October 5, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Ask G – The Sugar is In The Answers

  1. I don’t want to believe that about Nicki having a clone but on some real shit. It seems like there are 3 different type of Nicki Minaj’s and they do not all look identical. I remember yearsss ago When she first came out she took a picture on her IG with a girl that looked completely identical to her. I was saying to myself I hope they don’t turn this gurl into one of Nicki’s clones and now I believe they did.

  2. My man Wayno used to manage Dave east and then he moved on from him but when he did he was getting work more commercially but you can tell he sold out after he stopped working with him. And his new signee TJ Porter just signed with the devil Lyor Cohen like last week and all I could do was smh

  3. G, were do i go to “ask G”? bc i have question about wat really happened to Shakir Stewart. no one, no blogs, media, nothing… really talked about how or why he died. Pls Can you shed light on the truth about his death G. thanks.

  4. I have never heard a Dave east song. I also don’t see what other females see in him in terms of looks. He not that attractive to me personally but hey if he got initiated maybe he’ll start getting some more shine who knows?

    1. That’s my question too. I literally just watched 3 cloning videos on YouTube the other day. And not one of them answered that question, but they were very insightful. It’s a trip. And I definitely believe that they have it. The video even talked about cloning centers.

  5. I love dave east but i had a feeling he got down…im so sad about that smh please keep looking in to him i cant wait to read what you found

  6. It seems like with each album era Nicki Minaj had she looked different from the previous. The most she ever looked like herself was when the pink print was rolling out and she went more natural around the time her and safaree broke up. If I’m not mistaken completely including at least some of her butt. Maybe that’s why her and him broke up because it was no longer her

  7. I been following Dave before he blew up he def changed it was rumors on another blog him messing with trannys I kind believe it now because he be acting suspect sometimes. I sent him a dm a while ago telling him not to sell out and he said never but I guess that’s out the window 😏

  8. The cloning thing is hard for me to grasp too. I really can’t imagine what’s being done. Where does the real person go? Are they killed? Are they held somewhere?? How does the clone act around real people?? Like I really don’t get it so I try to stay away from that idea.

  9. When it comes to the topic of Men being pressured vs secretly liking Men before fame, I do think there’s a third alternative, and that is the Men who may have not liked Men or didn’t realize there was something there until they got down with the agenda and they realized they did like that type of stuff and just got turned out.

    I see it as similar to Men who engaged in Consensual Sex in Prison. Some of them probably didn’t realize they liked that stuff until they actually experienced it, and they probably would’ve never engaged in that activity if they weren’t in that type of environment. I think the same thing is the case with some of the artists who do get down with Gay Sex behind the scened

  10. My thing with the clones is u would think that they’re wired to be obedient so why would they need to deactivate them & why would the “clone” start lashing out & get black balled.

    Now my theory is maybe they have robots that they make to mimick these ppl. We’ll never know how scientifically advanced the elites really are…plus with all of this robot bs they’ve be pushing on us, it could be just an introduction to what they really got going. Like Sophia the robot is just to see how we gone react.

  11. I get the point you are making by saying men who are pressured into having sex with other men are a “different type of gay” but gay is gay, regardless of the reasons, let’s stop giving ppl passes like it’s ok; and to do it for the money, fame, etc. and not because you want to is even more sick. I’m not judging, I’m just saying let’s call a spade a spade. We have to be start holding people accountable for their actions.

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