October 4, 2022

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17 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Dame Dash Apologizing To Jay-Z, Lyor Cohen, and Others

  1. You could definitely see that “apology” was forced. Dame clearly didn’t want to be there or do it. The best bet for Dame would be to get out the entertainment industry. That way he can speak the truth. Go into a completely different field. That way when he talks on it, they can’t touch him.

    Why is Jay-Z clowning All of us who were high school age when Destiny’s child came out, know that he messed with Beyonce early. We know because we are all close in age to those girls, followed the group(thru good/bad), & heard the stories. Might not have beenknown deep details..but whispers were there.

  2. So Jay Z has that much power… This why 21 Savage is free man now. Last time I seen that Jay Z was hiring him some lawyers . Jay Z (Hov) Jehovah …Wake up!!!!

  3. I knew it was coming…I like Jim Jones and Chrissy on reality tv, but why is jim jones so relevant in the music industry? Does he produce music? Imnnot throwing shade im honestly asking- I like him and Chrissy.

  4. I remember first hearing about Foxy in the 90’s as this young teenage girl that can flow and that she was like 14, 15 years old then in NYC and then next thing i hear her on the radio and mixtapes like crazy and then heard her on LL Cool J I shot ya remix. She was super young then and that was before Jay Z so i know she was underage when i heard rumors they were “dating”.

  5. Cut the heads of the two headed snake. It can be done. By the least unexpected people. Camel and Lurch are slipping.

  6. Everyone in brooklyn knew he was fucking foxy when they came out… They both came out the same time. .. Just like we knew how old he was..

  7. dont get distracted on how he placed the blame on a person who is no longer here to defend themselves (sorry man Aaliyah had me fucked up) as a way to deflect from his own actions! peep the goons in the background they made sure if he tried to say or do anything other than what was agreed upon it would have been his head right then & there

  8. I don’t get how he thought he would be able to move the way he wants while exposing the powers that be. I thought he didn’t care when he was running his mouth. SMH Like G said you gotta give it ALL up. Dame was halfway out but now he realizes it doesn’t work that way.

  9. The way that they had people standing around him when he was giving his “apology” speech is telling. He is a very passionate person and this was far from sincere.

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