August 15, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Word Has It Wednesdays More Blind Sugar Reveals

  1. Jaden Smith is annoying….. as are alot of these 21st Century pseudo celebs….. everybody already knew he was gay just like we know about his mom and dad and theres nothing wrong with it… but the fact is… hes still annoying AF!!!!!

  2. Jayden and Willie are some very wierd anyway…ugh!! Strange kids…off topic but have u ever did a post about excape??? And also are they “down” too? If so when Kandi brother was killed, Todd mom died, Tiny cuzn and dad died…were they sacrificed also??? Wat about TI sister and his i think manager that time??? I’ve been a sugarbaby for some years but got behind so I’ve been trying to play catch up on everything and boy oh boy am i soooo shocked and surprised at everything that u have posted since i hadnt Checked in a while…like I’ve been soooo scared lately looking around my house like “who’s here” 😂😂😂 i have soooo many questions about alot of these celebrities…wat about Gerald Levert was he sacrificed too??? I’ve been thinking about all kinda ppl and trying to figure out if they all down like Master P and them???? Plies…Trick i just wanna kno did all of them “sell out too”🤔 can somebody anybody answer my question and G can you post about them and maybe if they songs and meanings to them please. Sorry so long of a post but I’m at work and keep thinking about all of this!!

    1. I was thinking the same thing about T.I and his sister! I think G said before that she don’t believe Kandi sold her soul.. another person asked that a couple of months ago.

      1. i dont think Kandi sold her soul BUT she did slept her way up.. I guess she was down with the sexin

      2. Oh ok cause she’s very rich and worth ALOT so I was just wondering and hoping she ddnt. But so T.I. sold his soul?? I’m just getting off of work trying to play catch up🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. Will eldest son seem to be the normal one. He looks like he got his shit together and don’t partake in some crazy shit.

    So Jayden is really gay?

  4. I been sitting back with popcorn watching everything G says will happen .. happens .. it’s crazy because people still out here questioning if it’s real

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