October 2, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Ask G The Sugar is in the answers

  1. I think sza is overwhelmed too. “Her voice” is always broken🤷🏾‍♀️

    Speaking of Giselle her face looks like Madonna now and solange looks weird in them new pics

    I was wondering if master p sold out and gave them cmurder for his sacrifice but if he didn’t kudos to him.

    I think Kylie and Travis are good in their lil lane

  2. One piece that’s not making sense to me, is that you said Master P had to pay them to leave him alone. The way Mary explains it, and what I thought you said too is that you either in or not. If you don’t want to be down with the elites and you remain independent and you do your own thing and you just kind of go your own way. I haven’t heard mention of having to pay to not be bothered. Like how would they even put a price on that? Because once you’re in, aren’t you paying with people’s lives, sacrificing human blood and stuff like that? Like what kind of price would they put on that? But I’m more concerned with how now the issue of them having to pay their way out of work. That’s brand new. I mean brand new to me. I should state that. It can’t be brand new if you’re saying it but I’m just a little confused by that.

    There’s also another truth blogger that I watch on YouTube who breaks the stuff down immaculately. The way he explains it is like you’re invited to the mansion party, you get to the party you see some stuff, if you’re down you stay, if not you leave 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m so curious. It’s just crazy that you have to deal with them either way.

    And is Lyor the one that Ariana Grande had the issue with? Because I thought that was the Ken Ehrlich person. I remember somebody asking Nikki why she hadn’t gotten a Grammy and she tweeted that it was because of the same person that Ariana just had the issue with and that she was going to talk about it on Queen radio.

    Sorry for my long-ass response! It seems like I always have so many questions! Lol!

    1. Yes those were some great questions and i always Wanted to kno about Master P and them type people…like Plies and Trick Daddy them

  3. Can you do story on Maia Campbell the in the house chick? I would love to hear your insight on her?

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