October 5, 2022

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52 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2/2/19 Iman and Teyana, Rita and The Beckhams, Elites Still after Nicki

      1. Doing what tho? I have no idea what she does..All I hear about is her sexual exploits with folks in the industry

    1. Not the daddy to that girl who he went & fucked behind T’s back after the 3some. She says she’s 🤰🏽 by Iman

  1. I always thought Iman and Teyana relationship was a little different, only because I didn’t think T was into guys. She has always been masculine. Iman seem intimidated by her, I have always got that vibe from him, Maybe his ego and pride keeps him cheating on her outside of their freakiness.

  2. Is Rita still getting sponsored by Jay Z?? Cuz J & David’s bag deflee can hav a bitch living right!! @ncaseudidntknow

    1. Rita signed the NDA, collected millions from Jay, got freed from her contract, hooked up with gigs that she would’ve NEVER gotten and moved the hell on to her NEXT benefactor, David Beckham. You know she’s one of the reasons Victoria said forget a reunion tour!

      Rita’s super shady self stays on next level ventures!

  3. What the hell is wrong with Rita Ora?! She needs jesus smh.
    I really did like Teyana & Iman, all good things must come to an end in this industry

  4. These “Hot Takes” be off the chain 😂.

    Rita Ora is a slore(slut+ whore). This applies to ANY heffa that screws both father and son… Smh.

    Honestly, Iman and Teyanna aren’t fooling anyone. That rant Iman gave was the cherry on top that there is trouble in paradise. And that weak apology just added a pretty bow on the top. Also I figured he screwed that girl.

    I figured that is why Jay didn’t want to do that documentary.

    Not surprised Robert knows all the pedo secrets in the industry. Most pedos, run in the same circles. They are like a pack of wolves.

    I need Wendy to leave Kevin.

      1. Great question- I was gna ask this too 🤔 A part of me believes he is cause Cole isn’t as straight or as woke as he tries to make out

  5. That must be how the elites does it. Pattern your replacement after you and then have that replacement do something you haven’t done and then you’re completely deactivated smh Nicki should’ve listened

    Of course r Kelly knows all the pedos he probably was the one rounding up girls for them that’s why he was so protected up until recently!

    Marla how is your baby daddy the president (sadly) and you yachting? Thats gotta be those rich men trying to smash so they can laugh in Donnie face telling him I smashed your baby mama haha oh f****** well haha

    What did Hailey say about Chris? Did she call him a n***** or was just judging him like Justin ain’t had his wild moments his damn self and STILL wanna smash Selena even as a married man? Gonna go with the first one.

  6. Rita is on another level, fucking everything who moves just to get the $$, the fact tha both father and son ducked the same person is kinda of crazy, plus I can understand fucking david (hes hot as fuck), but Brooklyn? Let’s be honest he doesn’t look that good lol

    Nicki is trying too hard, if the elites want to deactivate you they will no matter what you do, she should’ve left her place to cardi and move to acting.

    I feel like Hailey and Justin wont last more than a year of marriage I’m sorry they cute but idk

    1. I said the same thing about Brooklyn tbh lol I had to google him to see cause I thought he was still underage but he’s 19 and he did not get his daddy good looks haha he don’t even look like Victoria to me either 👀 he looks like one of those quiet boys from high school that never got any attention from females and hung out in the library or computer lab haha

    2. Brooklyn is a handsome young man who just hasn’t grown into his manly looks yet. One look at him and you can tell he is young… but i understand why one wants to drop their panties for the daddy…that man is fine as hell.. But David and Victoria needs to hang it up..

  7. I can’t with Rita. what’s wrong with her? She is hooked that man David should have looked pass that. She thought the son was as good as his dad.

    Damn the stuff with jay z don’t get no better, he tried so hard for an image and stuff still can come out lol

    If Wendy quit the show who doesn’t get paid “Kevin”?

    Nicki. a hard head makes a soft ass

    Teyana and Iman are annoying what’s the sugar on her mom?

  8. G Nicki Minaj still got her Queen radio. What’s going to happen to that after the Grammy awards. I know Cardi going to win. Nicki will be in anger Bird movie this year. So I think she will try to do more movies.

  9. They did this on purpose not letting Nicki ever win a Grammy when she clearly should have. This way to make it easier for everyone to say or Cardi got a Grammy and she didn’t and doing it in such a short time.

  10. I hope that Cardi knows what she’s doing allowing them to use her as Nicki’s replacement. Cardi is a very emotional being and the stuff that she responds to shows that she isn’t equipped with the thick skin she needs. She seems easy to destroy, so I really hope she thought all of this stuff through, even though now it seems to late to stop whatever is in motion. She said herself she never wanted or expected the fame at the level that it came, so I hope her circle is tight. Real tight.

    Nicki should’ve listened to you about the movies. She would be out of dodge by now and not feeling the wrath that’s being placed on her. As a performing arts student, it makes sense that she’d expand her brand that way. Should’ve listened. Sometimes people just need to listen, and with your background, I don’t know why she would’ve discounted you anyway.

    As far as Kevin and Wendy, another blogger that has a YouTube channel had a conversation with someone that’s close to the situation. I listened to the call she had with the woman (who has a baby by a guy DeMark…who Sharita also messes with) and she talked about how Kevin thinks that dude is Sharita’s cousin, and how Sharita has funded this man’s whole lifestyle with money Kevin gave her. The blogger was going to expose more but then came back and said that she was backing off b/c Kevin is no joke and that she wants her family safe. Didn’t say what it meant, but apparently, I guess he found out about the interview and was issuing threats that for some reason she feels the need to take seriously.

  11. Rita fcking Ora just reeks of desperation- like have some respect for yourself and Victoria should just leave David, yeah he’s the father of your kids and blah blah but its just not worth the continuous embarrassment and heartache. There will always be other women

    Iman is corny as fck. I always found their relationship odd, she gave off way more masculine energy than he did and he always seemed like he was a lil scared of her 👀

  12. I’m not watching the grammy’s- the show has bee a joke for years…ever since the artist stopped dressing up and starting coming in clown costumes..I’m not a NM fan, but the industry has been force feeding us CB since that Bodak trash…Rita is scandalous… TT has been a lot less feminine lately…maybe she’s sick of men..

    1. You ain’t never lied about them trying to force-feed us cardi! When that stripper song came out, I couldn’t even listen to the radio! I remember one day going in Target to get something and it was on when I get out the car, came out of Target and it was on again on the same channel!

      They have been force-feeding her down our throats since she came out! Now that song Money, I like that. But that’s about it. Never bought a single, never bought a CD. Will not be buying either. But I wish her success.

      And I agree with what you said about the Grammys and them dressing up in costumes. It’s a circus.

  13. I knew the Iman and Teyana situation was bad when Vh1 randomly did a marathon of their family reality show..

    Somebody’s PR team is trying to do damage control 👀

  14. Cardi only getting a grammy because she or as some may know allegedly he is pushing the NOW agenda. Nicki was never allegedly born said to be born male so winning a grammy makes sheeple believe thats what you got to do to win Prizes because you so down they give you something that if you notice lots of people keep them in a box in a basement smh the proud funky ones keep them everywhere

  15. Everything Cardi accompanied thus far has been script, packaged, and forced. Hard to respect her “accomplishments” when they haven’t been earned.

    If Nicki wasn’t going to take G’s advice, which was LIT 🔥 as hail…then she should have taken notes from Beyonce and Mariah Carey on how to curve your deactivation and live honey!! Beyonce still hasn’t been deactivated and Rihanna been crowned 👑

    Iman signed a real bad gig. That’s crazy if his baby isn’t his. Shame on any woman bringing babies in world raised on lies that can completely destroy their child or children short term and long term. Not cool man!!

    Side note…..how long Kylie going to wait until we find out who her real baby da…nevermind (trifling).

    Rita just nasty 🤢 and whole disgrace.

    1. Listen regarding Kylie…how about Never! Her mama still won’t tell who Khole’s real daddy is, sooooooo don’t hold your breath! lol

  16. So y’all don’t respect Cardi’s accomplishments but respect Nicki’s when they were pawns in the same agenda and used for the same purpose? That sounds kinda biased to me.

    Really there’s nothing to respect about either one’s mainstream accomplishments. They both sold their soul for worldly fame and riches.

    I will give Nicki credit that shes a solid rapper. I’ll also give Cardi the credit that she built her initial couple of million fans organically just off her personality, because that in of itself is a goldmine. But both of them sold out and willingly allowed themselves to be pawns just to sell records if we want to be honest.

  17. I honestly feel like Kelz got paid from that tv shit kmsl EVERYBODY quiet. It’s crazy how media manipulates the emotions and daily conversations 😂😂😂😂 we are completely controlled

  18. Yawnnnnnn I’m so over this nicki shit I wish they get off her dick. Like ok them deactivating her isn’t “personal” but ig since her fan base is so big it’s harder for them to take her out w/o a fight. It seems like they are working overtime for this one little woman. My thing is why does her legacy have to be ruined and she has to be bashed on her way out ? They don’t do that to Mariah or bey etc. it just seems so personal to me idk 😐.

    What the hell did hailey say about Chris 🤨

    Wow so that’s not his baby but he definitely still beat smh.

  19. Maybe they’re goin so hard on nicki cause she’s not goin down w/o a fight. She’s not gettin out fast enough for them. She’s going out swinging. She won’t just gracefully take a bow. 🤔 idk I’m answering my own questions lol I’ll go now. 😓

  20. They blowing her up really big and they will pop her sooner or later after the deactivation of Nicki.

    They always do that. Blow them up huge in a short amount of time then POP!

    Can you touch on Normani ?

  21. Nicki actually has acting chops..She could do really well as an actress. I think she needs to do like Eve, snag a billionaire and chill…

  22. Wow I hope Wendy is ready to walk through this storm because she has talked about so many ppl. Karma is real

  23. I figured that was why no celebrities wasn’t saying anything cause anybody whoswsmart would know that a pedo knows the other pedo’s because I’m quite sure he’s partied with them so, they being quite…

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