October 3, 2022

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69 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beyonce, MIchael B Jordan and Jay-z Photo/Meeting

  1. Hmmm….I think Jay would broker some nice roles for Michael, but I hate that he is pimping out his wife to do it.

  2. The fact that this man uses his wife as a high class escort to land deals, shows you what he can do for your career… Which is 💩💩💩. Michael, honey. stick with the company you with and do you.

    1. I think she’s ok with it, remember the line in the song upgrade you?

      *when you’re in a them big meetings for the mills, it takes me just to compliment the bill*

      Sounds to me like she’s ok with being pimped as long as they are cashing in

    1. That’s my question. Some of the stuff I’m just unclear on. Like I asked yesterday if she’s supposed to be this wiccan stuff and all into Witchcraft, and can supposedly shape-shift (which I don’t believe), then how is it that she’s under anybody’s rule?! Either they’re not explaining it clearly enough, I just don’t get it, or it’s legit doesn’t make sense.

      1. Believe it. You will be amazed what kind of scientific stuff goes behind the scenes. I can give you an example. Eye color. I was born with dark brown eyes. I change my dark brown eyes to four different colors. Mind you I was born with dark brown eyes. I can change my eyes to a light brown, and of coarse dark brown. I change my eyes to gray eyes and red eyes. I don’t need surgery to change my eye color nor need a scientist to do so. You can alter anything on your body if you want to. It’s called Biokinetics. In this case, Folks in the industry alters their deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA thru scientist. Me? Meditation. I can change my eye color, my skin changes colors, my hair change colors. Plus, I can regrow back my organs. To me, what them folks are doing is risky to the human body. But, what I’m doing is safe.

    2. I think bc he’s in so good w the elites. Wether he’s deactivated or not, he’s cashing in a lot off money, he pays homage, & he do what they tell him to. Going against him wouldn’t be good for her- despite the records she sell.

    1. This makes me think about the Upgrade You lyrics when she says:
      When you’re in them big meetings, for the mills (that’s a good look). It take me just to compliment the deals (that’s a good look).

      1. I saw a video breakdown on the lyrics. She’s a high level escort and all high level business men use their trophy wives as candy to sweeten the deal. That’s why I get pissed when she hates on Rihanna and any other woman doing “business” with Jay.

    1. Jay want Wrecka Stow’s aka Prince entire catalog. Wrecka already gave Jay some music to put on Tidal, but Jay wanted to be greedy. So, he pimps out Giselle. Giselle goes and wear a purple dress to meet Wrecka. Wrecka already know what time it is before the meeting or dinner gets started. After the meeting, Wrecka sent Giselle right back to her husband. Nope, Wrecka did not sleep with Giselle. I don’t know what Jay was thinking, but how you going to send your wife over to a man who been in the industry since 1978 and got more experience and game than you? Wrecka also can get any woman he wants around the globe. What it all boils down to Jay and Giselle wanting Wrecka’s entire vault of unreleased work to be in their hands, to claim they wrote his songs, which it won’t be true. All of Wrecka’s work is copywrite, trademark, and patented. It would be impossible for them to do anything to his music. At one point, Jay did got a hold of his music. Remember last year alot of music came out on Tidal and the Estate gave Jay 24 hours to return Wrecka’s music back over? Jay and Giselle thought they had hit the jackpot. The only songs that Wrecka release to Jay was the ones that Wrecka picked out himself to release on Tidal. Jay can’t out shit the shitter. The shitter out shitted Jay and Giselle three times over.

  3. If Giselle sleeps with MBJ, Is it going to go public? If not, I dont get what MBJ not liking black women has to do with J using Giselle to get in in the MBJ action.

      1. That’s what I am hollering over here. Why would this make sense to regular folks? –That believe in moral/ethical guidelines??? All me know sey is mi nuh dey pon why dem dey pon. And wisdom is the key so be knowledgeable and aware. And you don’t have to take it all in. You can be a bottom bitch and a witch lmfao; she making bread for her pimp.

        1Peter 5:8

    1. I was searching the comments waiting for someone to say it. She has been looking very off to me lately. Very….Something in the milk ain’t clean. smh

  4. For the new people who are just joining the blog…(And the comment section). please look back and start reading from the beginning of the blog. G has explained every celebrity’s part they play in this crazy industry. The questions you’re asking, she has already answered. You have to start from the beginning, then you will understand exactly what she’s taking about when she post her captions! No disrespect or anything, but just stating facts! Enjoy!

    1. I was just about to say this, you can tell who is new.. She has already went in details on alot of the questions that are being asked.. Start from the beginning and enjoy the ride.

    1. Guess what? He lost that round with Prince. Read my response back up top. I have explained in great detail of what Prince did to Jay and Giselle. Jay knows better that shit don’t work with Prince.

  5. Michael b Jordan has already worked with them. Family Feud video. He’s already huge and considered A list. A lot of people who’s parties they’ve came too said they’re cool down to earth people. Ed Sheeran was one of them.

  6. In Beyonce’s song…”Upgrade You”… there was this line that Beyonce sung…”Take Me Just To Compliment The Deal”……

    So there you have it 😁

    1. Like I said before she couldn’t sweetened that deal with Prince. I know she felt real stupid when he sent her ass right back to Jay.

  7. Ok. Ik I’m off topic, but what’s up with Gaga?? She’s acting strange and saying cryptic stuff at the Grammys.. she also looks different..

  8. I knew something was up. Look at him he doesn’t even know how to act around blk ppl. He looks so unnatural with it.

  9. This shit is getting annoying. STICK TO MUSIC I don’t want Jay and Giselle dirty asses screwing up theater. And while we’re on it take Lupita back to Africa

    1. She is. You haven’t been up here long. Start from the very beginning. Then you see how this story ties into the industry. Everything that G post is tied into the industry. No matter it’s singing, dancing, or acting, it’s still tied to the industry.

  10. I wouldn’t be surprise if Michael B Jordan rejects it and stays with his white agent. Also Beyonce is not his type. He doesn’t like thick girls or weave. He likes skinny white or Latina girls.

    1. But he might accept because they are at the top of the food chain and he’s trying to go from zebra to lion and to do that you got to go through bey and jay

  11. That’s my exact feelings about those 2 they always go after rising stars. To use them as their pawns. You can tell she has no problem getting pass around , she likes the attention people give her.

  12. I kept seeing the pictures and videos from the rocnation brunch and couldn’t wait to hear about all the tea. Was Rihanna there, because I saw one picture of her, but couldn’t see if it was real or not?

    1. Entertainment period: sports, actors/ actress, rappers, singers etc…not just “A” listers but all whose part of that world.

      1. The elites are who owns the programs (executives and more) entertainment is on. Example: television, Instagram, Facebook, movies etc. if you have time please look at old post on this blog everything is there.


    N I LOVE IT!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂

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