October 2, 2022

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35 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumbert Situation With Draya

  1. Oh wow well I did see loads of comments under her new video that it was kinda like her coming out so that kinda makes sense

  2. I believe it all. Have people forgotten her stud swag she had when we first saw her on My Super Sweet 16? And then shortly after when she started doing music with Pharrell? Iman knew who she was when he met her lol.

    1. lol riiiggghhhtttttt !!!!!!!!!!! She was at her peak back then and then all of a sudden she was with him with him. All the 3some stories made sense because to me I thought well we know she is involving more with the females anyways. It was only a matter of time

  3. So that post were she made a caption refering to you (lgbt/ballroom) is her coming out as well ? So she basically saying she been into girls ?

  4. Iman did this to himself. He married a bisexual woman who leans toward women more. What did he expect for he to be content with his dick only? Threesomes seem to make her bisexual and her feelings more prevalent for women. He shouldn’t be surprised.

    1. I think they were/are genuinely in love, but it’s time for her to be true to herself. This whole relationship has helped her image anyway.

  5. She has an interview stating that she never been w a woman prior Iman. I wonder why she would deny the rumors? It’s been pretty obvious for years, and personally, I don’t think anything is wrong with it.

    1. Hahaha really!!!?? I always thought that she felt that she would not be liked as much but that does not make sense because everyone loves Janelle Monae

  6. Her being gay isn’t a big surprise…him being mad when he slips around behind her back is the real surprise…he has some nerve…and they have some kind of relationship that I would want no part of.

  7. Wat struck me was when Iman wrote in his post ” I just miss my wife”…Ours indicative that they’re separated

  8. Iman ain’t innocent either. I live in sacramentocwhere he plays basketball and he’s go to my friends studio and have a chick with him.

  9. But if he’s her beard why’d he make a big deal out of it then ? Ig cause they really fall for each other in the midst of everything. When I saw the comments I actually thought he was playin. That’s how they play all the time.

  10. I guess a bunch of people forgot about them vibes Teyana used to give out… it was not a surprise to me that she liked women. Shit, it was a surprise to me that she liked niggas. Lol

  11. This is no surprise to me. Teyana is super masculine which doesn’t necessarily mean anything. But when I saw that video with her and Draya on stage. You can see the chemistry between them two ooze out all over the stage.

  12. You know what amazes me about Teyana is that she has all these threesomes and is a straight up bike (everyone gets a ride) for real yet can fix her mouth to call Rihanna a ho when they had beef. She spreads herself around too.

    Hipocritical ass puta.

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