September 26, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Industry Parties : Inside The Mansion of A Well Known Celebrity

  1. Patiently waiting for the comments..
    Fred is Floyd
    Dollar bill is 50
    The trio is TLC I think
    Briella is Rhianna I THINK

    Ready for part 2 G

      1. Deeva and Gradeagle it cannot be Keisha Cole & Giselle.. its either T-Boz, Chilli or Left Eye. The story says they were part of a trio singing group.

  2. Yes all of those names sound about right to me lol I’m patiently waiting on part 2 cause if it’s Floyd party YES LAWD i most definitely want the tea ☕️ also waiting on @daradiant to tell some tea if she knows any lol

  3. I knew it fred was floya but that dollar bill kept getting to me by making me think it was ty dolla sign 😂😂😂😂 couldn’t have been

  4. Fred-= Maywearther
    Dollar Bill= 50 cent ( I’m laughing at you G about Cuban)
    Kyla Warm= Kesha Cole

    Who is Kyra?? Is that suppose to be Kyla?? I’m lost there.

  5. @niyama Valencia is giselle it was figured out on an old post, just like Briella is Rhi, in which, she was mentioned in the exact same post. The singing trio as stated was Kyla Warm and Cherry , and another person not disclosed in this particular story.

    1. Dolla Bill is actually P. Diddy because G says “Ain’t no party like a…..”Bad Boy” party Cuz a “Bad Boy” party don’t stop! Now let’s see if that changes some things.

  6. Fred is Floyd.
    Dolla Bill is 50.
    Briella is Rihanna
    Valencia is Beyonce
    Kyla Warm is Keyshia Cole
    Cherri from popular trio is Chilli from TLC

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