October 2, 2022

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60 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 2/14/19

  1. #53 is RHOATL with Nene as the main and Eva as the newbie. I heard Nene started getting lit when she started working on her tv shows in CA.

    #55 is Jay-Z and Foxy Brown. No need to deny, we all know it to be true.

    #56 Faith Evans and Tupac. I’m not 100% but Tupac has been gone at least 23 years so if I remember right without looking anything up.

    1. The Foxy Brown is not permanent a list. At least I didn’t think she was. Maybe I’m wrong. What qualifies as ‘permanent’ A list? Because if Jay-Z is supposed to be the former a list, and they’re calling her permanent, then something is very wrong.

  2. Housewives franchise (Nene Leakes & Eva) , Jay Z and Foxxy Brown, Faith Evans & Tupac. I could be wrong but these names are what came to mind first, so I figured I’d give it a try. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. She lied and said Pac forced her to have sex. She would be canceled! People just need to admit they were a little fast or don’t day anything at all.

    2. Who didn’t wanna sleep with pac? he was a sex symbol .

      But the situation between pac and Big she should’ve knew better. I always knew Pac was telling the truth.

  3. I wasn’t sure who these were this time, but the comments summed it up for me. Wowwwww…I wasn’t thinking about the Housewives franchise. That blew me away.

  4. Eva been in the industry for some time now it’s not far fetched. Especially if she hangs around other “models”. I wonder if she has to hide it from hubby though ? Most likely lol I answered my own question.

    1. You know it was on one the episodes that nene went off about being accused of doing drugs and she clowned . Are they going to sacrifice Greg? And what is going on with TI sister and Jussie Smollett he turned off his comments on instagram 🤔

  5. The biggest rumor ever was that Pac in fact had Faith and she denied it while he was here all the way down till today sticking with her story that Pac lied but she’s not really popping now so I don’t get that part about ppl canceling her out cause Faith isn’t really relevant…

  6. I would say #54 is Jay Z but who is the A list rapper that has reached out to him is where I’m puzzled because I would have said Drake but Jay don’t even like him so I’m lost 🤔

    1. Former A list is Foxy, Permanent is Jay. Jay reached out to make sure she doesn’t say anything and they have the same story. G says don’t be surprised if she comes out with a record soon. As in after all these years he wouldn’t help, now he will to buy her silence.

  7. Last one is definitely Faith and Pac.

    Once I found out Charli and Kim were with Jay, who was a friend of BIG’s, after he died, I kinda felt a way about it. But, I will give them that since they weren’t his Wives, they also didn’t owe him that loyalty even though there was love on both sides.

    Faith, was his wife, though, so while Im not mad at her for stepping out of the relationship (they were separated and if I recall with other people at the time of BIG’s death), revenge screwing Pac is taking it to another level imo considering the nature of the East Coast West Coast War and the fact that it was Pac starting the feud with BIG and Bad Boy that led to Biggie’s death. Obviously she didn’t know that beforehand, but I would never want to revenge cheat with my partner’s biggest enemy at the time.

    It’s not even like Pac was in love with Faith, he really just used her as a pawn to hold something over BIG’s head, which is the unfortunate part about it and makes her look kinda dumb in hindsight.

  8. Okay, so I’m totally confused. I see people saying Jay-Z and Foxy Brown. But if Jay-Z is a former a-lister, then this person that’s permanent a list has to be bigger than him. As far as I know we don’t have any permanent a list female rappers. Unless I’m just not thinking hard enough. But permanent a list means that they’ll be forever poppin, right? We don’t have that. LOL!

    The Housewives I can believe that. Though, it breaks my heart that Nene is doing coke. It doesn’t surprise me about even though. Not at all.

    And I doubt that it’s Tupac and Faith. Because Faith has always flatly denied that there was anything between her and Tupac. And I don’t think that she’s an author, right? What books did she write?

    I can’t wait until someone posts all the real answers. Because I’m completely stumped outside of the housewives one.

    1. Jay-Z is the permanent A+ Lister rapper and Foxy Brown is a former A-Lister rapper. Yeah…. You was definitely confused. 😂😂😂😂😂

      1. And AGAIN … didn’t know she was A-list. And this isn’t news IF it is them. Definitely known enough to not qualify as a “blind item”. But oh well 🤷🏾‍♀️

  9. Faith is not really relevant like that so I don’t think anyone would care if she was cancelled. She was never a mega star to begin with.

    Say it aint so.. Nene Leakes a coke head.. Who would’ve thought?? Like I didn’t think she was so easily pressured. not surprised about Eva

    I dont care about Jay-z and Foxy but I don’t blame Foxy at all to use it for her advantage. If I was Foxy, I would make Jay ask the elites to push her album up without the rituals if you want to keep my mouth shut…

    1. For real.

      Foxy needs to use this situation to her advantage. Even if she doesn’t want to be pushed as an artist anymore, make Jay pay a monthly fee for silence. He and Giselle are worth over a billion together so even asking for 1-2 Million a month doesn’t sound unreasonable compared to what they take in.

      I would definitely have been milking the situation if I were her lol. She was even signed to Def Jam around the same time Jay was President so I always found it weird that she never was pushed the way Kanye, Rihanna, Rick Ross and Jeezy were around the same time given the nature of her relationship with him. I expected her to make a comeback but it never happened.

      1. Girl, I totally agree with you. But we know this that man would have that girl offed for real if she even fix her mouth to tell him to give her more than what he’s probably already giving her.

      2. Jay got them bodysnatchers, 1 – 2 million a month will get you touched. Foxy isnt that big now.

      3. He would most definitely get rid of her! I do feel for her now. They definitely smeared her in the early 2000’s because she wouldn’t participate in the rituals it seems. They almost drove my boo crazy with that shit. I will always respect her for standing her ground.

  10. The only ones I knew for sure was RHOA and FOX with Jay.

    I was even surprised to see Eva smoking cigarettes, but coke too. Yikes! That’s probably why her and Nene was so cool in the beginning.

  11. I would say Nene and Shamari. Eva smokes weed, that why she not breast feeding (but hey, we know models get down w the powder). Shamari’s all over the place attitude makes me believe so, plus Ronnie’s mouth is twisting hard in some of those scenes.

    Jay Z & Foxy

    Didnt knw about Faith. i need to read this excerpt lol

      1. Honestly shamari did come to mind at first but it wouldn’t be a big surprise that’s why I think it’s Eva. Based off of how Eva presents herself no one would guess it’s her, plus her husband is a politician. Shamari is married to an entertainer, cocaine/drugs are right up their alley so no surprise there if that were the case. Just my two cents.

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