September 26, 2022

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77 thoughts on “Hot Takes Tuesday

    1. Yep. Everything about the story sounds planned. What bigots you know can tell the difference between one black person and another? Let alone knows the specific characters on all black shows. I hope they find and punish the mastermind. 😡

      1. LOL RIGHT!!!!!!!! I was saying before that part came out that they probably just thought he was a regular person. Then it came out that they knew who he was. That does not make sense to me there has to be something else going on there. But allegedly there were death threats coming into the Fox Chicago office against him previously

      2. Rigggght, and what Celeb on a hit show is ALLOWED to be alone in a random city going to Subway by himself….

    2. I said the same thing after reading it. How did they get his address to send a threat to his residence then act on it a week later? It seems convenient that he was just casually out at 2 am. Its pretty extreme to douse him with bleach, put a rope around his neck and beat him up yet he looked a lot better than I expected him to look in that FT screen cap with Lee Daniels. How convenient that Lee posted that up. How many lynchers in the past have doused blacks with bleach before beating them up? Someone commented on IG that it sounds like a story line straight out of Empire.

      1. The letter was sent to the studio. And remember, he came straight off of the plane and went to get food. He posted that he he’d just landed on social media. Another story I saw floating around was he was in VIP at a gay club, acting uppity, and he was flirting with someone, and the bf of that guy, & his friends, followed Jussie outside & beat him up, & the story HE gave was fed to him by his team to cover up what really happened. Time will tell though, & I know G will give us the real story

    3. agree 1. your by yourself 2in the morning 2. subway? and while all this is happen no body from”subway” came forward there’s always at least two ppl in the store at all times and i know subway have carnitas…. 3. They just happen to show up the same time you did know you’ll be at subway they followed him?? idk but glad he’s ok

  1. I figured something was fishy about Jussie attack because ALL celebs are coming out the woodworks with “support”

    Drake/Cardi I’m annoyed already at the Nicki hate comments that are about to happen

    Poor Serena they just won’t let her be great/happy

  2. How could this Jussie thing NOT be planned. My IG feed is filled with celebs posting his pic. That’s how I KNOW that wasn’t organic. They made sure to throw that MAGA bit in to continue the race/political war. 🙄

      1. The same thing crossed my mind!!!! G please keep us updated with any whispers you hear on this whole subject. I really love Jussie, but I don’t want to be crying over it if it’s all fucking fake. I seriously don’t know what to even believe anymore. Everything is a damn lie.This is America.

  3. Oh wow. Now I want to know who set Jussie up!! He was stuck on a flight for 7 hours so they had opportunity to know exactly where he would be.

      1. Thats what I wanna know. I wonder if he was making too many moves and not resporting it, just he got a lot of money, O know he must have a handle too.

  4. Soon as I read what happened to Jessie I instantly thought somebody set him up SMH that’s sad and hurtful that happen to him

  5. OMGGGGGGG G!!!!!!

    After reading the articles MULTIPLE times about Jussie….. THE MORE I FELT IT WAS DEFFFFFF A SET UP!!!!!! Like the whole story is NO DOUBT fishy and NOOOOOOOOOO ONE IS LOOKING OR ASKING WHO THE ATTACKERS ARE????!?

  6. Damn how Chris ran through all that money

    Im here for a Drake and Cardi song

    I have a feeling my husband MBJ will sacrifice his mom especially since she’s already sick

    I always felt there was something off about Serena and her husband 🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. I wonder though if it counts sacrificing someone that is already sick?

      Serena and Alexis something is definitely weird with them. I have been waiting for something … ANYTHING about them to come out. It was like single single single oh we were dating and now getting married and expecting.

  7. @Chris Tucker Are we to assume his brand was deactivated or he was done with Hollywood? John Witherspoon said he’s christian which is why he didn’t want to do Fridays anymore

    @Jussie’s situation seemed so fake – that explains it. But who did he piss off? Or how did he piss someone off?

    @JLo would be a fool of she reconnects with Puff. But then again I don’t know who would be more evil her or him. Why does Puff keep reaching for his exes it seems desperate at best 🤦

    Congrats to Cassie!

    I hope they don’t have Serena’s husband cheating on her.

    G, is it safe to assume Lil Rell sacrificed Kevin Barnett. It seems so obvious to me but no one (youtubers) seem to be jumping on it 🤷

    1. Omg, I think Lil Rel did it too. You can tell he really is trying to blow up and for this guy to be his friend, he really is not showing any grief at all. I follow him on social media. And I know Lil Rel’s family, he cant sacrifice them because they are devout Christians. His uncle is a prominent pastor in Chicago where I’m from. So when I saw what happended, I thought of G. He sacrificed his friend for a ritual. He only made about one post about Kevin with no emotion.

      1. I agree that the death does not make sense especially with how he was just fine. I was surprised the family did the autopsy in Mexico and not bring his body back. But I don’t think that he needs to show his grief on social media. I have lost people and never posted it on social media or openly expressed my grief to other everyone deals with it differently. Not saying he didn’t sacrifice him but yeah

    2. Kevin Barnett’s passing is hella fishy and your right no one is talking about it. But YouTube just banned all “conspiracy theories” oddly enough. No one wants their page to get shut down

  8. Yea Jussie sounded real suspicious. I’m here in Chicago and it’s freezing over pretty bad. I doubt anyone is out here beating people. The whole manga hat thing sounded weird too. We got racist but not like that not saying it’s not possible just suspect

  9. I knew it, I even dm’ed it to you… Jussie was set up when I read it I was like wait hold on, I know I’m not buggin… I just read about Empire ratings being extremely low and Star.. and that fox may not renew the shows for next season… that’s fucked up..

  10. I think for years Diddy was trying to groom Cassie into JLo…IMO Cassie even started to look like this does not surprise me…I wouldn’t be surprised if Lee Daniels set Jussie up- one of his show’s biggest stars got a Hollywood Star and now another is racially/homophobically attacked… Drake is annoying- hopefully Nicki quits the industry before they ruin her legacy…Cardi still can’t rap to me but it is what it is maybe some of these up and coming dolls or IG models will turn their hate towards her if Nicki leaves.

  11. I KNEW something fishy was with the Jussie story!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if Lee Daniels sorry ass had something to do with it!!!
    🤔👀 Floyd and Serena and her husband
    🤔 Drake and Cardi….they may as well …
    MBJ…. 😳😳😳

  12. I live in Chicago, honestly you won’t fond out right Trump supporters wearing the hats in the city. Not to be offensive but white people are scared of tge black people on the city. They might say crazy stuff but usually dont attack blacks.

  13. Diddy would really be wasting his time trying to get back with JLo. As much as I am not a fan of her she is really happy so I don’t see that happening. He just needs to find someone else.

  14. Oh no, I hope it wasn’t someone within Jussies circle…he seems like such a beautiful soul. That attack makes me so sad.

    Oooh, Floyd is overdue for something…all of that bragging and boasting can’t be good for your karma.

    Good for Cassie if she married!

  15. How i the hell do you know these things. You are so good. Its like watching a movie, but beforehand someone gives you the tid bits of whats gonna happen next.

  16. So that’s their plan huh to push her out by manipulating her numbers more & more. Until she quits and retires rapping. If she’s already deactivated why can’t they just leave her alone and just elevate cardi like they been doin. Cause she was tlkin too much ? And it’s like she’s Wayne’s artist there isn’t anything he can do ? Anybody in her team?

    1. Nobody can stop the elites 😔. She just need to release music on her website like Mya does. I think she knows it’s coming because charting doesn’t matter to her anymore. Hip hop won’t be the same when she retires.

  17. I’mma CANCER and we see through BS….I knew sonsometh was fishy about the Jussie story…’s an agenda trynna be pushed but y?

  18. What do you mean this will be nicki last platinum album? I need to know because in nicki Minaj biggest fan

  19. The Jussie situation, the Democrats ploy to get more African American voters, and the suspects saying “MAGA Country”. Very interesting…

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