October 4, 2022

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50 thoughts on “Hot Takes Grammy’s Edition

  1. Offset is giving me Bobby Brown vibes where he couldnt let Whitney get all of her shine. I thought it was ridiculous that he went on stage with her. And plus that birth video??? Is his label telling him to use her

    1. Yelp I believe it’s a contract kind of thing. I never seen him look so thirsty. He literally made her take him on stage by grabbing her hand. He kept jumping in her pictures and shit. He looked real pathetic. U notice no one was there from QC side was there (at least I didn’t see em). Pee did say it was messed up the Migos didn’t get nominated so he sent offset to “tend to his wife”


      N I still fear for cardi B I have the STRONGEST feeling when this all ends for cardi IT WILL BE ALL BADDDDDDDDD……

  2. I knew Chris sent those flowers hell he said he would 😂 I look forward to the Instagram beef once offset run his mouth haha

  3. Cardi and Offset kissing look nasty and stink. Bet he know how to suck some good D. 🙄

    it sucks and it’s sad but you can’t expect a pity Grammy because your family member passed away.

    Also pusha’s album didn’t make as much noise as that diss track so idk why he think he would win.

      1. Did y’all see that video on his page talking about the tick tok app. He said him and cardi was having a rap battle to see whose the better rapper. I thought to myself this is some jealous shit. He said you already know who gone take it home. Cardi can’t be that goofy to see he not rocking with her 100 percent.

  4. I was so disappointed to see Cardi with OffOff (intentional spelling😂) because he is whack. However, I do realize that she is young and I hope she gets rid of his ass before it’s too late 😳 the way he double dips….
    What were Lauren and Eniko about to box about? I got money on Lauren if it ever came down to it.😂😂😂

  5. Eniko lied and said they were not arguing. But in the clip you can clearly see head bopping and little Kevin doesn’t want the nipsy slap.

  6. It’s fucked up how they doing Nicki… damn congratulations to Cardi tho.. she might have to do a sacrifice soon I hope she don’t not her parents family siblings or daughter I rather her do the rituals smh ( I hate to have said that) but taking ppl life is wrong.. all this shit is wrong but is you gonna do it, sacrifice yourself.

  7. I have a question ..those 2 sisters are Gisselle’s singers. Them handing the award to Cardi was a deactivation of Nicki? Instead of Giselle handing Cardi the award, they substituted the coronation with the girls under Gisselle?

  8. We don’t say shut your piehole in Toronto 😂. We say “nize it” or “nize your beak” in terms of black people

  9. Eniko Hart & Lauren London get to it ??? Pleaseeee describe what “get to it “ is lol i need more tea on that one hunny

  10. Not sure why Pusha felt robbed….. yes his album was good but…. 1) there was the controversy about his album cover…. and 2) Cardi’s album sold/streamed/downloaded over 2 million plus…. as well she was extremely more popular ….she’s the industry IT Girl…. it made sense for her to win…. Grammy’s are typically based on popularity and who will draw ratings…..and again CONGRATS TO CARDI B!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Naw she said they were actually having a great convo. It didn’t even look like they were from what I saw. Idk why everybody else thought that either.

  12. But why Eniko & Lauren were bout to scrap tho? So what is the deal with Lori Harvey (beta sex kitten) or what? 🤷🏽‍♀️

  13. I’m hollering! Chris said in his post last week that he was going to send offset’s girl flowers to let her know he respects her. But to do Tom Petty?! Priceless! She’s a dummy from way back!

  14. To be honest i think all the picks for album of the year were whack. Why wasn’t scorpion on there? Pusha literally got clout off drake so i really can’t understand why he feels robbed. As for travis yeah i can see why he felt that way his album did good as far as sales. As far as banger for banger? He felt short. I think they honestly made it out so Cardi could be the obvious choice but the person who was really robbed was Mac Miller

  15. I think with Cardi winning the grammy it just solidified the grannys as a joke! Yes she may have a nice personality and all… but real hip hop / rap fans recognize talent…and she aint it. She just doesnt have the skill….hopefully shell get better over time but she cant go toe to toe with nicki. Also….all these ppl who are cheering her on do know theyre sending her straight into the devils gate.
    I havent seen what rituals they have her doing bt the symbolism is there….if i remember correctly i had read somewhere about what a seashell signifying that they are watching your every move or somethjng like that. But anyways….its almost as if theire giving all these things to Cardi to bring her up so she can get a taste of what fame and fortune can be….do you think they will blindsight her into sacrificing somebody? Because how can they give her all this and the goat Lucy not getting anything back?

  16. WHO DF IS TOM PETTY THO???? I DIDNT THINK HE WAS A REAL PERSON I legit thought someone was just being….. Petty 😂😂😂😂

  17. Speaking of fights, I saw someone on my Twitter feed who works backstage at most of the big award shows say a fight broke out at the Grammys last night. She never posted any updates. Yall know anything? LOL

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