September 26, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Ask G The Sugar Is In The Answers 1/30/19 Tami and Evelyn, Rihanna and J-Lo, Rihanna and C Breezy

  1. Lmao at Rihanna secret being 29. Right like she is still young and she has melanin that’s why she look good. Jlo imo does not look that young. There are times u can see her in pics and she looks her age lol.

  2. I wish they leave Chris alone even Robyn forgave him and of course I know she’ll never forget it. Also when you look at both sides it’s kinda like I love robyn but they used to hit each other. No it doesn’t make it right but those are the facts. I do not think this should have lingered over Chris’s head this long. He’s about to turn 30 now and he’s incredibly talented, he’s still able to make them money. I hope they let up on him.

  3. Hey G!

    I wanted to know if you had any info on Joe Budden. I know some people success comes from hard work but what’s really up with him? Also, any info on Cyn too.

  4. How do we submit questions? Cuz ya girl want some info on fine ass Dave East was following him from 50k. Love the blow up but figured there were some sugar👀

  5. Hey G!
    My name is Rachel and I have some questions about the star on the Hollywood walk of fame. What does the star symbolize? What does it mean for a celebrity if they get one? Are there any rituals involved?

  6. BTS says they will never do strictly English music, they are very popular all over the world and went to #1 with Korean music on the US Billboard chart. I love BTS

    1. Coming from a Fan your absolutely right and I hope they don’t their music is way better in Korean than English for them to switch their language to 100% English it would look bad in the fans eyes and their home country South Korea that they sold out to the American market.

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