September 26, 2022

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34 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Blac Chyna Spilling Tea on Instagram

    1. How does a mother gets tricked into being a mom?? If you didn’t want to carry a child, then she should’ve done her part and take all the precautionary measures to not get pregnant.. No one can “trick” you as you’re responsible for yourself.

      1. Maybe she means tricked in the sense where they promised her they would be a family and would help her out/be there for her and the kids. We see it happen all the time. I can’t speak from experience because I don’t have kids, but this isn’t out of the ordinary.

  1. I was happy to hear her speaking up for herself I mean she may be a hoe but I never thought she was doing all of em just some. Her and Tokyo needs some serious help and hugs. And that lady in the background was irritating me.

  2. But wait as a woman how you getting tricked into having children? You have to stop taking your bc pill, shot , or take your IUD or that arm shit out so tricked how? In the sense that they promised her the world if she had their baby and then turned on her? This makes me sad tho I feel like she needs real guidance and help. I hope she gets it.

  3. I like chyna she seems like a free spirit, down to earth, chill get money type chick. Most people who know her says the same that she’s the sweetest until you provoke her. I hate that she gets a bad name for the ways she makes her money. I used to dance so I know the names you would get called. She came from that built her platform and started making money off of being a well known ex dancer, socialite. I believe she has demons because of her life as a child. Her mother is so toxic. If you’ve never dealt with those demons they stay with you and project onto other problems you run into in life. I hope she gets help soon for her & her kids.

  4. Tyga had mentioned years ago that she had an alcohol problem and that she’s a good mom but has some issues. I think she’s addicted to drugs and alcohol. Now I think it’s much worse. She’s covered because both Rob and Tyga ensure that the Nannies are caring for the kids. Sadly this is a cautionary tale of how everything that glitters ain’t gold. A lot of these IG celebrities make it seem that they are living their best life but behind the scenes their life is a mess. I wish her the best but I feel like she hasn’t hit rock bottom yet and I pray when she does it’s not too late. Many blessings to her and her kids, even her mom.

    1. Tyga should probably refrain from talking about the mother of his son. I’m sure she has her issues…we all have our own set of problems. Hers are just magnified because she’s a public figure.

      He needs to talk about his problem with trannies and young girls. Ughh! Don’t like him at all!

      Hell he’s probably one of the reasons she has a drinking problem, let’s not forget about the stories of him hitting on her when they were together.

      I do agree with you as far as wishing her luck, she needs it along with an intervention and a big hug. It’s clear she wasn’t loved or nurtured properly as a kid hence her current issues.

      I think it’s safe to say we would all have serious issues if we had her mother…sad case all around.

      1. I agree with you. I like Chyna and feel like she gets a bad rap. She’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t! Chyna has a right to live, date, hustle or whatever she wants to do! She is a great dedicated parent. She’s laid quiet while EVERYONE has come for her neck. All the hate and hypocrisy! Just want to see her fall, but praise the Kardashian’s-Jenner’s for the same or worse behavior (yes I said them, because they have paid/promoted turning against her). Celeb or not, many of us would’ve been lashing out. And to have your own birth Mother turn against you after you fully supported her, would’ve been devastating. Many people couldn’t have handled it! They’ve broke down for less!!!

  5. Thank you for giving a run down. I can’t take listening to her like that. I don’t like watching the downfall of a person but i wanted to know what she said. If she is on drugs i hope she gets help

  6. Lots of people are asking “how u get tricked into having a baby??” We don’t know the details so we can’t judge that. If that’s what she said then that’s how she feels. I hope she gets better for herself and those beautiful children.

    1. She went to school while dancing, he didn’t have shit to do with that. She got everything on her own, been!

  7. G Imma keep saying it….. YOU THE FUCKN TRUTH 💯💯💯💯

    I’m starting to feel ALOT of PITY for black chyna cause she is def NOT happy. But she also SIGNED UP FOR THIS LIFE. its her JOB to be n sleep with different men lol but she is currently being CHEWED UP and SPIT OUT by the industry….. She sounds VERY sad and FULL OF REGRET n I’m sincerely CONCERNED for her. N her kids cause WHATEVER HAPPENS TO HER AFFECTS HER KIDS….

  8. N how come out of all the contract girls you told us bout….. WHY CHYNA IS THE MOST USED????? Like ion see NO OTHER CONTRACT GIRL be used as much as CHYNA? is it chyna fault???? Or is this the INDUSTRY PLAN to make chyna look like a SLUT and tarnish her brand?????? I’m curious lol

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