October 6, 2022

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55 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Game’s New Record Mentioning Kim Kardashian

  1. I believe it Clout Chasing… They keep fucking with Kim . Kanye is a smart man when it comes to the music so they fall back

    1. Agreed. Game couldn’t try to come back & fail so he had to do something for us to want to listen again. He’s cancelled 💁🏾

  2. I think it’s to hurt him Kanye and be talked about.Even thou kylie is doing her thing kim is still the main Kardashian. they wouldn’t exist if she didn’t make that tape with rayj

  3. Not too mention game already defended Kanye saying anybody talking about Kanye family or his wife could see him. I honestly don’t know why he did this. The first he mentioned it ok fine. He had an album coming out. So I’m assuming he is trying to promote his album. But this is too tacky even for people who don’t like kim. I’m glad it didn’t pick up much traction. It’s pathetic. At one point you trusted each other to have sex and ten years later you talk about it in detail. It’s different for Ray j. He had a tape that is apart of his career so if either Kim or Ray y’all about i would excuse it cause we saw it anyway. It’s desperate. Game needs to pick a lane. One minute it’s these lyrics then it’s oh he wants to be respectful towards women.

    1. I agree and although I’m not a fan of the West’s, Game was extremely wrong and disrespectful! I also find it very sexist, women stay targets!

  4. Mentioning Kim got him exactly what he hoped for… attention!! It’s pathetic that people keep doing this to her. Celebrity men that don’t even know her bashes her and she never says anything.

  5. Because shes still relevant and they think they will gain more revelancy by attaching themselves to her in any way possible. This makes the game washed up; You need to talk about a female sucking your dick 15 years ago lmao to get looks? If that aint the end of your career idk what is. Not alot of ppl have cared about him… now hes got a little glimmer for a moment. *yawn.

      1. Right, it’s quite disturbing tbh. Especially since she’s a MASSIVE culture vulture. I was officially done with Kim when she defended Jeffrey Star smh

    1. I like Gina but what Gina and other black women don’t understand is ppl don’t hate the Kardashians for no reason. The K clan steal their black friends boyfriend’s and exes for publicity. Up and coming black designers they copy, capitalize and make millions.

      But Blac Chyna can’t capitalize off THEM with the last name even though she’s a RIGHTFULLY Kardashian. Kim is a West now! White women will never see a big time prestige cat wife up a black women but they can take ours.

      Now they couldn’t come for Diana Ross because she was bad and mean as a snake. Omarosa as well these hoes know what black women to play with.

      Their friendship isn’t genuine remember that film Get Out. Ole girl was going after women too in her picture box.

      1. Wait how is chyna a rightful kardashian ? She only had a baby with rob and their engagement ended. They were never legally married.

  6. I feel like these are more shots towards Kanye- they are showing that he is no longer respected in the industry.

  7. I think Kim probably is an easy target. Let’s be honest she is the framework for what most of the new models aim to be. I think saying you had sex with Kim is the probably a huge bragging right for men

  8. They know her name hold weight and bring the attention they’re desperately trying to gain. They need to metoo game sorryful ass!

  9. Is it to humiliate her or punish her for not being able to control her husband? Because it seems like he’s denounced his handlers lately, and he’s doing all kinds of other rebellious type stuff. Speaking reckless and everything. Or at least what THEY deem reckless. So is she paying for the sins of her husband? Or have they deactivated her for Kylie and just phasing both her and her husband out? 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m probably way off, but just trying to weigh in! LOL!

  10. To remain relevant. Anyone who comments or is associated with that family gets a burst of publicity and popularity for the time being. I.E, Tyson Beckford, Blac Chyna, and Ray J. Also, I think Game is trying to distract people from the fact that he is a second coming of R.Kelly. He likes the little girls too!

  11. It seems like they all hate Kanye because of his own beliefs lol I just think people too worried nowadays about other people that they gotta keep bringing up old stuff. Who gives a fuck what Kanye likes and who he supports? That don’t mean bring his wife in it and all these things happened before marriage and children so it’s kind of irrelevant fr fr. So what if she post pictures showing ass or titts that been her that’s how she makes some of her money too. Tf they mad she don’t speak on them nomore or they mad she just was young and doing wtf she wants. Even snoop dogg disrespectful towards them.

  12. This is to humiliate Kanye & Kim. As many times as that man has asked them not to speak on his wife, they all manage to bring her name up. She’s dragged into it because of her sex tape BUT is this a warning to her to stop her prison reform work?

  13. For clout. They know her name rings bells. People will listen to the song at least once just to hear exactly what he said… It’s disrespectful ass hell and super corny! Like come on! No woman should have to go through that. People love to call Kim a hoe but exactly how do you find a husband if you don’t date? It’s nothing wrong with her being sexual. It’s her business and she shouldn’t continue to be judged because no one would like that treatment as a woman.

  14. The other women aren’t mentioned because they aren’t as relevant at Kim. Kanye messed up by putting a target on his back when he said his weekness is when his wife is mentioned. That was the dumbest thing he could have said. Period.

  15. I also think it’s because in the midst of metoo he’s trying to get people to focus on this instead of the underage girls he’s been accused of sleeping with. Plus it humiliated Kanye, Kim is going to be deactivated within the next couple years and it gets their names out.

  16. Because shes an easy target…bc they both are easy targets…idc how humble she is…her hustle is as follows swallow enough black kids from just enough black men and get enough tans just dark enough to resemble a black person…can we not complain about sis when she still is making more black dollars than all of the men who mentions her…if she wasnt so thirsty in the beginning of her career then they wouldnt have shit to say now…believe me sis isnt a victim by far…her talent is seducing black men and women into spending money

    1. Exactly, she is making her a saint. Like WTF? She mention Kris Humphries and dissed him on national TV, she made it sound like RAY J took advantage of her.

  17. I thought it was nothing more than for publicity and to gain traction around his new music. Like for sales and stuff it’s bigger than that ?

  18. They are mad that she’s married to a legend, and she has way more money than them. She has made more millionaires than the lotto did 🤷🏽‍♀️

  19. They need the money. And what a perfect way to bounce back from a downhill rock bottom career is go after the infamous high paying female out of a close knitted who also loves attention just as much as them? You get Kim Kardashian. Why? Because Kim ( and if you notice this) strategically sets herself up til the right moment to gain the attention and not to mention call the paparazzi ahead of time to do so. Plus, money can be or also involved when doing so. So when Game and the rest of the mentions her name, not only the men will get a touch of the spotlight (and so does Kim) and at the same time, money is also being generated as well. Don’t think Kim ain’t getting her cut. She gets hers off the top. PMK taught girl very well. Annnnnnndddd not to mention, her good looking sexy ass daddy, the late Robert Kardashian Sr was a lawyer. Iy would be impossible for those dudes to pull a fast one over her. Prime example: The sex tape of her and Ray J. Who walked away with 6 figures and who walked away with 3 figures.

  20. Because Kim is the one who got them(family) on. Facts, if Kim and that Ray J tape never hit, the family wouldn’t be where they are. Kim is the ONLY person who was able to do absolutely nothing(talent wise) and capitalize off a sex tape. Khloe is just collateral damage. Nobody cares because she (Khloe) isn’t chief of the tribe.
    Nobody cares about Chyna and Amber because they are proven hoes and even though they have their little side hustles, they’re no better than “Shenika” up the street.
    Halle is a respected actress. Yes she has had several men, but she didn’t come up on her sex partners. She came up on her acting…a career. Paris, does get talked about, but not like Kim. However, the fact that Hilton is her last name has saved her. When you think “Hilton” you think hotel.
    And nobody respects Kanye anymore. Between his rants and mental illness, people have turned the other way.

  21. Kris sent him at Kim to set the grounds for a split, Kim shading Ray wasnt enough so let Game sensationalize the scandal to force Ye to snap out of his laziness and fly off the handle with diss records .

  22. Thinking this must be near or close to deactivation for Ye, he is suing and getting sued, you said Kim is tired but Kris is not going to let the brand suffer so go back to the basics to what got them where they are at, she is the most sought after ho, I would assume the public isn’t rocking with that show anymore and Kylie tho successful doesnt garner the shock and outrage Kim can still get (let’s see what they pull at super bowl tho) her sex life is the foundation to it all! And no one cares about Khloe like that esp since dudes say her na na is stinky…and her dude makes a fool out of her, Kim is the mvp of the fam…sidenote when are they going away tho?

    1. Nawwww…. If that the case, it would of start around 1996 when her good looking daddy was representing OJ during the OJ Simpson trial

  23. It isn’t a ritual i believe it’s to get album sales cuz think bout it he knows Kanye is gonna go on a Twitter rant with him and then the blogs will post then all the young n dumb will go stream the bullshit and boom 💥 his sales did 1k in a year 😂😂😂

  24. G, let’s see… my mouth is watering.
    1) its pointed at Kanye and the union of marriage signifies basically humiliation 2) it’s apart of the Kardashian curse. 3) to make Kanye crack…..some more

  25. Oh yeah now they owe some Chinese company over 600,000 because they didn’t pay their debt. ….. it was on the radio…. humiliation

  26. Definitely humiliation rituals . I believe Kanye just like Chris is marked .
    I do not like clout chasing ass Game at all 😩. How old are u grow up . Anything to be relevant and get those 15 minutes

  27. Why would Kim say who & how many men she’s slept with? Lol, that girl lost her virginity at like 14 to one of MJ’s nephews (allegedly), she knows she’s had plenty penis inside of her, she will never admit to that.
    She ain’t off limits just because she’s married to Kanye (whom nobody respects now anyways).
    Just like Kanye said ‘she ain’t no gold digger but she ain’t messing with no broke nigga’…
    I won’t call her a “hoe” but she been laid, The Game just speaking his truths.

  28. Honestly, I believe she profits off being the number one hoe in the game. So Im sorry, I dont feel bad for her. I dont feel a thing about Kanye bc if hes a sacrifice, so be it. All that cooning and the 30 showers statement to a multiracial woman made him a hoe too. So the two number one hoes are married. I dont see the importance bc i dont buy none of their stuff and wont. I dont know people personally who care. Its just the social mesia world who does. Very interesting. But if I say Rihanna, everyone is onboard. I dont care about the Game bc he will be dealt w right alongside R Kelly on the next sweep.

  29. They clout chasing but the real question is, why YOU going so hard for Kim? Everybody knows she was an industry pass around 🤔

  30. I think to keep their name relevant to be honest….let’s be real who’s checking for the Game, Ray J so to get their names back in social media buzz bring up Kim K which is so dumb🤷🏾‍♀️Because she not thinking aboit none of them‼️

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