August 16, 2022

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58 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 2/6/19

    1. I think one is Future and 2 I believe is Cardi she was just talking about how she spends 300,000 a month on bills

  1. I don’t think 51 is Cardi…I think Octagon is Offset bc the IG page said the Migos sugar was on the blog… I think the last one is Sophie…I hate that bc I actually like her & Scott more than him & Kourtney anyway…

  2. So many RAPPERS done had babies so idk who the first could be!!!!! Of course I automatically thought CARDI N OFFSET but….. I really DONT think it’s them…..

      1. I think drake wouldve gotten a paternity test before claimimg thay baby. Its travis scott cause that baby is the asian security guards baby. Lol

  3. #50 Could be Offset by the code name but also Future since we know Joie had the baby not to long ago.

    #51 Is definitely Cardi. In a now deleted IG Story (beforeit expired), she was talking about how rappers take care of so many people and how she pays 45% in taxes. All I’ll say is she needs a better financial set up with her having her checks come to a corporation and she’s the employee, along with these family members.

  4. 50 feels like Future. He recently had that kid with Joie. 51 is Cardi because of that IG rant she made listing over $300,000 in expenses and for whom. 52: Sofia and Scott. Remember the trip with Kourt recently.

  5. #50- Octagon means 8 Future just had baby #6 & 1 other is possibly his and who knows way other kids comin out that dick

    #51 I just went on bossip and Apparently Cardi recently discussed wat it’s like paying 300k in bills, that and remember she showed her w/ds n payments for cars…I always thought why she tryna prove she got $

  6. First one is offset I think because of the Code Name. 2nd one is Cardi cause she posted a vid talking about money and said she takes care of her family and this and that. I guess the last one is Scott and sophia and kourtney, it makes sense.

  7. 1) Drake had a paternity test – the only other A lister (I can think of) who just had a baby is FUTURE… so his moms think Joie us suspect 🤔

    2) Is Definitely CARDI … I mean “YOUNG CAREER” already a millionaire… making her label tons of Coin … carrying the whole family – got em on payroll… ummm what other clues do you need?
    She’s always been about her **family** TAKING **CARE* of her Family….

    3) Scott, Kourt & the toddler I mean preteen no wait teenager….

    Giggling and logging off! 😂🤣😭

  8. 50.I wonder why his mom doesn’t think she’s his…ummm that prediction of on it said something like this a min ago.


    52. Has to be kourt Scott and Sophia. Scott seems mature with Sophia. They gone be back together under our noses.

      1. Thank you because I’m so lost! It’s fun to try and figure it out but after awhile, it makes my head

    1. Ikr i feel the same way. Lol i read them all n immediately go to the comments like when you went straight to the back of the math book for the answers; shit i ain’t lazy I’m stumped lmao

  9. I heard this awhile back that Cardi B was spending more than what was coming in. She better be careful rich people go broke too.

  10. #1: Travis Scott (I don’t think it’s his baby either 🤷🏾‍♀️)
    #2: Cardi B
    #3: Sofia Richie, Scott & Kourt

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