October 6, 2022

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32 thoughts on “Season 8 : The Truth Behind The Rise and Fall of Halle Berry

  1. Hey does G have anything on Lolo Jones? Is she as righteous as she claims is she a fraud is she an elite sex kitten? Something is wierd about her and I felt they built her up and deactivated her in the same Olympics?

    1. His nasty ass used to mess with underaged girls too smh. That was revealed on this podcast called “You Must Remember This” and I never looked at him the same. That podcast reveals how trash Hollywood really is.

      1. He was always known as aplayer… he had sex with hundreds of women. I don’t understand what they see in him. maybe he is a smooth talker

      2. I heard he was major player. Slept with hundreds of women. Idk what they see in him. Maybe he was a real smooth talker and talk you out of ur panties

  2. Oh Halle *deep sigh*. Monster’s Ball was terrible. I am mad she got witchy for that trash movie. I don’t care if she got a Oscar for it. It was trash.

  3. Chris denied he hit her and blamed it on Wesley. Eric said he was not a sex addict that was her team that made it up. The rumor is shes horrible in bed and just a pretty face(ask Larenz Tate)
    Dave Justice said shes insecure and nuts, and said something like if shes so perfect why does everyone keep leaving her. I think that was an Essence article or something.

  4. What about Michael Ealy? Rumors about she wanted him to father a baby but not marry-she later got Aubry to do it. Rumors about she is why he doesnt date actressee any more. He said she was crazy.

    1. I want to know how deeply crazy she is..Because she must be a real good actress to not see the craziness in advance..

  5. I believe Halle doesn’t have all her marbles, it’s weird how all of her relationships seem toxic. If the same problem keeps recurring, then YOU are the issue.

  6. I have been waiting on this. But halle must have a strong negative aura around her. If all her relationships ends bad, then it has to be her. Plus, was Wesley doing jujitsu moves on her or something? Why would he kick her like that in the head? It must’ve been a real volatile relationship

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