August 15, 2022

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10 thoughts on “What Did I Tell you About The Ralph Tresvant and Bobby Brown/ New Edition Beef?

  1. I feel bad for Ralph.. I want New Edition to get back together, but I understand if Ralph doesn’t want to be bothered. And to be honest I won’t even be mad if it never happens. It’s just fucked up. And as much as I love me some Bobby Brown.. on this I’m team Ralph.

  2. If that’s true that Bobby Brown did that then I’m team Ralph on this one.

    I also heard there’s beef still with Ralph & Mike Bivens that I wouldn’t be surprised is business related since Johnny Gill/Ralph own the name New Edition

    What I don’t understand, if true, is why BBD is still touring around with Bobby Brown for? Is everyone else broke or something? It makes them look just as bad by continuing to do these shows with him just to get a check

    Wasn’t it said there’s more money for all of New Edition to tour versus them doing their own thing separately?

    This group has drama for decades & even after the success of the movie they couldn’t put their differences aside &/or not cross a personal line & give the fans what we wanted. Such a shame. The real drama of this group seems to remain on the cutting room floor

    1. Please, you did not know this when I revealed it last year. I told you that was the reason for the break up and NOBODY else was saying that. I got that directly from a friend of one of their families. So how am I not telling you something you didn’t know? So you knew this was the reason? If you knew how did you know? FROM ME

  3. None of them seem to be where they should be financially. Ronnie out here Bankhead bouncing with his wife looking foolish and this. They are too great of a group to have come to this.

  4. Bobby is out of line for doing his Daughter. Even if Landon is Ralph’s son and Ralph did him dirty, an even revenge would be to get with one of Ralph’s BMs, Wives, Exes, etc.

    To get with his Daughter is stooping extremely low and its even worse that she’s married so he’s being a homewrecker on top of foul and disloyal to Ralph.

    Ralph and Johnny are still wrong for owning the rights to NE, all 6 of them deserve equal ownership (even Johnny, because despite him being a replacement, if it wasnt for him, Ralph wouldve went solo and ditched NE as well so there mightve not been an NE without him. He was also a part of their most successful albums N.E. Heartbreak and Home Again), but that at the end of the day is business stuff that could be worked out. Bobby messing with his Daughter is crossing the line and “Im Sorry” isn’t going to fix it.

    1. If Bobby really did that, I gotta cancel him. Even though NaQuelle is a grown ass woman now, Bobby has known her father sunce they were kids and was likely present during her childhood . It looks and feels slimy and pedophile. Like how long was he watching her. Ugh. And lord knows I defend Bobby for EVERYTHING.Now G can probably verify whether this is true or not, but I heard Ralph and JG asked the other guys to go in on the trademark with them but they declined. Then when the movie came out and shit was popping again the whole issue came back up and now they’re avting like they were shut out.

      1. When it comes to the NE rights, I also heard that Ralph and JG asked the rest of the group to join in too. I think JG even said that in his IG post explaining the situation but people were too stuck on him not being an OG member and rejected what he had to say. One thing I do notice is that Bobby and BBD never seemed to have come out and say that JG or Ralph were lying. That sounds like something one of them wouldve been petty enough to set straight online if JG actually was spreading false info to get the heat off him and Ralph.

  5. Ralph seems like a cool dude. Has a wonderful sense of humor. I am happy that he is doing something’s for himself outside of the group.

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