September 26, 2022

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27 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The 2 Biggest Rap Stars Getting Vegas Residencies

  1. AS soon as I saw the news about Cardi B doing a residency in Vegas, I thought of you! lol. I couldn’t wait what to see was going on. Why does Drake have to be paired up with someone? Who will they pick?

    1. Maybe they want him with a woman so they can rebrand. I also wanna know what his relationship with Millie Bobby Brown is… seems like I’m not alone in wondering either. Does anyone know?

      1. He can’t marry her she’s not often his bloodline. Forever a fornicator in his families eyes. She’ll be a mistress when he marries his 3rd cousin (Tasha K voice).

  2. Love it when you give us the reasons behind the madness!!
    Off topic: Can you do a post about singer/actress Jojo? With all the news of her new music, and getting out of her old contract stuff… is she down w the elites? Her look has changed and her old music is selling like hot cakes apparently. I loved her growing up and want to know her story. 🤩🤩

  3. Thanks for this post! I know you’re working hard but can you do a post on JoJo? Making her old songs again etc

  4. I’m wondering if Robyn is trying to get out of the music industry & if this guy she’s seeing is her way out. Especially her focusing more on makeup, fashion & an upcoming skin care line I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this upcoming album was her last

      1. Can you do a post about them? Will they actually get married? Does his family really like her and accept her with there being cultural and religous differences? I figured rih was over the music industry. The fact shes a mogul and making big moves outside of music and the delay of her next shows she done. Since the industry is not kind to women over 35 its smart she’s empire building now in her early 30s.

  5. So do they want to pair Drake with someone so that he has someone to sacrifice? Why would Rihanna be a sacrifice for him?

  6. So this is a warning/humiliation. Well Cardi has been getting into a lot of things political and etc. And even though Drake had a good professional year all the personal stuff was a mess. My guess if it was a “Future” prototype it wouldn’t have mattered but despite what he raps about Drake carries himself better *shrugs* . So I could see this being “punishment” to let them both know do better.

    1. But then the next question is who would they pair Drake with? I don’t think the thots he messes with are up to what elites (or Drake)consider worthy for wife/serious gf material. And all the big stars that would have been perfect have moved on and written Drake off. Don’t say young starlet because he has been in the middle of the R Kelly backlash and young might not be a great idea. This will be interesting.

  7. If they really want to blow our minds….Belcalis & Aubrey should hook up…biggest artists she’s what’s he likes both come with kids & he ain’t loyal in anyway…she’s used to it & so is he (i.e. Abel).

  8. Gina did you see the interview that cardi b did with a youtuber named Mona Symone if so what are your thoughts?

  9. This doesn’t make much sense. Vegas makes these performers a lot of money. It’s some shit going on but of it doesn’t make sense money wise.

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