October 4, 2022

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34 thoughts on “More Hot Takes Grammy Edition

      1. Giselle album ummm we gone see how she do because when/if she flop she’s done. And I’m done with them their concert wasn’t it for me either we got short shitted and khaled wasn’t there.

      2. Yea, it was like three songs tops that I liked and still only listened to one! Everybody was like oh we needed this for the culture, spare me! 🗑

    1. i completely forgot they had a album out. What was the name of it?? I mean, I don’t listen to none of their music and I didn’t remember any hype off so called album

      1. I liked it too, it wasn’t my favorite, but it had a nice vibe. I do feel like they should have done this album before now, because I definitely wasn’t hype when I heard it was a joint album, especially so late in their careers.

  1. I never even heard that they were going to exam MJ’s body or about this movie. I don’t Michael Jackson’s legacy can never be killed among black people, maybe amongst the cauliflower … and congratulations Carters 👏🏽! That category “Best “Urban” Contemporary Album” is a fluke anyway, only to be given to black artists, so they don’t have to give them “Album of the Year”…

    1. Right!!! I thought the Awards were fair until the end of the night with album of the year I just knew Drake, or Cardi or H.E.R would win and when that white girl won I was done. That’s just like when they snubbed India Aire in 2002 & Ashanti in 2003 when we all know Ashanti had an AMAZING debit in 2002 and record breaking year only to be snubbed by Norah Jones, like where the fuck Norah at NOW????? And who listens to that album now? We all listen to Ashanti still. They play her shit at baseball games and football ball games you can catch, I know cause the Indians always play “Only U” instrumental in between innings at the games. Norah I haven’t heard from her since she got her grammy.

  2. Disgusted by them trying to do that to MJ.

    Taylor come out the closet boo, and it’s ok that Selena don’t want you. There is someone out there for you.

  3. I wasn’t suprised they won, but it was not deserved. They dont even need the award. Its more evidence that the award means nothing. Also, maybe Drake is retoring now and thats why he isnt apologizing for his speech. Travis looked like he was in his feelings (awe)

    1. Travis looked like he was about to cry. I think he felt that he was going to win because he has those Kardashian’s backing him. But I don’t even think he came in third place. I saw something we’re actually it was Mac Miller that came in first, then cardi that came in second, then I think Travis 3rd and I think Pusha T was actually last.

  4. With all respect why should black people care?. He bleached his skin to be white had children with some fat white woman. How is this black peoples problem when he didn’t like blacks? What a joke. There is no outrage let his white children worry about that..

  5. G, i feel like they are about to do Nicki so dirty Lord😔
    I’m so scared for Nicki cause she been spilling some major ish lately

  6. I’m going to need a little more of an explanation on the Lady Gaga situation. Because your friend Mary with the YouTube channel made it very clear that Lady Gaga was in thick with the elites. But last night she thanked God over and over. And I know that that doesn’t sound like such a big deal, but Mary’s also said in her videos that when they’re in deep they refrain from thanking God at all. They thank everybody but.

    So I’m wondering how it is that she gave a big fuck you to the industry if she’s not in a position to do so without putting herself at risk of Def.

    1. Same I was about to ask , when was gaga even out? I thought she was down with all that weird shit her videos and songs were weird as fuck .

    2. Yes she thanked God sweetie but..their “God” Goat Lucy as G would say & our God are two totally different Gods..She was thanking the their “God” below not the one above..if you get my sis..

      1. I just learned about this not too long ago! Now thinking back to all the celebs thanking “God” in their speech trips me out. Now I know who they were thanking for their BOUGHT AND SOLD trophies/win. Pfft.

  7. Not related, but you said Drake would need to make a public apology but all he said was “too real for TV” or Atleast I saw that on IG. Is that an even bigger fuck you to the elites ? I’m nervous for him.

  8. I was surprised by that win for the Carters. But hey when get witchy with elites, they will reward you something.

    Don’t get me started on the JLo Motown tribute. Mya would have been great. And I also asked where was Mrs Carter when you needed her.

    They need to leave Michael alone. He was proven innocent. Better yet, let them exhume the body. Look stupid when DNA doesn’t match. Then CHARGE them for placing the body back after.

  9. Is Taylor bi/lesbian? I’ve heard these rumors, but nothing have really come out about her besides he say she say. She seem so pressed to be with a guy to prove people wrong. Her recent album supposedly a success number wise, but not like the one before it. Sucks her dude is already cheating on her. SMH.

    The Carter’s album was not good at all. Apeshit was the only good song. Though not surprised the won something.

    Let MJ RIP! Why are they ways dragging this man’s name. It’s disgusting.

  10. I’ll never let anyone tarnish the image of Michael I have in my mind. I will continue to love and support that man’s legacy forever. My children’s children will sing his songs and know what a kind and loving person he was. To exhume his corpse is FUCKING DISGUSTING. LET THAT MAN REST IN PEACE!

    Dude really cheated on Taylor already? I was hoping she found a good one for once. 😞

  11. Y r they coming for Michael again?? They killed him so y keep doing this, I’m a supporter && always will b

    1. Money $$ and to tarnish his legacy as they do every legendary black person. They will pay someone to say the dna is a match then everyone and they mama will come out with a civil suit against his estate.

  12. Whoever put JLO on a Motown Tribute needs their asses bitched slap! For a Puerto Rican to come up there on that stage and did that, she needs her ass beat!

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