September 26, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Word Has It Wednesday’s

  1. Victoria how about divorce the man and let him be. Don’t end being one of the many women that have a health scare just because you want to keep a hoe. Let that walking suicidal STD magnet go.

  2. I’m low key heart broken to hear that David beckam is succccch a douche….. Cheating n fuckn on his wife 💔💔💔💔

    I’ve had a crush on him as long as I can remember smmfh…..

  3. Seems like she’s one of those celebs who hates not being some “power couple” like jay and Bey or Gabbi and Dwayne are. Everyone of them has a cheating husband but they’d rather be disrespected then appreciated all in the name of being a “power couple”

  4. IMO, she’s the bigger star in that relationship right now. The kids aren’t babies and she’s a staple in the fashion industry…let him be single since he wants to live single. Irreconcilable differences and bounce.

  5. I’ve loved VB since her Spice Girls days and only started to like David after they got married. I’m crushed for her but you need to realise your self worth boo and let 👏🏾that👏🏾man👏🏾 go 👏🏾. You can’t keep a man that doesn’t want to be kept. Victoria has been that bitch and still is so she’s got nothing to loose really 🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. She better tap into that girl power! Lol all that posh spice fierness. She dont need him……he is fine af though lol

  7. A lot of these celebs are always cheating because they get put together by the elites so they were never really in love with their partner.. David Beckham aint never love Victoria..She just winded up getting knocked up while dating and at the peak of both careers and had to marry her to save image. She came from a high society family…So i am not surprised that he stay cheating on her at all..

  8. Victoria could publicly ruin him if she wants, the thing is she will never do that cause she needs him, her fashion line doesn’t make any money and david always has to bill her out, she needs him that’s why she doesn’t divorce

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