August 16, 2022

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84 thoughts on “COMING UP The Truth About The Jordyn Woods/Tristan Thompson/ Khloe Kardashian Love Triangle

  1. This has Kris all over it. Show ratings have gone down. How clever of her to use her daughters best friend to get rid of Tristan & have a new storyline to keep the show relevant. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

  2. Cheat on Jordan with khloe, cheat on khloe with Jordan! 😩. I remember u did a Jordan Craig story. I wouldn’t even fuck nor fuck wit Tristan after he ain’t claim my child but was joe for khloes baby. No shade. But still. Ugh, niggas…

    1. But G have already told us that Tristan and Jordy was already broken up before Khloe was in the picture. So did Jordy.

    1. I dont Get it. People want them to go away but ALWAYS fall for their publicity stunts smh. This is what the Kardashian’s do… this is how they stay famous.

      I dont understand people.

      1. I agree 100%! Khlöe needs to slow down. Now peeped this. Remember how they dragging Chyna being stupid about how many men she has been with? Look like Khlöe is the same way. Pot meets Kettle.

      2. I TOTALLY AGREE. cause real talk…. This is FUCKED UP for them to do this to khloe. If her mom n sisters behind this THEY JUST AS WRONG AS TRISTEN N JORDYN #Periodt.

      3. i like the k’s and jenners but don’t be surprised and hurt when stuff happens to y’all and Kylie in my opinion was too nice to jordy. You can’t be too nice and you have to have boundaries no matter how long you known each other. Out of all of them it seems like khloe have the most normal life fr.

      4. Hell, Kylie can’t talk. Look what she did to Tyga. Told Kim and Khlöe and they knew Chyna was besties with Chyna. Again look Kylie. Travis was dating someone and WHOOSH!!! Here comes Kylie. Another Kardashian got Kardashian. And it happened on Black History Month! Damn!

  3. Im screaming! What does that mean for jordyn & kylie cus come on the lovee eachother a lil more than most bffs. So did jordyn & kylie set something up….👀👀👀

  4. If Kris and Kylie was up to this, this might back fire. I know they did it out of love however going this way about it is wrong.

  5. Seee now i know why i am sololy waiting on you to tell the truth! This man been a ain’t shit nigga! She deserves better! Sad she don’t even know it.

    1. Why does she deserve better? She’s done the same thing to other women and even helped her younger sister do it Chyna, or but poor Khloe I guess. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I don’t condone cheating but I love karma!

      1. Exactly, don’t forget Khloe did the same thing to Trina. Karma When it come sometimes come double

  6. I definitely always felt like Kylie and Jordan was Fucking so what happens now lol. I honestly just dont care for this whole situation. Females get cheated on everyday nothing makes Khloe different lol, He probably was tired of her fighting to look like Kim and Kylie 😐

  7. I do not feel sorry for Khloe, her ass kept staying after that man showed her plenty of times who he is … Hell his ass was probably BEEN looking for a way out.

    1. Not only that, with the exception of Lamar isn’t this how she got the majority of her men from friends of her sisters? Oh okay, moving on along! 💅🏽 Come to think of it, it’s how all of them get down. That’s the thing about karma, you never know how or when it’s gonna strike.

  8. Man Khloe just can’t keep a man! I wanted her to have her happily ever after with having the baby and all but oh well i guess not. This finna be some good tea i just kno it and can’t wait!!

  9. So who gonna setup Travis? Kourtney? He know he cheating with strippers and such. Let me hush. But frfr Travis better tread lightly. I wonder how Tyga got out unscathed? This whole thing is a mess. I hope y’all watch the next season.

    1. Because Kylie is not a direct bloodline of the Kardashian Kurse. Mom is a Houghton and He/She Daddy is a Jenner.

  10. I neverrrr comment in here r, but I feel like they tryna drag Jordan the token black girl, so Khloe can play the victim and get sympathy . Tristan never cared enough about Khloe thirsty ass he was in it.for the fame and clout. If he been texting Jordan and shit that mean Kylie knows and Kris knows and they set his coon ass up, but. Now she gotta take the fall. All them of them are in bed together. Only one that don’t know shit is Tristan, but I fear Tristan will tell everything he’s Jamaican and could care less about any of them. G I know you Stan them but fuck them all of them especially Khloe boxed shape ass. I’m rocking with Jordan they love doing that shit to other women, now karma knocking at their door.

    1. Hmmmmmmm…. The battle of the curses shall begin! Had he just stayed with Jordy and the both of them working it out, but then again, she too was cloug chasing her damn self, he might had a very slim chance of having his face. But then again, from reading what G just put up above, Jordy definitely a bullet! I hope and pray that Jordyn Woods didn’t let Tristan shoot up the club and become purse strings number 3. Since Kardashians and Jenner’s work together and nobody wasn’t sacrificed sinced Kim, Kourtney, and Rob’s fine ass daddy left the Earth, it’s that time coming up! April 21st will be here before you know it! They almost had one with Lamar. He definitely dodged a major bullet. Khlöe, chopped the L up and charge it to the game.

  11. Jason is annoying…Tristan seems lame, but he keeps finding women to sleep with somehow… I don’t condone anyone setting up a relationship for failure but if it was a setup, how stupid can Khloe be that her family had to go thru such measures. Kim seems tired of her family’s BS and Kourtney is never with any of their shenanigans .

    1. That’s because these how’s ain’t loyal! All they looking for someone they can secure the bag for the next 18 years. They don’t want to be no parents! Prime example: The Govan Sisters and Chyna, (hell Chyna came out her who mouth and said she didn’t want no kids. Well bitch, you shouldn’t got some kind of birth control.)

  12. Lmfaoooo yo I’m dead. But fr I had a feeling Jason was actually telling the truth and not talking out his ass like usual.
    And I have totally been feeling like they set this up to trap Tristan’s stupid ass since he’s so disgusting and will fuck anything with the resemblance of a pussy.
    Khloe still follows jordyn and commented 2 days prior to the scandal. If I been caught my no good, cheating ass loser of a man texting a bitch I know and sending her money it’s a WRAP. I’m not finna be writing “baby girl” under her pic.
    I’ve said it many many times I’ll say it again, the devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder 😂 can’t wait for the real tea.

  13. You called this shit…. I didn’t think it would happen this early in the year, but you called that this would be her year to be in the news. Maybe this is just the beginning…. I’m focusing more on Jordyn than Tristan. He plays for the Cavs…. 2-3 more terrible seasons and we will know him as “Khloes baby dad”

  14. Wel i hope they set him up. If not oh wel. I’m not mad at Jordan. White privilege at its best. I’m no Kardashian hater i give props but i when they wrong they wrong. Khloe been wrong and Kylie but she is young. White Kylie did the same thing with Kim black friend and khloe defended her. Instead of saying it was wrong. Kim was the only one to say it was wrong. Now black friend does it to white sister. And we should drag Jordan. No she did the exact thing her friend did. Not to mention all the times she told everybody else to leave their man when they did them wrong. But didn’t want anyone to say anything to her about his cheating. And stayed. Plus getting with him while he had a baby on the way. Like it shows the lack of respect for himself. And the way she flaunted it. She is the worst. If khloe was ok with Kylie doing it with Blac Chyna she should be ok with Jordan doing it.

  15. This is a kris jenner production. I dont see why jordy would be allowed set up as a storyline for next season. Waiting for G to come through with the sugar.

  16. Why is it being reported that Jordan And Kylie live together and now she’s moving out … I thought Kylie and Travis bought a home together here recently 🤔🤔

  17. Wheew chile if this was a set up to get rid of Tristan third trimester, I’m gna be ⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️. If it isn’t, then that’s karma bitch bloop 💅🏽

  18. Boyyyyyy im ready for this tea he heeeee!!!!!

    Lmao I can’t lie I wanna see how this play out lol n I agree I feel the family n them is behind this. WHEN THE MEDIA TELLS THE TRUTH THE KARDASH/JENNERS BE MUUUUUUUUTE!!!!! n nobody has denied this AT ALL so as far fetched as it sounds….. I believe this is 1000% FACT.

    1. I just want to know what Tristan going to do when or if he finds out I mean that’s still trues dad but yes they are mute hunty I really wonder what kourt be saying every time a scandal comes out her opinion the only one that matters😭

  19. You know I dont think Kris has ever liked Jordy to me anyway…….. whenever I seen them interact kris to me seems standoffish. She probably didnt like their friendship anyway and she was tired of Tristan butt anyway.. kill 2 birds with 1 stone

  20. Now peeped this. Jordyn already hauled ass out of Kylie’s house. Now where is going to stay: A) Get her own spot, B) Stay with her parents until she gets her own spot or C) Move in with Tristan?

  21. G, you told us I think this month or last month that their ratings were low and that they might be getting canceled. So we expected something, but not this. These people are vultures. And now they’ve sacrificed this girl’s entire reputation so that they can stay on the air. First Bruce, and now Jordyn. People said there was a Kardashian curse. I guess it’s true. They will use anybody to get what they want.

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