August 15, 2022

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60 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Tristan Thompson/ Jordyn Woods/ Khloe Kardashian Situation

  1. It’s either a publicity stunt or they set him up. I don’t believe this for one minute. Kylie and Khloe still follow her, i think only Kim unfollowed. What a coincidence this has happened before the new season of their show starting. I really don’t believe she did anything with That fool.

  2. I don’t believe this was a set up. I think that this is real life and not for TV. The friendships are over for all, and why is kylie do this and embarrass her sister to ratings and to prove to her sister that he’s a cheater

  3. Chile this sound like a straight set up. So you have a writer from a blog there knowingly watching everything. A blog who works closely with the trashdashians. Please like I said this was a set up and Jordyn is the fall guy the token black chick so that Khloe can play victim for sympathy, when the fact of the matter Tristan been dumped her ass for weeks now. Why you think he don’t care because he not with her. She knows it but as a Kardashian you can never get dumped, they do the dumping. Dude played her and that’s why she in her feelings. She wanted a nigga welp looks like she got one. I don’t feel sorry for none of them and I really hope Jordyn can parlay this into a career, but I’m sure they’ll do anything to stop her bag.

  4. If Jordyn gets setup, ohhhh. Its almost like theyre next move is movie called Freed from the Sunken Place – The Escape

  5. I 100%, even without knowing these people personally, believe it was a setup. I just do. It’s something in my gut telling me that this was a setup and that Jordyn was used to bait him.

    I just really hate that now because of it, she’s become the enemy of everybody. I think she has something like 141k comments on her latest post on Instagram where people are going in on her. Nobody deserves that.

    She allowed these people to use her for their gain and now she’s the one that’s going to suffer for it. So maybe she’s being paid a hefty sum for this. But I do not, and will not believe that she actually laid down with Tristan Thompson.

    1. I agree. I mean I can kinda see if she was drunk/ feeling nice a make out to bait him but to let his community dick in her ? Idk I feel she has more sense and class than that.

  6. Alright ima reach buttttt could this be a humiliation/initiation ritual ? You said it was her year maybe this was the sacrifice ? Also, Khloe and Kylie still follow her it just doesn’t make sense.

    1. I had that thought too. Like it was a humiliation ritual for Jordyn set up by Kris and Kylie. Again, may be a reach but there’s definitely more to this story. This was too “easy” of a story. How coincidental they were caught that easy by someone from a known (messy) online blog. 🤔

      1. I feel like that’s the only way this mess makes sense . This is just sooo far fetched nothing really adds up.

      2. Kylie hasn’t unfollow her and neither is Jordyn. I agree I smell a ritual setup. Next step: Dubai

    2. I thought about that too and Jussie maybe he wanted out of his contract with Empire something is sketchy about that too.

  7. Maybe they were both set up. But how stupid. I mean she has been her friend for years and never betrayed her. Didn’t tell about her pregnancy. To let it go for Tristan? Crazy

  8. I dont think this was a set up at all. Why would kylie set her sister up like that if she too has a child. Seeing their posts and their shows sometimes i know infact they both stay away from each ones marital problems. Cmon even when kourt was being cheated on they were at scotts neck. Idk this is true life and i belive that jordy was that fat ugly friend who got a taste of vanity and fame that she probably liked that attention and fell for tristans bullshit. Cause them being famous and rich doesnt stop her from being young and naive. This is sad. I feel for Kylie in all of this. To have a fake friend. Regardless of her being fake with her other friends. Jordy was with kylie through everything in the shadows. Jordy EFFED UP.

    1. But all Kardashians and Jenna did same thing to Trina,Amber, Blac Chyna. This is karma and it served them right.

  9. this whole thing is fake to me.They never had shit to say when he cheated the first couple of times , I can promise you he doesn’t love Khloe at all he just wants to be there for his child. But tbh Jordyn has really came into her own and she’s so pretty so I can see her career going off now if she keeps that whole fam at a distance. She has the connections she better work it !

    1. I agree. After all this….. How tristen is moving….. He truly does NOT love khloe…. He really DONT want her and its very obvious. I totally agree and he JUST DONT CARE….. both of them should of knownnnnnnn THIS WAS BOUND TO HAPPEN. so I feel both of them kinda didn’t care and was FULLY aware of the consequences COME ON NOW!!!!!

  10. Plot twist: what if Tristan played them all and used Jordyn? He obviously doesn’t give a crap about Khloe and wanted out but maybe he wanted to force her to end it and leave him alone and he knew it had to be big for that to happen. They said Travis warned Kylie that Jordyn was jealous and using her. So maybe Tristan played on that and Jordyn became collateral damage?

    1. One thing about Travis he’s a Taurus and we don’t lie when it comes to relationships. We we here are heart on our sleeve! We are loyal to a default. Travis mentioned it, pay attention.

  11. This was a humiliation/ initiation ritual…

    Watch Jordyn blow up now..
    Just like how Kim was humiliated by her sex tape but that put her family on per say…

    Jordan wanted in and this is how she gets in…
    the Karjenners are done (thing the powers that be are tired of that family)… so will do anything to stay relevant, even if it means riding on the coat tails of Jordyn- just like how Paris did when Kim blew up..

  12. Good for Jordyn, get up from underneath Kylie shadow. I don’t know why people are saying “get Tristan up out of here” like that man wanted to be there in the first place. Khloe seems mad clingy and I felt like all she did was guilt trip him into staying for the baby (and the show). Only way to keep a man, is if a man wants to be kept. You cannot convince me that he actually wanted to be with her long term by his behavior. Kartrashians act like they doing Khloe a favor, you’re doing Tristan a bigger one by letting him go be single in peace. And if this is all for a show, they deserve whatever slander they get in the media. Jordyn also needs to stay away from them too, because all they gon do is “try” to ruin her image.

  13. This is a fake story made to look real, they were with bloggers PURPOSELY to have someone “break” the story so its more believable . Jordyn left Kylies but not with all her belongings . This family is a circus and will sacrifice they morals to be in the headlines

  14. I think it’s all for the show this situation is too weird and the timing of it all with their show, it sounds planned for everyone to tune in this season like we all did just to see how Khloe and Tristen cheating scandal went. Jordyn seems like a girl with morals, she has never been thirsty to be in the spotlight she’s very laid back and clearly has a private kife . This don’t even sound like something she would do so it’s very hard for me to believe she’s that type of girl. I would believe that her and Kylie are in a relationship over this.

      1. G said in the last Coming Up post that Khloe suspected him of cheating one of the times with his baby mother Jordy that’s why I asked

  15. I get what you are saying. But when women do that, it makes them look horrible as a person… In other words, a hoe. If that was Kylie’s plan, why not hire someone OR use another girl to set him up… NOT the best friend. And if Jordy went along with this “plan” she is dumb. Even if this was just to generate buzz for their(Kardashian) dying show, it would be dumb to do it. Look who name is being drugged through the mud.

    My guess is that Jordy is a hoe. She gives me that hoe vibe. Plus she hangs with Kylie who also gives me that vibe. Jordy has been jealous of Kylie and saw her chance to risk it all. As for Khloe, it is what it is. You knew Trisitan is giant, low down, dirty, good for nothing, big bird, dog.

  16. So a writer who works for Hollywood unlocked just happen to be conveniently at a house party that Tristan threw and it just so happens khloe wasn’t there I’m not buying it 😏😏

  17. I sent G a video Nov. last year that Jordyn posted on her story. She was just chilling & she has an all seeing eye tattoo on her index finger, throwing up the horns (🤘🏽) & covering one eye. A humiliation ritual isn’t far fetched.

  18. So khloe & her bd not being together wasnt good enough for the family?? , they had to go the extreme in hopes that he’s outta her life “ for good “ ??? Won’t all this affect his relationship with true bc they wanna be being childish?? ( Try to tlk to my bf to see if he’s faithful) type high school shit. Smh ashame Y couldn’t this had been some otha random ig hoe like normal? They be too close to home with their shenanigans 🤦🏾‍♀️

  19. Ok i have one other theory. I believe that Jordyn is a paid friend for Kylie. I have always thought this. But think about it. Jordyn started a go fund me to bury her father. If she is hanging in the circles of this Hollywood kids you would think her family would have money. When you look it up it says they met through jaden smith. I believe he did introduce them so that she could be public with a black girl to make her more likeable like khloe. I also think black chyna and Tyga were hired as well. Of course they probably became friendly. But it’s probably not as deep as we think. That’s why it was nothing for her to do it. If it really happened

  20. Idc if it’s real or not. No fuck that I actually want it to be. They did the same to their black ex friends so oh well. Karma is real and it came back in the form of jordyn.

  21. Stopped falling for the Kardashian’s bait after that horrid story of hostage. Really over them after this scandal. My god, they really love any attention. Good or bad. GO AWAY.

  22. My mind all over the place with this….. For one, I DONT FEEL SORRY FOR NONE OF THEM.


    then NO MATTER if this was a set up ITS FUCKED UP that for one, khloe own blood sister would use her BEST FRIEND as a pawn in this. That’s still betrayal on KYLIE part. So idk how khloe would forgive Kylie but not jordyn. They BOTH would need to be held accountable 100%. Its hard for EVERYONE to believe jordyn would do this but I can also believe envy can push a person to do such shit.
    Jordyn she really basically is FAMILY to them so if they was to have set this whole thing up JUST FOR RATINGS…… then all this shit will backfire n idk how khloe gon bounce back n forgive. Then….. CLEARRRRRRRRLY they never loved jordyn like we thought they did if they would cause WHY WOULD THEY USE HER KNOWING THIS WOULD BE THE OUTCOME????? WHY WOULD THEY BLACK BALL KHLOE LIKE THAT????? They could of used ANYBODDDDDDDDY!!!!!!!! like it’s too much questions!!!!!

  23. But then….. I don’t put NOTHING AT AAAAAAAALL past Mrs KRIS JENNER. Not a damn thaaaaaaaang cause she probably set it up with NONE of her daughters knowing…… We all know Kris is THAAAAAT GRIMY n all about the bag! #Periodt

  24. I have read most of the comments on here, so let me put my 2 cents in and say what I think is going on….”I believe the part where Tristan been looking at Jordyn for a while” look at the way she’s built? 💯% Natural… Did Jordyn know Tristan were interested in her? YES! Does Jordyn wants her own Fame and Money? YES! Does she wants to come off of Kylie shadow? YES! Yes to everything equals, that young girl PLAN all that herself. She knew she had to orchestrated a MAJOR PLAN for her “Come Up”…Tristan was the “Bate” since he was already showing interest in her. The Kardashian/Jenner Clan was the SACRIFICE! ( ur sacrifice has to be something or somebody big) look at all the great female images of the past/history… 1. Cleopatra 2. Nefertiti 3. Samson & Delilah ALL 3 women wanted power and to rule the kingdom so they went after the Great Men, seduced Them and then took them down….Jordyn sacrifice had to be big ( the entire Family) for her Come Up and to show the elites , she is worthy! As far as her sleeping with Tristan, that’s just part of the GAME! Yeah, that girl set that whole thing up! And this could very well be the end of the Kardashian’s…without that reality show, they will no longer rule social media again…

  25. I know Kylie is not ending her friendship with Jordyn also this has really backfired for them cause people are rooting for Jordyn (well at least the black people i see on SM) this is the perfect time for Jordyn to strike while the iron is hot!!!

  26. I agree with this whole post!!! I recently wrote one similar to it- I feel you girl! Feel free to go visit my blog post Dont Be a Jordyn Woods!

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