell. You will usually see the kids being exposed more to the white side then Black.

    Sure in JORDY’S mind she was “not Black” but this little incident brought her back to reality REAL quick. You are BLACK my sista. And so many other Blacks find that out REAL quick when things go down and they are reminded who they are. Again, WE can’t do what THEY do.

    Systematic racism/oppression is the reason we jump to defend our own, right or wrong. For decades we were accused and killed for things we didn’t do. For nothing more than being Black. It caused a fence to come up. So now the guilty get the same protection as the innocent( not always, but in a lot of cases). Is it right, that the guilty get that same protection? NO. But sadly, this is one of the repercussions of our oppression.

    1. And Khloe needs to take a long walk. When I saw her listening to that bozo getting off her birth control, I figured she too, like all these side hoes, thots, and groupies, wanted that single parent life. Everybody but HER knew Trisitan’s hoe azz was using her. Just accept your predestined single mother status sis and keep it pushing.

  7. And you called it. I went to her page just to be nosey because I don’t follow her at all. I wanted to see the comments. But the picture has gone poof! It’s not there. Unless I didn’t scroll down far enough, it’s gone. And I’m with you, G. I believe that it was very calculated and that there was a subliminal message towards US.

  8. Honestly THEY ARE FADING AWAY…… Jordyn believe or not was the first ever….. I seen anyone EVER….. Damn near took down the whole clan BY HERSELF. She had the kardash’s n Jenner’s SHOOK and she still does!!!!!! We gotta admit….. their plan TOTALLY BACKFIRED and I feel that this jordyn shit really took them down MAJOR like….. their popularity def was TAMPERED idccccccccc 😂😂😂😂🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️

    1. Jordyn was scared until JADA remindes hee that she was Black and to sit down and let us wear them outnfor her

  9. Didn’t know bout this til I saw this post. Seems like no one cares, and not in a good way. Like we’re not giving her attention anymore “don’t care”. We’ll see…

  10. I don’t follow them so I only see the stories black media posts anyway. Maybe they need to stop posting about them and they actually could fade. At least in our community.

  11. I think she just got paid for it. She went to her pretty little thing engagement because they paid her up front so by the time the scandal came out it didnt matter, she had to show up.
    I also though why Gucci.

    1. I dont think the whole family will be replaced, but G did say that Kylie is supposed to be Kim’s replacement, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Kendall and Kylie become the modern day equivalent to what their older 4 Kardashian siblings were/are as the older 4 fade out.

  12. My thoughts are if Khole keeps this up , they will lose a lot of fan base especially from people of color. I have been reading the comments I would say at least 50% are over their crap. Just a little while ago ( this morning) Khole just wrote something on TSR and people are going in. At this point what ever shes trying to do is back firing

  13. i really was about to go off in the comment, bc i swear you be capping & captain save-a-hoe for the Trashians! but, i agree!!

    My question though is why don’t YOU bloggers let them fade away. I promise ppl dont care & wouldnt even talk about these saggy walled scallywags if yall didnt post THEIR EVERY MOVE!!!

  14. I resent my screenshot of my payment from January & have not received a response or confirmation of the payment.

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