October 6, 2022

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31 thoughts on “Saturday 2/17 – Hot Takes

      1. A self hating black person, ignorant to the discrimination that black ppl face from white ppl.

  1. Can we get the Boule? My goodness
    From Steve to Jay and this on going hoopla is definitely the best time since they’re both in it. It’s been months, I’m just restless with the same stories over and over. Don’t even say, “WeLl wHy aRe yOu hEr!e?” Move around with that! Lol i asked for it months ago so yes, I’m still waiting that’s why! Steve & Jay both in it…drop the ball🤷

    1. Right I am tired of these same stories. The boule would be an interesting topic a lot of people don’t know about it 👀

      1. She hasn’t given y’all the same stories. And from the look of these posts, y’all are not mentally ready to go there by with the Boulés. No, yall not ready. Steve and Jay are not Boulés. I see right now, none of you are not ready. You are too impatient. Quit being impatient. That is what gets you into trouble. Being impatient. That is why the Boulés are not discussed. You simply cannot jump into that subject like that. Why do you think G is breaking these stories down? To get each of you patiently and mentally prepared. You just can’t jump and put a story out there like that! Those stories will mess y’all up!

    2. I can’t comment back to DaRadiant1 for whatever reason but, my thing is yes it’s basically the same stuff and I was told I’d get it. So, yes I’m impatient and will be. There hasn’t really been BackStories for awhile now. Just trending topics… I’ll just sit back and see though, unsatisfied.

    3. I’m not sure if y’all are new but g said once that some stories have to be looked over by lawyers and some even approved from the peoples who the stories actually about and others who have to approve so she won’t get in trouble and sued so it will take time I understand frustration but right timing is worth the wait.

  2. How ironic TI the chronic cheater is hurt that another man smashed his wife… while he was out cheating!! shake my head! Maybe if you were at home with your wife loving on her she wouldn’t of needed another man’s loving Cheating ass hypocrite

  3. I thought Biggs was doing good something like Emory … it would appear they’re both making moves … don’t Niggs have a deal with Nike and Em got a deal with Puma?

  4. All those white Men standing around with their arms folded while Dame apologied was a dead giveaway…

    Jay-Z holds grudges forever. Let’s be clear

  5. Jay z is a man people need to stay away from. It’s getting serious well always been, reading that about him really made me cringe. he’s so insecure it’s sickening. And if he have to do all this to be in control that means his rivals and enemies still control him. For him to still be on that bs shows who really the men.

    You can tell dame wasn’t hisself that’s why he said even though y’all don’t have the same morals as me😂

    1. Funny you should say that because I actually thought about that the other day watching all of his videos. Tishia Campbell has Sarcoidosis like him and she didn’t pass away soooooo 🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. G, can you shed more light on why Jussie would stage a hate attack?? Like that is fucked up and doesn’t help the black and LGBT community he identify with. What kind of mess is he involved with? I’ve never heard anothing about him, besides being a nice guy and very close to his family. This shit is not making sense and leaving me puzzled?!?!

  7. I like my celebrity tea but I am venturing back into the secret societies…Boule, Masons, OES, Bohemian Grove, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, ect. Interesting and intriguing stuff. Will wait to see what G touches upon.

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