September 26, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Season 8 – The Truth Behind The Beef Between Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron

  1. I understand both, if you reject a paper why I can not take it but if I’m going to divorce my partner and I openly tell him that he can go for anyone but her and I find out that later they leave, for me it is disrespectful as much as we are not. So I understand Angelina the same thing happened to me when I finished with my partner. Even though I do not like either of them, I read a post from G that said that Charlize forced one of her children to dress as a woman for situation and things so I stay with Angelina even though she will also have her

    1. But Angelina lets her daughter dress up as a boy to this day from day one. So actually, they’re both allowing the same thing, allowing their kids to cross dress

      1. forcing and allowing are two different things though. allowing a kid to dress how they want is fine but forcing a little boy to wear little girl clothing is a problem.

    1. Angelina allows her daughter to dress like a boy, same thing ( black or white) they’re letting their kids to cross dress

  2. Seems like Angelina is a bit obsessed too, but I dont really understand Charlize… Who dresses their son like a girl? She’s been doing that since he was born so it’s not like he had a choice. Very weird

      1. Angelina explained in an interview that her daughter told her that she wanted to dress like her twin brother or twin (I do not know what they are) because she felt like him, which I more or less understand but Charlize’s I have not heard about that topic never

  3. who the heck thinks angie&charlize look a like?? Lol I heard quite a gew stories of how charlize is not that nice of a person

  4. I don’t like Charlize ass… ever since she started parading her adopted son like a fucking show dog. On top of rumors her and Sean use to abuse her oldest son…. she can disappear✌🏽

  5. Does Angelina even have friends?? She always seems like she has no female friends.
    As for Charlize, I cannot stand that witch at all but she didn’t really do anything wrong in this case. But I am leaning on Angelina on this one. If she doesn’t want you to get with Charlize, Brad, you should listen. But he is lonely and probably fucking her anyways. He is a Sag. They don’t listen.
    I’m mad that Brad and Charlize are even dating cuz i really do not like her. he needs a sista in his life.

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