October 2, 2022

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28 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The R Kelly Interview With Gayle King

    1. Well the girlfriends (Azriel & Jocelyn) are speaking out on the next segment. Any sugar on that? They both threw their parents under the bus 🤦🏾‍♀️

  1. Why isn’t Weinstein getting this much heat and didn’t jay z and Diddy party with them for years how come no one talks about that? Or is it not true just wondering

  2. Question? Is Ava Duvernay down with the elites… I remember when she came out of no where and came for R Kelly and started the times up… but she didn’t do that with Harvey Weinstein and she worked with him or for him, I thought that was suspicious.., I know she work with Oprah.. and she was trashing R Kelly and Michael Jackson.. curious…

    1. That’s a good question she did seem to come outta nowhere and she’s close to the black elites

    2. Ava Duvernay is the Executive Producer of Queen Sugar alongside Oprah. I don’t think she’s elite elite, but the fact that she i produces one of OWN’s most praised shows and is pretty much in Oprah’s clique in that way adds motive to her speaking against Kelly and MJ.

      She’s tight with Oprah, so she’s likely tight with Gayle as well, and those two were the ones spearheading this recent media play on both men.

      All things considered, those moves were definitely set ups to deflect from what Weinstein got going on.

    3. I think she is. I questioned this as well because she burst into the scene so quickly and out of nowhere. Also, didn’t Oprah endorsed her? As soon as she did, Ava became known. I wouldn’t be surprised if Oprah took a bite out of Ava’s Kit kat bar..lol

  3. Just watching all of this play out is surreal. And anybody who doesn’t see the parallels between Oprah taking down one, and Gayle taking out the other, is blind! It’s just really a trip to watch. At least for me it is.

  4. in no way am I excusing Kells…if you do the crime you have to do the time…. but like G said everyone else that knew what he was doing should also be punished as well.. As for Oprah and Gayle two coons in a pod….eventually their time will come…. I would love to see Oprahs empire crumble to dust….

    1. R. Kelly is guilty to me. There are 3 sex tapes and the Aaliyah Marriage License, plus verbal accounts from far too many people that corroborate those pieces of evidence.

      But, I do feel like he’s being used to take the attention away from Harvey Weinstein’s trial. The same with Michael, although I 100% believe Mike was innocent. Too much truth is being exposed on Social Media and Youtube about Mike’s accusers lying.

      I’ve seen more Michael defenders than people saying Mike is guilty, and the people saying Michael is guilty only make emotional arguments and assumptions not based on facts.

      But the fact that Oprah never liked MJ, and that she is friends with Weinstein, is proof enough that this was a set up. She acts like she cares about victims of abuse, but never called out Weinstein and brought Monique’s brother who molested her to the Oprah show, unannounced to Monique, and after Monique said she didnt want her family on the show.

      I do know that Oprah was sexually assaulted in her formative years, and I truly feel like that leads to her biases in this situation, particularly against MJ, and given her past views on hip hop, etc. i just feel like she has a thing against Black Men in general.

      She gets to demonize a dude she never liked, throw R. Kelly under the bus, and protect one of her White friends in one move. That’s why we can never take the media at a surface level. Most of it if not all is owned by the White Elite, and a lot of the prominent Black Media figures are puppets under the guise of being bosses.

  5. 1st off even though they are trying to get Michael, wasn’t there a lengthy investigation by the FBI that proved he didn’t sexual assault those kids. YES Mike was weird and some things he should have done better. But being weird and sexual assaulting people is 2 totally different things. Funny that investigation is never brought up.

    Unlike Mike, Robert DID assault those girls and there is concrete evidence to prove that. So did Harvey. It was just Robert’s time to put in jail. You can get away with it for only so long. You are gonna have to pay one way or the other, either while you are alive or dead(hell). I can’t believe Robert would be that dumb to sell his publishing. All those hits he wrote. But when you busy being evil common sense goes out the window. And yes the parents and entourage all play a role in this too. But just like Robert, they are going to have to deal with consequences.

    I think more pervs will be taken down. But as always Black ones will always go down 1st. We(Blacks) can’t do half the stuff that they do and get away with it. It is time these Black celebrities get that through their heads.

    1. The FBI investigated him for 10 years, there were multiple unannounced house and office raids over the years. They took 16 computers of his and couldn’t find one file of Child Pornography on any of them. Even the Porn that he did have were regular Adult Porn Material, none of them including Children of any kind.

      I also heard the FBI were VERY determined to find dirt on him during their investigation. So the fact that they concluded that they didn’t find anything that proves he was a pedophile or child molester, speaks huge volumes.

      1. I knew that there was a lengthy investigation! Thought I had read it somewhere. And there was no evidence found against him. Mike, is collateral damage to these ppl. Anything to deflect from REAL pervs.

      2. From what I understand he was always tipped off when they were going to raid his home. So they were prepared when they came looking for evidence. Chicago protected him.

  6. Can R.Kelly expose everyone else at this point? Not defending him or his actions but the same ppl desperately trying to take the attention off of Weinstein’s trial this week have skeletons of their own & need to be exposed

    Monique was right on how Oprah uses ppl & was never down with the black community unless it was to a benefit for her financially & will be the same one not thinking twice of exploiting more black celebs to protect her white friends

    What does R.Kelly have to lose?

    Also the silence of powerful celebs definitely is the real story & has spoke volumes bc if they were for it they would’ve said something

    1. That interview was weird and I swore he was auditioning for an Emmy with that performance.He def knows his time is up so that was his last plea. IMO He signed his own go to jail card when that video came out with him saying “it’s too late they should of got me 30 years ago I’m too big now”. The elites are showing him def how BIG he is now.

  7. I think he’s going to kill himself the next chance he gets. He looks completely empty and defeated and that interview was weird.

    1. There was a blind insinuating that he was definitely contemplating on committing suicide. I hope he doesn’t, you do the crime, pay the time.

  8. I hope he gets what he deserves if he is guilty and when he serves his time he gets out and has a great comeback.

  9. G can you please tell us about Michael jackson? Did he indeed do that to those little boys? Ugh idk what to believe now. And if theres already an article how do i find it?

  10. G, what will happen to the girlfriends once R Kelly is in prison? Will they return to their families?

  11. What if those two women (and their parents) were agents all along? Not just US agents but British, French, etc? It would be crazy to think they sent him girls to infiltrate a bigger organization but he never made the connection –so they are going to rope him in and monitor who supports him? What if he is a double agent trying to take down the cabal by posing as a polygamist? Like he made tapes and sold them to trace pedo buyers on the underground market?

    IDK i just had a wierd dejavu thought about this whole mess IDK.


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