October 4, 2022

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57 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Gabby and Dwayne Wade’s New Baby

  1. I had a feeling this was going to be the case. This is sick if it’s true. Gab needs to just move on from him if it’s true. She doesn’t seem that maternal, it’s like she treats Kaavia as a prop to make silly posts abt. Not much is heartfelt. And she posts too much abt her.

    1. That may come from her being her miracle baby even if it was via surrogate. She’s just happy to finally have a baby w/ her husband. I don’t see her posts as props. That’s your opinion though don’t take this as me gettin smart or anything just dialogue. ❤️

      1. I agree with you I love her posts about shady baby super cute. I wasn’t much of a Ms. Union fan before & after she became a Wade I Always got a vibe from her as being mean spirited. I saw an interview where she admitted to being a mean girl and sought therapy for it and She came across genuinely happy & I have personally liked her ever since. I’m happy she became a mother🙏

    2. Now that she “A Mother” she should feel some type of sympathy towards Sio. You are raising Sio’s boys with Wade and now, there is a strong possibility you are raising someone’s else child with Wade? Talk about a painful and slowly heartache.

      1. Yes, and she definitely do keep Cai’s hair up. I love the videos that all three of them post on the girls. Especially where Can and Cadence had on Exlax’s heels and purses inside the store. Girl, Cai was strutting her walk! 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. They seemed really awkward and uncomfortable when Oprah interviewed them regarding the process and baby…

  3. If true, that’s huge. I mean, i know marriage vows say through the good and bad, but at this rate she’s gonna have a lot of “surrogate babies”! Sis need to get some dignity, and put her foot down. Why is her womb polluted? STD’s??

    1. Her womb is toxic cause she has had too many abortions in the past. You can’t get many abortions cause throws the body off physically and spiritually.

      1. That’s not true, i have family members who have had numerous abortions and are still able to get pregnant and have healthy pregnancies

      2. I have seen that work both ways…I know a person that had multiple abortions and later in life have several miscarriages (and cancer) but I also know someone who’s had several abortions and healthy babies (and cancer).

    2. She said she was on birth control for too long to get her period to be regular or something. And when she finally got off it was really hard to get pregnant. She was also raped before but idk if that has anything to do w/ it.

      1. Yes, I thought she stated a while ago that she a great deal of fertility issues due to her extremely brutal rape. I feel that women who haven’t had children by 35 are judged so harshly (i.e. Nicki, Gab), but the reality is that everyone can’t have children or may want to wait for the right time for them or have careers. People use surrogates all of the time now. It’s given hope to those who can’t have children physically. I’m happy for them!💗

  4. Oooh G! This tea too much! Say it ain’t so. Another break baby?!?
    Welp! This is the life she wanted so bad she stole it from siohvaughnn no sympathy here

  5. I hope this isn’t rumor because that would be disgusting for people to be passing this along. But if this is a cheat baby and they paid off the baby’s bio mom for this child, I just can’t believe that Gabrielle doesn’t feel she deserves better than this. Like, for real. Not only is he cheating, he’s doing it with nothing on his dick and that’s just WRONG.

    And IF it IS a break baby, why are the blogs slacking? Where’s THAT tea if there’s tea to be sipped? Maybe there ain’t any. Just sayin’.

    1. I said the same thing! Celebrities do the dumbest things. I divorced my husband when I found out he was cheating. Trust is the foundation of a marriage. I’d rather sleep alone then to wonder if he is out cheating. I refuse to loose sleep over any man. That’s just me.

  6. If that is the case I don’t see how Gabrielle isn’t completely disgusted by his actions! Like how dare you? You know I can’t produce children naturally and I so badly want to and I want to have them with you! And you instead go smashing anything with a pulse and just producing all willy nilly with these women you dont give a damn about and they give a damn about you they only care about your money! Giving these women the one thing I want most with you AS YOUR WIFE and that’s a kid! That would be total shade in my book! She must be addicted to the limelight and having that “black love” marriage persona similar to how jay and bey were until the elevator lol smh

  7. I really really hope this isn’t true because she’s had so many people crying & stuff over her story. And when I heard she was finally getting her baby I cried my damn self. Cause I was so hurt just as a woman that she wanted a baby so bad but couldn’t have one. And their are so many women who can have them w/ no problem who take motherhood for granted and use children as props.

  8. This isn’t confirmed. why put out something to be true when you’re not sure? . That’s Gabby baby. She acknowledges her unlike the break baby

  9. I Mean the baby looks all Wade no Gabrielle. I think she is his beard anyway so this dont seem far from the truth, he probably found a woman who wanted to be his woman and not his Brother. Gabrielle is the obvious aggressorr. But congrats to both 🤷🏾‍♀️

  10. You should’ve wrote as a title « what I heard on the street » or something like that instead of « the truth » because it make it seems as this can be very true . And these are very serious allegations and if it’s true that’s really fucked up but I find it hard to believe honestly

  11. I wouldn’t accept this one as gospel. There are all kinds of rumors out there and the problem is Dwayne is a known cheater who cheated with someone he was familiar with and had a baby on Gab. Now you end up with this kind of rumor.

  12. She sold her womb like many *stars*. V. Fox and K. Moore had to go to many ceremonies to get her womb back and having that child nearly killed her.

  13. Wow! But “womb polluted”… That sounds like something my grandmother would have said 😂😂. And YES I know sometimes we do things to our bodies that can cause problems down the road. Idk about a “polluted womb” maybe Gabby, like many women, can’t legitimately carry a child. Either way, IF this kid is by ANOTHER side chic, Gabby need to take the baby and bounce. This is just sad and ridiculous, how Wade continues to cheat.

  14. I hope this is not true. She has had enough hurt in her life with the brutal rape, miscarriages, etc. She has a lot of wounds that need to be healed. I hope he is not continuing adding to her pain. I’m happy that she is so happy about her little one no matter what the back story may be.

  15. I always wonder how broken a woman must be to stay with a serial cheater that obviously doesn’t wear protection. Money isn’t everything and beauty fades. I hope she loves herself enough to heal.

  16. I think she is psychologically blocked from trauma and it affected her eggs spiritually so now none are viable so she did what she had to do idk.

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