October 5, 2022

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26 thoughts on “PR Diaries The Stories We Used To Whisper About On These Pr Streets

      1. off topic, but Jada Pinkett & Gammy (her mom) rock their short cuts, well too. maybe it’s a petite woman thing.

    1. I was wondering if it was that girl Danielle Polanco but it can’t be because she’s worked with B and several others since then.

  1. Jay-Z is for everyone & Giselle goes hard in the paint for him as if she can’t do better

    I like both actresses

    Whew that Culture Club tea. Man these old school artists have the real stories none of these PR stunts everyone is doing for attention these days

  2. Shittttttttttttt……. Been know about Boy George and Jon Moss. Damn Jon was fine back in the day! If y’all look at “It’s A Miracle” video, y’all will see Jon pic flashing in a British flag. Yeah, Jon did get married, but he admitted he was bi-sexual. But his ass was fine! Lawd!

  3. I’m not even Mad @ Faith i probably would have let Pac hit to! Especially if Big was fucking everything anyway.

  4. Off topic question but i wonder why its ok to parade videos and Pictures of Kulture for Offset album, He really is her Handler 🤔

  5. I think the dancer is Danielle Polanco that JayZ slept with. She was Beyonces Co choreographer and in several videos for years and now she is black listed. I still follow her on IG and she is not popping the way she used to be. Damn Shame

    1. I dont think it was Danielle because bey has worked with her many times after crazy in love. I follow her on ig too she’s commented about the fakeness of the industry. I think she didnt sell out and got blacklisted. G can you do a piece on her and aisha francis? They are both phenomenal dancers and true to their craft but seem like they are both blacklisted.

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