September 26, 2022

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19 thoughts on “The Truth About The Game’s New Song Mentioning Kim Kardashian – Part 2

  1. They all mention kim bc it gives them publicity. I dont think its nothing more.. we all seen the publicity its gotten each man who has bc some ppl are intrigued with this family. Not I. The family is always involved in some drama and they enjoy that publicity as well.

  2. I’m surprised that this is a part II. I thought that the second part would actually answer questions about why he’s doing it. I do have a question, though. You said what did she complained to the elites about what game is doing. How much weight does her complaints hold if they’re taking her husband through humiliation right now? I’m just curious about how all this works. Because I think on another post you said the only way the Kanye can get out is if he leaves Kim, or asks him to leave the industry. But now she has the authority to complain to the elites about The Game? I’m lost.

  3. I’m with you on part 2. He’s trying to distract people from his own sex allegations that can come out… and should. The Game ig post are very ig thot, borderline gay. Mirror, undies dick print post I’m referencing to.

  4. I believe it’s to irritate Kanye because he’s vulnerable. Kim does care because any attention is GOOD to her,

  5. I believe it’s to distract from the allegations too! I hear he slept with The cash me outside girl too allegedly! If I was Kim I would definitely start pulling power moves on all these clowns who try to clout chase, that way word gets around to leave her the hell alone! Probably ain’t smart to come ar someone who has more pull than you.

    1. Men don’t care about other ppls daughters they care about their own. Plus Kim is grown. He would receive karma if he came for North.The Game would never allow Cali to do a sex tape or date a 40 year old man as a teen. It’s messed up humans don’t unite as ONE but that’s the world.

  6. Yea I figured that too since everyone knows ye is a good target right now. He wants ye to give him the attention he gives drake so he can fire back. It’s his time to shine basically. Let’s see if ye responds.

  7. We ain’t forgetting you out here sexing little girls. That career been over. Picking fights ain’t gonna help now.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if 50 came from left field and annihilated him with one IG post

  8. G, who are the elites that she would tell? Can you mention names or maybe a blind item to guess who some of the elites are? Can you give us names of elites that have passed away maybe?

  9. At this point I’m embarrassed for the men that keep repeating that they had Kim 200 million years ago. They need to realise they just sound corny and desperate. Kim is married with 3 kids and richer than most of them so let it go bruuh

  10. Idk I feel like its corny for anyone to have to brag about having sex with someone damn near 15 years ago, especially when the person they smashed was nowhere near the person they are now.

    Game, Nick Cannon, etc. smashed Paris Hilton’s Sidekick Kim. Kanye got the $350 Millon net worth Kim that made her entire family millionaires. They (Kanye and Game/Nick Cannon/Whoever else is bragging) aren’t the same at all.

    I get that Kanye played himself for the Trump comments, but Game baiting Kanye specifically into a beef to try and get Black people to support his music is weak. The thing is, he will probably paint himself as pro-black and Kanye as anti-black, but using that Kanye-MAGA situation to try to market your album is just as predatory on the Black community as some of the stuff White people do imo.

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