September 26, 2022

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62 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2/1/19

  1. I found Niki’s new vid disturbing…I actually feel sorry for Kim she seems like a great girl and like she really just wants to be a good wife but that asshole won’t let her be great I hope she gets out

    1. She’s fuckin disgusting and the worst part is David might now say anything to his son. Cause he’d have to admit he was cheating to his son.

  2. I liked the video it was a nicki Minaj video and I like the way she went about dropping it but everyone is entitled to their opinion

    Drake is trash we know he’s a typical Scorpio male they never take responsibility for their actions

    Cardi writing will be interesting to say the least

    1. Wheeeewwww listen! I’m currently with a Scorpio male and they sure don’t take accountability for a damn thing!

    1. Me too!! And if nothing else i hope she gets the chance to let him hit cause she has been stalkin drizzy hard

  3. It was reported in the UK news papers that Rita Ora was/is seeing Brooklyn and Victoria Beckham is fuming about it and is trying to get him away from her. Their was even a blurry picture of them in a restaurant together. What is wrong with Rita Ora??? Anyway, thanks G, you are always on point!

  4. I had to look and see who Demetria O was because I was thinking of the female rapper Drizzy! Once I saw her then I finally realized you was talking about Drake!!! I love the way I confuse myself! 🤣🤣🤣

  5. I actually like the video. Not surprising about Kim and Kanye but why keep having kids? Thanks for dropping tea. Enjoying the site!

    1. I predicted she would have another with him then leave because they had one more embryo left and she can’t carry anymore herself. She’s trying to avoid a Sophia Vergara kinda fight over embryos and I think just like Kourtney she has the mindset that it’s easier to have one dad for her kids. I give her another year then she’s out. She’s gonna marry a wealthy businessman next go round.

  6. I follow J Wow and used to follow Roger. I’m a huge fan of the show. I saw alm that shit go down on IG and couldn’t believe it. I always thought Roger was a good dude with a sense of humor and assumed Jenni was a bitch betwell she acts like it. If you have any more insights on this, spillllllll G. I was hela curious watching it all go down.

  7. The video was good to me it kinda plays off the ganja burn video which i like also

    Cardi writing is a joke to me thank you but next

    1. It’s her voice that does it for me. For some reason my ears just aren’t into it no matter the beat/lyrics.

    2. You can’t just say the video is whack and keep it pushing, only reason I came back to the blog was to see what you thought was whack about it and there’s nothing else?

      She has way too much hate and ppl trying to bring her down! This was a very well thought out video. Hearing the director talk about it is so dope! So much subs and visuals mixed in with the bars and verses. All you can say is the video was whack and keep it pushing? Your delivery is whats whack! Everyone is entitled to what they want to feel! But if we paying to hear what you have to say atleast elaborate and dont just sound like a hater!

      1. A hater?? Whew Chile you know G is like one of Nicki’s biggest fans and supporters. A hater she is not. That woman has been supporting Nicki when the industry was going against her. She just said she didn’t like the video.

  8. I like Kim with Kanye…he just needs to fall back, be quiet, and put his family first…maybe she will sacrifice him…

  9. Cardi wrote Money by herself. The songwriting credits are only her and the producer for making the beat.

    Money doesnt sound any different than the songs where she has a million writers, and she has some songs on her mixtapes where shes the only credited writer, so that alone tells me there wont be a noticeable difference in the quality of the music.

    As long as her production is as good as IOP she will be fine.

    1. same here, but Roger’s captions and comments be out of pocket sometimes. to me, those were red flags but never expected all of this would happen

  10. That Nicki video was so witchy. They weren’t even hiding it. She clearly showed where she and Drake stand.
    If Drake doesn’t want to be cool with his porn STAR baby mama, she needs to let it go. They were never friends from jump(according to them both).Just collect the checks and co parent(however that works). This is why you don’t have kids with strangers.
    Oh Roger… No words.
    Looks like Kim will be getting rid of Kanye soon lol.
    I hope that newscaster knows what she is doing attempting to get involved with Drake.
    Too much ☕ ☕ this morning lol.

  11. Im not surprised at all that MTV knew about Jwow and Roger anything to make money i mean look what was done to britney 🤦🏾‍♀️ Drake is the one with the most to lose he shoulda used protection and made sure sophie was on birth control instead of making assumptions. Dont have a baby or marry someone you dont know and also I’m sure he told sophie what she wanted to hear sometimes being charming gets you into trouble (trust me I’m a charming southern belle) 😉

  12. The newscaster is gorgeous ‼️ And i know Drake will have to come correct because she seems highly intelligent but they look like they will make a good couple.

  13. So if Kanye is running through Kim’s and the Kardashian’s money, does he have any of his own?! The more kids they have the money one of them has to pay the other.

    Will Cardi B doing porn mess up her image???

  14. I wish Nicki would just evolve and leave the shots alone. Just do the music and stop trying to make a statement with the subs. She’s bringing too much attention away from her talent with that shit. I’m a fan of hers and always will be, but she’s gotta stop giving people ammo. Just stop and do the music. According to Mary, she’s being deactivated anyway, so she should just make the most of her time. I GET IT! She knows that her “replacement” is not as good as her and that’s facts. But that “replacement” has the support of the people that once had Nicki’s back. The fight is over. So at this point she needs to be making lemonade and showing what she’s made of. I just have a problem with how Atlantic went about this all and Remy should too. Because I’m sure she was made promises that they didn’t keep. She came and did the dirty work with Shether, only for Cardi to get the reward. But whatever.

    When I saw the video on TMZ with Roger pushing JWow on the floor, I knew that wasn’t the first of the abuse. Sickening that MTV knew about it, but so not shocked. Shit is crazy what people do for fame and money.

    And if Kim is smart like Kourtney, she’ll just leave! TF! Kids and all. Kourtney did it after all the shit that Scott put her through. That part I don’t get. Because you mentioned before that for Kanye to “Get out” he needed to have Kim leave the industry, or him leave her. If she wants to leave, won’t that free them both? I swear to find sense in all this “elites” stuff that gets pushed but then come the contradictions that don’t add up.

    1. I don’t think Kim wants out. She loves herself and money too much, I thought was J of Kylie getting all the attention. Kim prob more upset he’s costing the fam. 💸💸💸💸

  15. I don’t like the video for the song. The beat is nice and hood, was expecting something else. I do not think Demetria should date him, idk her past or men she’s dated but if Drake will be her first celeb I can only see her turning into an industry pass around from here. Of course Cardi will have a porn star in her video, seem like YouTube gonna be the new porn hub since they allow breast out in videos on there now. But they got the nerve to delete videos that spread truth.

  16. Man, I love Nicki and was very very excited for the Hard White video but it really was trash. 😢
    I found it to be so dark too. Is she trying to get back in good with the elites or what? That song had so much potential too.

  17. Nicki’s new video is FULL of symbolism, and very telling.. If you think it’s trash, you’re level of consciousness isn’t that high 🤦🏽

  18. Nicki video look like it’s full rituals ….I’m sure ones she was made to do when she missing early last year. She telling it in the song and video. She had to work hard to get hard back.

    G talk to your Illuminati connect and see if they can give us video break down. Please and thanks 😘😘😘

  19. I appreciate this blog, as it exposes the strategy and tactics of the kingdom of darkness. God has different plans for Nicki Minaj. Hollywood is under judgment, and much more is going to be exposed. While Nicki Minaj is being squeezed, she will not be defeated. The kingdom of darkness has all kinds of plans for every human. However, God Himself intervenes and causes us to triumph. Nicki Minaj will be on her Harriet Tubman vibe today. She will be helping many bounce out of poverty. The thing that was meant for her bad, God is turning around for her good, so that many people will be saved (Genesis 50:20)

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