August 15, 2022

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39 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 3/3/19

    1. Rihanna is just sooooo unbothered! Love her. I don’t know why I mistakenly believed her and Jigga’s wife were cool. Lol. Out the loop for real.

  1. #55 Is that ponytail girl singer and #57 Is definitely Rihanna “shaking things up” fenty, Giselle and Camel at the Oscar after party.

      1. I want to know, too. I thought the truce was real. And, why would Naomi flirt with Drake? Just to piss Rih off? Kind of obvious since Naomi and Drake have been around each other many times and we’ve never heard flirting rumors? Or have you, G?

      2. Naomi is still pissed at Rhisnna. She stole her billionaire arab boyfriend from Naomi.

  2. Yes that Rih and Bey will never get along…EVER!!😂😂 Rih just dgaf and always make Bey feel a way lmao

  3. Rihanna was looking fine as fuck at their party. Can’t even lie. More pictures surfaced of her than of Bey and Jay in their flimsy PJs. Ri Ri shut it down.

    Ariana and Big Sean are meant for each other. They’re two big old hoes who love cheating on their partners. Might as well go for round 2

  4. Why is bey still so intimidated by riri tho ? She can’t help that she’s sexy & a lot of men lust after her. As long as your husband keeps himself in check everything should be good. Chileee imagine if Babygirl was still here she would prolli be pullin her hair out.

    1. If Beyonce was single I’m sure a lot of men would lust after her too. I hope That’s not the reason they don’t get along, seems childish. I think It’s deeper.

      1. Oh she don’t have to be single for them to do it. Bey fine asf too I know millions of men who would kill to be with her. Ijs if I was bey I wouldn’t be intimidated by Rihanna. Idk if it has something to do with her being younger, her relationship wit jay, beys self esteem from jays infidelities, or all of the above. Chileee if I was bey I woulda been got me a side piece. Women can be very sneaky if they wanted to.

  5. Ariana grande waste no time lol


    So why j tell Giselle that rih wasn’t invited😭obviously she still call the shots.

      1. Yes and she looked like her smaller self that’s why I like rih so much give Giselle hell sis.

  6. #55 Ariana Grande
    #56 Naomi/Drake
    #57 Beyonce/Rhianna
    1st time I think I ever figured them ALL out lol.

  7. Damn my bitch Riri ALWAYS shuts shit down. Jay been gone over her since the day he met her and then had sex with her. There’s not a damn thing Bey can do about it. Riri will always be a threat to her as long as she remains open to playn the game…u gon have to deal with it Bey in jacquees voice😂😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. Giselle could not compete with Rih when it comes to fashion and looks. Nobody ever said Bey shut down an event with her outfit/style

  8. 1. Ariana

    The industry is going to ruin Arianna. I’m not really a fan, but I really hope she makes it in the demonic music industry.

    2. No idea

    3. Beyonce/Rihanna. SMH at these two… Lol

  9. So Giselle still hating Rihanna I don’t think it’s still because of her maybe having an affair with her husband because I have seen her socialize with many women who have been possibly link to him sexually😕😕 I think it’s way deeper than that you couple that with the fact that Rihanna is successful and she established herself as a big household name, Giselle just can’t handle that. I feel she wants to be the only one that’s on top😒😒 Oh and she just won’t bow down to her and don’t really care to be her friend😂😂😂

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