October 5, 2022

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56 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 2/23/19

    1. That was the ONLY one I knew! Lol! I really wanna know who that first one is though! Kept trying to figure out what A-lister got a divorce recently. Can’t think of not a’ONE!

    1. If in fact Lala is telling Carmelo to not deal with his daughter that is wrong. I get it isn’t her responsibility and she shouldn’t have to suffer because her husband is a creep. In the end it IS Melo’s child and NOT hers. Maybe she can just tell Melo he can deal with HIS child anytime he wants and if he chooses to bring Kiyan with him, he can. But don’t expect for HER(Lala) to be apart of it. He wants to bring the baby over to their house, no problem, just don’t don’t expect Lala to be there(a girl’s weekend and she will be out of the house). Yes it is a strange arrangement, but what about this situation is normal? But for Carmelo to “go along” with this means he never wanted to be apart of that baby’s life from jump. He pays the girl her child support and he is done. Yeah it sucks, but it is life. You can’t make people do anything they don’t want to and feel no guilt about. These chics(sidepieces/groupies/thots) are going to learn to stop trying to have babies for a come up with men who never saw them as anything as sex. Trying to make a “family” with someone who never liked, loved, or cared about you. Setting your baby up to be in a predestined single parent household. Yea he is responsible, but who is stuck raising a child as a single parent? YOU.

  1. I know the 2nd one is Carmelo and Lala. I think she’s scandalous to tell that man he can have NOTHING to do with that child. The child does not need to suffer because his daddy has loose dick syndrome. And how about interfering with a sibling relationship?! Shit ain’t fair at all. But whatever. He wanted her back and he got her. The baby is better off not having a father who won’t treat him with any respect, anyway. And now the chick who insisted on laying down with another woman’s husband can see the error of her ways and have to explain that to her baby one day. Nobody wins…

    1. Right! Man you said a mouthful, but you know what I’m not surprised. Lala gives me that desperate I need to keep up appearances vibe anyway. She can take the man back all she wants hell that is her husband but to dismiss the child is purely despicable.

      1. He used to treat her like shit. But once she was out and playing like she wasn’t going to stand this (and the new body helped). He came running back. If only she can keep him in his kennel…

  2. 1- ??
    2- la la and melo. That would really be triflin AF if he agreed to that. That baby didn’t ask to be here.
    3- first thought was gayle and oprah

  3. Why would she want him to NOT have anything to do with the child tho? What since does that make? So if he gets with a new chick & she says the same thing about your child how tf would you feel? That’s f’ed up man.

  4. 1. Brad pitt and neri oxman. She just married a billionaire and they have a child in the way.
    2. Melo and lala. That’s messed about not being in his child life.
    3. Gayle and oprah???

      1. Wait.. you actually believed that Stedman was really Oprah’s boo? That man is only seen during award shows when she parades him as her date lmaooo

  5. Somebody better tell LaLa she can’t do that despite Melo did cheat on her and had an outside child. She can get sued for that. Family court laws have come a long way. If that baby gets sick and she told Melo not to have no contact with that child and her mom, LaLa ass can get sued and throw into jail. Pre meditated murder don’t look good on her record. She can make that man not see his child. Child might need some major medical attention and it’s is both the parents responsibility to make sure that child gets it. Child abandonment too. LaLa, don’t be stupid! Karma does come back to get you at anytime.

    1. Melo cashed out his Rockets contract and hand the money over for to Lala control? People wonder why he wont join the Lakers and Bron, but Bron got caught cheating in Dec and thats really why Bron sat out for the whole month of Jan? Lala and Mrs Bryant had beef from way back in the Mamba days and Mr Johnson doesnt want any Kartrash related drama around the team? Ms James doesnt want that Klan around Bron at all? Allegedly.

  6. 1. No idea
    2. Carmelo and Lala Anthony
    3. Obvious one is Gayle and Oprah… But I’m throwing in Sanaa Lathand and Regina Hall, just because they have been sleeping together for a number of years. G did a post, that both get jealous of one another when they are in relationship with men. Another one is Ticia Campbell and that other lady. Forgot her name, she is dark skinned and on some reality shows.in the 90s.

    1. Well LaLa is clearly a shit person! What kind of women, mother would do that to another child? Because your husband is a dog? And he. Will. Do. It. Again!

  7. Wow I can’t believe lala I mean I know it hurts but the kid is innocent and a man who would listen is a straight sucka. Be a man and step up and do your job and coparent with the mother. Just keep your dick to yourself while doin it.

  8. LaLa & Melo LaLa stop have threesomes bringing women into ur bed thinking these men will not stray without u🤦🤦

  9. 1-???
    2 – Lala and Melo, it’s sad Melo won’t be apart of the child life but I’m speaking from experience when I was young not something I’m proud of but I made sure I never conceive cause the only person who is going to end up hurt is me and that child. It’s the side piece fault she knew he was a married man. These side piece is focus on child support not what’s best for the child (my opinion)

    3-Oprah and Gayle

  10. This makes me look at LALA in a completely different light. She is a disgusting human being. Melo clearly saw something in that side chick and LALA is intimidated. I’m sure it’s cheaper to keep her (LALA). U can look at Melo’s eyes and see that he’s unhappy. He looks like he’s in the sunken place. God bless all of these people involved. That innocent child don’t deserve to be fatherless.

  11. Wow lala isnt shit with are bad build self (pre -op) and karma is a mutha…thou that lady might have been wrong it takes two and I bet he will slip again Lala gives me very insecure teas like she knows that woman looks better than her and knows if he interacts with bm #2 they will be messing again

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