September 26, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Ask G The Sugar Is In The Answers

  1. Nooo, how did I miss asking the sugar session? Sigh I’m still learning the blog. I wanted to find out more about the Kevin Hart hotel room cheating scandal – was that real? And is Cardi & Offset a real relationship or was that set up as well?

    1. She posted about Cardi and offset relationship before. You might have to go back a few months on the blog too read about it.

  2. I’m breathless and speechless! Lawd! So much information and education here! When were you taking questions?! I had written some down. I guess I just need to know when those times come so that I can present mine. But there was a lot here! So you’re saying when they’re worth of certain dollar amount that Elites don’t want them? Do they need them to be at a lower amount so that the dangling of the carrot can be more influential for them?

    And I have a question about this whole Grammy nomination for cardi B. Nicki was nominated I think 10 times and never won, so that they always have something against her? Did they just use her for the time being to repin some milk? And if so, what was their issue with her from the beginning? Because if Giselle had some kind of stay so with the whole Grammy situation, weren’t her and Nicki cool at a point?

  3. Oh! My bad. And if Giselle and her mom both practice witchcraft, then how is it that she doesn’t use that against the elites or her husband? Witchcraft is pretty powerful, right?

  4. My question was never answered on IG. How can ariana deactivate a producer from the Grammys when the Grammys are ran by the elites or close to the elites? That’s confusing

  5. Let’s talk about how jay went on a campaign to stop all these artist from performing at the super bowl and then to have Beyoncé artist perform. Like people forget they are signed to Beyoncé. Shows me they don’t really care. Because they are benefiting from the performance

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