October 4, 2022

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84 thoughts on “Tuesday Hot Takes

  1. I can see Rihanna going out COMPLETELY onTOP! One last smash album. That’s a good move. She has mad, MAD hits and her fashion, makeup is killing. If I idolized a mf’er it would be her.

  2. I’m not even mad at riri go ahead girl while you ahead before they start the bs with you.

    But you said coming? When lol

    1. Ok!!! G do you know when the album is dropping? That will be the real sugar. Lol I dont blame rih for doing one last album then bouncing out music industry. She’s smart to start empire building these last few years. She’s over 30 and G explained how the deactivation process works. She can bow out gracefully but still remain in the spotlight due to her other many business ventures. That rihanna reign wont let up!!!

  3. Cardi will be a beast in the long run bc she got all that emotinal stuff out while she is young. I love that girl! I definitely love that Collin guy she got on her team. He is genius! Her looks are always fab!

    1. I agree she’s still growing and learning! And he is definitely a freakin beast he is definitely ahead of his time and Tokyo on her hair…straight slayed!!💯🙌🏾

    2. You love a women who hate black women. Cardi will not last for 10 years. Because of her is very emotional. Cardi is a fake rapper.

      1. How does she hate Black women? I swear people who are not form New York know nothing about our community. We are nothing like other states. Over here and in the hood she is as Black as the darkest of women. We speak different, diss different….we are just different. Next…trust all she was raised around was black women. In the hood over over (especially the Bronx) there is nothing but dark skinned Dominicans and Blacks (indigenous) from everydamnwhere. Can’t hate when that’s your community and all you know.

  4. G, you are absolutely right about Griselda Blanco’s son. I need for him to lay all the way low. He just put a major bounty over his head.

    1. Yes I thought the same thing while watching the show…I’m like so you can be in America on a reality show, but can’t go back to Colombia? This makes sense how???

  5. … I’m not ready for Rihanna to go but I’ve seen it with Mariah, Whitney and other greats reign. It hurts now even seeing Nickis reign coming to and end like previous greats I had to remind myself it’s history repeating itself. Chaka, Aretha, Whitney, Celine all the greats were at one the biggest starts. Even if they’re not the biggest stars they will always be great. This Rihanna era ending will really hurt me though. I’m really sad but thanks for the heads up.

    1. You are right about history repeating itself I like a few of nicki songs and it is a little sad to actually witness and if it wasn’t for g I wouldn’t have known a lot

    2. Rih Rih will be just fine. And retirement will be good for her. Plus, it’s time for her to settle down and have some kids.

  6. I like Cardi. I enjoy seeing her win and I think she did the right thing deleting social media for a while. Everyone needs a break sometimes. Drake and Arianna? Girrrrrl, spill that tea!! I dont even want to know whats going on im that damn mansion- that man acts a mess! Im sure it will be A LOT! by the way, whats happening with 22 savage? And are we EVER gonna discuss chinese kitty being preggo by cole? Also, is Drake through with music? Is that why he shaded the grammys? Something is brewing there!

    1. I think she is saying that the Ken person has an issue with Drake and Arianna, not that anything is developing between them.

    2. I just talking about Chinese Kitty to my sister yesterday about her pregnancy. But what I want to know is who is this producer that raped her at a party where her homegirl left her there in a room where a bunch of dudes was waiting to pounce on her?

  7. Nicki goes on a rant about the grammy’s and she’s praised, but Cardi needs to stfu and be grateful? Why can’t Nicki stfu and be grateful for her career and contributions she made to female rap? She could have went out like Rihanna, now she’s going out like a sore loser. Playing right into the elites hands of assisinating her character. Like please make it make sense.

    1. She only started saying something after that post from bet cake out though she would’ve never said anything if they didn’t let that unprofessional ass intern do that. She was literally minding her business prolli practing for her tour. Y’all never acknowledge when someone comes for her before y’all bash her I hate that.

      1. Problem is I don’t hate Nicki, so that doesn’t fit y’all narrative. I was taught to look at things objectively and not have blind allegiance to anyone, because at the end of the day I don’t know these damn people lol I actually didn’t like the way BET came for her, but why not drag them on her radio show, instead of the grammy’s? The grammy’s ain’t mention Nicki. My whole point was why go up against the elites, knowing that they will have the final say? All they’re going to do is continue to destroy her character.

      1. @GradEagle Because Nicki knew all of this was coming. Not the BET stunt, but her deactivation. She know her reign was coming, but instead, she wants to be hard headed and not listen. She was Lil Kim replacement. Lil Kim went out gracefully after she got out of jail, so why not Nicki? Nicki, don’t get me wrong, but she is a wonderful rapper that does her thing, but nothing does not stay at the top forever. It’s time to throw in the towel, accept the deactivation, and move on. Look at all she had developed over the years. A clothing line, a couple of records, a couple of mix tapes, and even a Moscato drink. Plus, she done a lil bit of acting. Why not continue with that? She also has a radio show. What more do she want?

      2. Someone on Twitter asked openly what white man did Nicki piss off because she should’ve had a Grammy by now. It was THEN Nicki replied, and that’s the only time and only thing she said about the Grammys. Cardi thought everybody was gonna be happy for her, and while they were prepping themselves to see Nicki fans “bitter” comments, they were sleeping on Travis Scott, Nipsey, etc.. fans ready to go in on her… .

    2. I was trying to figure that out myself until Cardi said what she said about her not being on that level of bringing others down. She said it wasn’t cool about that and for the first time, Cardi took Nicki’s and stood up for Nicki. I was like, “Alright Cardi!”:❤👏 That’s what real women do. And not one time did Nicki said, “Thank you Cardi” ” Good looking out Cardi”.Just nothing!

      1. Right!!! But no is gonna hear that part though…Also, I liked Nicki’s drinks, she should have capitalized on that. Alcohol is big business. Especially wine. She could floss that with her radio show and acting and she’d be good. She could connect with Rihanna and do another perfume (but revamp it because her other perfume stinks)… I just want her and Cardi and whomever else to be great and I also think SOME of the fans fuck stuff up for all of them.

  8. Robyn if this rings true you betta give us something that will hold us over like anti has been doing. 😘

  9. Ariana basically pulled to Cardi what Kanye did to Taylor . She needs to chill out because wasnt she the one who called Mac toxic and got engaged a month later ? Taylor Swift 2 .o

  10. Cardi is soooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying , one minute she’s like fuck the haters they don’t mean shit to me , the next she’s ranting and deleting her ig its like girl do you care or not. I originally felt nicki was ranting cause she was jealous but now I have revisited her radio show and all I hear is sympathy and payola. I’m still waiting for nicki to spill that lyor cohen tea if she’s gonna get froggy she might as well leap and spill it all!!!

    1. Kim did the same thing what Nicki did, payola and sympathy. What’s good for the goose 8s good for the gander. If Nicki spill that sugar on that ugly ass Lurch motherfucker from The Adams Family, get ready to get that black dress from the back of the closet, take it to the cleaners, and get ready to sing,” Going Up Yonder” cause that is exactly what’s going to happen. Oh, and in case y’all saw the halftime show this year at the Super Bowl, my predictions for sacrificing is 69 Tekashi or Nicki. They both dressed and representing like the rainbow of a big pack of Skittles. Why? Both are talking and doing to much. And all those colors they used. Then again, I saw alot of fire and I thought about Chaka Kahn. I hope and pray they don’t get her. Better yet, I just hope and pray it’s none of them and I could be wrong.

  11. I am officially annoyed with Cardi and over it. This girl FINALLY gets a Grammy, then gets on Instagram giving that same tired I worked hard rant. Girl go sit down. Cardi screw the haters! She can’t see she winning and if she can’t neither will I ✌✌.

    I could tell by that post Rhianna posted a week or two ago about her Anti anniversary, that this new album would probably be it. The girl is sick and tired of getting witchy with the elites. I don’t blame her.

  12. I wouldn’t be surprised if Saweetie was seeing someone else Quavo just seem so corny and with a horrible sex game.

  13. I am so confused. I enjoy this blog but if the elites are trying to destroy Nicki and have the ability to stop her from exposing them now all of a sudden she can expose them? Nobody won’t stop her? Then how can ariana deactivate an elite? I’m very confused

    1. STOP!!! You confusing the heck out of me and yourself. 😁😁😁😁😁. Let me help you out. First, like G said the ages have alot to do about your brand. Women age of deactivation is about 35 or 36 in that area, the men 40. Once you have reached that age after the elites done put money towards you and you done made their money back and extra, then send scouts out to find the next young and popular up coming person. Once, they find that person, the deactivation starts. Before all of that, they will call the person in for a meeting and let them know ahead of time that they will be replace. Due to their age and no longer marketable. The record company will no longer put money behind to you . The money that you have made, you will pay for everything that you need for here on out. Like promotion, bodyguards, hair dresser, stylists, etc… That comes out of your pocket. So in Nicki’s case, I hope and pray she stacked up some money. She is like other artists that have been replace by someone who is younger and more marketable, she is responsible for her own stuff. Okay, I answer that question. 😂😂😂😂😂 Second question, Yes, Nicki can run her mouth and tell us everything that goes down behind the scenes. For one, we already know what goes down behind the scenes. That’s for those who are woke, woke like us on this blog. Two, she can tell it, but for those who are sleep sleep, probably won’t believe her. And Third, if she do run her mouth, she already know what the consequences are, so why go that route in the first place? So, the best thing for Nicki to do is, take a bow, thank those who helped her out in the industry, (even tho they are demonic and crooked as the letters in Mississippi) and move on. Third question. Can Ariana deactivate an elite? The answer is no. Unless you are the powers to be or decide to be an unknown marksmen, die of an unnatural cause, have a natural death or fake your death, that is about the only ways you pretty much can be deactivated. I hope I explained it in much detail so you wouldn’t be confused. You had me confused! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. And why did nicki or her team or label keep submitting her songs and albums for Grammy nominations if they’ve done her so bad or said she will never win. Also I’ve been watching cartel crew and thought Michael was nuts. I like cardi I just want her to have thicker skin. Sometimes it can be hard to ignore ppl. I use to be so defensive and felt the need to defend myself all the time. I ignore anyone now but it took time to do so. So I can’t imagine being 26 with millions attacking me and at 26 I could barely allow one person ignore me without wanting to say something or hit them

    1. First question, The elites haven’t forgot what spiral down between Nicki and Miley Cyrus. I don’t Nicki ever apologized for that. But G have posted it on this blog last year. Hit the search bar for it above. Submitting songs in doesn’t stop your deactivation. Like I said before, your age and marketing ability plays a major role in the industry. Like I said before, Michael needs to lay all the way low. Better yet, take him, his baby mama, and there daughter and leave the country. Cardi is still in her twenties. She is still learning and trying to find her way. When she hit 30, a light bulb should hit her. If it don’t, she needs to check that bulb.

  15. I heard that Brad and all of Jen’s other exes were at her bday party. Jennifer Aniston has never been the same since the elites took that man away from her. You can tell the love is still there between those two.

    1. That is why Brad and Jen are soulmates. Yeah, the elites were wrong for interfering with Jen’s relationships especially her and Brad the first time. That what karma gets when you interfere with a soulmate connection. Pairing Brad up with Angie is like pairing up Giselle with Billy Bob Thornton. A Sagittarius man (Brad) with a Gemini woman (Angie). Sag people love their freedom! I don’t know how Angie made Brad her husband after all these years until they divorce is beyond me!

      1. A Sag is a perfect fit for Aquarius…We both love our freedom but yet compatible in so many ways

  16. I’m sad too about Rihanna not making music after this album. I have ALWAYS been a huge Rihanna fan! Her look…her music…she has always been my fave! Knowing how the industry is I just wanna see her get saved. I definitely feel like she was robbed of her awards for Anti, that was one of her best albums! Girl get married and have some babies! There will never be another…there will never be another I’d stan for!

    1. Girrrrrrllll.. Ray J is a Capricorn! Those SeaGoats really like somebody who is like them. The closest Ray J is going to find somebody close to him is a Taurus! Princess is nothing but a Leo. And all Leos want is attention! They are so extroverted, they think the world revolves around them 24/7! I realized that yesterday my ex wanted to talked to me. And yes, he is married, don’t judge me! Anyway, after 18 years, and I just had surgery, we ended things on November last year. Anyway, we were just talking and it dawned on me that he still have feelings for me. She (the wife) on the other hand, just like Princess. An extroverted Leo! Everything has to be her all the time. No wonder she out there sneaking around behind his back. But, the union between Ray J and Princess, I knew wouldn’t last. It’s something about Leos you can feel a bad vibe about them. Especially if they are liars and sneaky. They would do anything to get attention. And at the same time, try to be bossy and think it’s all about them. Run Ray J Run! Pay that child support and give Princess a lump sum of money and RUN!!

      1. Girl bye . You don’t like Leo’s because your boyfriends wife is one. If she’s so bad why is he still with her and not you.

      2. Pause. All Leo’s are NOT the same… Nope. Also, people are more than their “sun sign” and that’s what makes then act however they act. But about Ray J and Princess…I thought they were for show anyway…

  17. hey I’ve been asking about Marsai Martin before her role with Big got announced and now she’s the youngest producer to sign a dela with whoever? Girl I neeeed that tea……

  18. I had a feeling Rih’s next album would be her last. you see how Fenty is boomin’? And her Puma line? i’ve always been a fan of her (we’re both Pisces) as much succes she has outside of music, now would be a great time to get out. I just hope it’s on her terms

  19. I was a fan of Cardi before she blew up but that invasion of privacy album wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be. They rushed her career so damn fast and that’s what I don’t like. They rely on her personality more than her pen game, and because people resonate with it so much, she turned into this big success. they only did that to get Nicki out the picture. lmao rap really ain’t the same no more. people eat shit up without realizing who they’re making famous

    1. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

      I couldn’t of said this any better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I said the same about Michael, I’m like why did he say okay he must be really hurting for money. I think maybe he thinks with him being in the lime light more eyes on him but that’s not necessarily better. I hope he lives but i know how that life is smh

  21. I was thinking the same thing bout Griselda Blanco son being on the reality show being that i WATCH THE SHOW. I was like YOOOOOO…. He really on TV like thaaaaat?????

    He should of just let his wifey do that n he stay behind cameras….. Lord have mercy on his soul….. HE KNOW BETTER THAN THAT!!!!!

    1. He and his family need to moved to another country and lie really low. He don’t need to be seen after all he went thru. He is Griselda’s only living child too. Lord, please cover Michael and his family with your blood. Protect them and guide them please God. In your name we pray, Amen. 🙏

  22. I watched the show, and I was scared for Blanco’s son when I saw him on there. I guess he has to go that hard to prove he has gone straight… He better be careful with what he says.

  23. Do you think Cardi is supposed to become like the new generation JLo? I mean J Lo did do the Motown Tribute during the Grammy Ritual.

  24. Do you think that Cardi is being groomed to be the next J Lo? Sort of like Jenny from the block type thing, as well as being weaponized to deactivate Nicki?

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